PIT BIKE, What It Is, Characteristics and Advantages

The field of two wheels is a sector that is in a constant state of redefinition, offering its users a large number of types of motorcycles and equipment that allow them to have access to all kinds of products that have an excellent relationship between quality, price and functionality. This is the case of the 125 pit bike , a type of motorcycle that in recent years has managed to offer the user an interesting option that has a more than excellent balance between all the previously mentioned ingredients.

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In this article we tell you everything you need to know about pit bikes and what are the reasons that have led them to become one of the most beloved motorcycles of the moment.

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What is a pit bike and how does it work?

A pit bike is a type of small motorcycle that has an aesthetic very similar to those of the cross. Historically, this type of motorcycle began to be used in cross circuits by the pilots themselves to move along the pit line. «Pit bike» comes directly from «pit lane motorcycles», understanding «pit lane» as the part of the circuit where the pilots usually move when they are not competing, that is, what is known as «boxes».

Its origin dates back to the 80s in the United States. This type of motorcycle had a very contained size and a very particular chassis, called a monobeam, as well as an engine that was in a horizontal position and a very limited displacement. Currently, thanks to technology and the development of the industry, we can find pit bikes of all kinds of powers.

As time has passed, more and more people have discovered the advantages of these small motorcycles and their use has exploded to offer a large number of options in terms of entertainment. Today, it is one of the best motorcycles that we can find on the market to go out into the countryside and spend an unforgettable afternoon with the family. It’s important to understand that contrary to popular belief, pit bikes have nothing to do with mini bikes. And it is that, despite its small size, its use is completely different.

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Main characteristics of the Pit Bikes

Due to the origins of these motorcycles, the characteristics of the pit bikes were adapted to the needs of the pilots to move without going through the track of the cross circuit in a short time. For this reason, pit bikes are smaller than a standard motorcycle, they had to be light and compact to make them easy to store and transport. Today, although they maintain the essence of the original bike, there are things, like the power, that have changed. These are its current features:

  • Smaller size than a normal motorcycle.
  • The tires have a size of 12 to 14 inches.
  • They use four-stroke engines, with a displacement that can go from 50cc to 200cc.
  • His weight is between 50 and 90 kg.
  • They usually reach speeds of 60-70 km/h, although some can exceed 100 km/h.
  • Most have gears (they are not automatic), and the start is usually by kick.

Pit bikes cannot be registered, so you do not need a motorcycle license to ride one of them. Being vehicles without license plates, pit bikes cannot be taken off the road and their use is limited to closed circuits or private property. The only documentation that will refer to this motorcycle will be the purchase invoice.

Pros and cons of owning a pit bike

As always, the advantages and disadvantages of having a motorcycle will depend on the use you want to give it. If you want a motorcycle to ride around the city, it will have to have certain characteristics, while if you want it to go on trips to the countryside, you will look for another type of motorcycle. Here are some of the pros and cons of owning a pit bike:

  • An advantage of having a small size is that they are lighter and can be stored and transported more easily.
  • Pit bikes allow maneuvering in little space because they are lower in height than a normal motorcycle.
  • They are easy to handle for less experienced riders thanks to their shorter wheelbase and lower center of gravity.
  • Its use will be limited to some types of off-road track due to its low height.
  • They may be suitable for light off-road trails .
  • More affordable price than a standard motorcycle (starting at €600).
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • They cannot be used outside the circuit.
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Types of pit bikes

You already know that a pit bike is a racing motorcycle of a smaller size. The races can be carried out on asphalt or on dirt, therefore, there are two models of Pit Bike , depending on the terrain that will be faced:

  • Pit Cross: focused on the motocross terrain.
  • Pit Motard: focused on asphalt terrain.

Whether it is pit cross or pit motard, this type of motorcycle is ideal for the youngest, if you want your children to try this experience. You already know that protection comes first, so choose a good helmet for them and get ready to enjoy with them. If you have your own pit bike, you can take it with your children and have a good time with your family sharing your passion for pit bikes and competitions.

The differences between a pit bike and a motocross bike

A pit bike is a relatively small off- road motorcycle designed primarily for motorcycle racing, although pit bikes can also be used on other race track areas. Pit bike racing is quite similar to motocross , but pit bikes are more compact and lighter. For aesthetics, it is common to confuse both types of motorcycles. However, the reality is that we find important differences that we must take into account when we analyze the aesthetics and operation of both types of motorcycle:

  • Engine: Pit bikes use four-stroke engines, much smaller than what we can find in motocross bikes. In this last discipline, and despite the fact that some motorcycles use four-stroke engines, two-stroke engines are normally used.
  • Body: The body of the motorcycle is also different. Pit bikes have a much more compact and lighter body, allowing them to cover small fields. Motocross bikes have angular-sized frames, since they don’t have to cover long distances.
  • Tires: Pit bikes have 12- to 14-inch tires. While motocross ones use 18-inch tires.
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Pit bikes are especially popular with younger riders as they are easier to ride than regular dirt bikes. If you are thinking of racing on somewhat uneven terrain, a pit bike may be the bike you are looking for.

Conclusion: Fun with friends or family

Pit bikes are the perfect option for all those who want a motorcycle with which to have fun with family or friends on a closed circuit or on a private piece of land in the middle of a field where they can test all their skills on the motorcycle in question. Its smaller size than that of a normal motorcycle makes it ideal for competing even among the most novice motorcyclists since it has greater stability.

What did you think of this article on pit bikes? Is there anything that particularly caught your attention? Have you already ridden one? Do you have any experience to tell? Then we ask you to leave your comment and we will be happy to answer you .

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