SUMMER MOTORCYCLE Equipment to Fight the HEAT

The most comfortable and appropriate stage of the year begins to enjoy motorcycle trips . The roads receive a large number of motorists during the summer months and it is convenient for all of them to check that their vehicle is in optimal condition. Safety is a priority at all times, but on long journeys special attention must be paid to a series of elements that can make a difference on the journey.

summer motorcycle equipment

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You and your motorcycle: are you ready for summer?

We are in a very good time to get away for a few days on the motorcycle. However, the summer stage presents some drawbacks; for example, due to the heat, many drivers decide to remove some protections . Currently, there are a wide variety of alternatives on the market that go through solving issues as important as this one that affect security. As professionals in the sector, AMV offers you the following advice :

#1 Choose the helmet well

Tips to choose a nice helmet

It is the most important element . Remember that it is essential to carry it at all times, regardless of the type of motorcycle or road used. Although the vast majority of motorcyclists use it, it is common for many of them to face the summer heat by opting for less safe helmets , such as open face helmets . It is recommended that you invest in a full face helmet that has a ventilation system. Some modular helmets can provide similar protection if the chin guard is on, since this type of helmet allows this part to move.


#2 Check your motorcycle correctly


The heat also affects your motorcycle, and for this reason you will have to pay attention to the heat it may suffer, measuring the kilometers you cover if necessary. Do not forget to do a complete review, the wheels and brakes must be in perfect condition.

#3 Protect your hands with gloves

advice not to be cold motorcycle gloves

Its use makes many motorcyclists uncomfortable in summer, but it is a very important complement for safety . In the event of an accident, the hands are usually the part of the body that receives the most impacts. Also, if you are going on a long trip, the gloves will save you a few blisters. Gloves that are rigid on the palms and fingers will offer you the best security; Better if they have holes that allow good ventilation.

#4 Use an adapted jacket

tips driving motorcycle rain smooth driving

It is the element of protection that is most dispensed with in summer, along with knee pads and boots. Choose a garment that does not make you hot, there are many models of rigid jackets that are very comfortable for the summer.

# 5 Do not forget to insure your motorcycle

advantages electric motorcycle cheap motorcycle insurance

Driving with civil liability insurance is mandatory . Always ride with motorcycle insurance to cover risks in the event of an accident. Motorcycle policies are becoming cheaper and more comprehensive; at AMV  they have options starting at €80 to ensure your safety and your pocket.

Lastly, remember to hydrate your body well , have sunglasses handy and use sunscreen on your journeys. Enjoy the trip!

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