How to Perform BASIC Motorcycle Maintenance

Do you want to keep your motorcycle in good condition ? Are you looking for what to do to get good maintenance for your motorcycle? You are in the right place! For many motorcyclists, keeping their motorcycle in perfect conditions of use  is a pleasure that they reserve for themselves. It is not so much for not paying a specialized workshop, but for taking care of your faithful travel companion with your own hands .

Good maintenance of your motorcycle ensures that your trips are not interrupted by mechanical failures and above all it takes care of your safety , so you should not have any excuse to put your vehicle in the hands of experts to keep your motorcycle in perfect condition. state .

Perhaps until now you have not dared because you think it will take you a long time or because you define yourself as the typical big-handed person who does not get along with tools. However, to keep a motorcycle in shape, all you need is adequate space , planning , patience and some basic maintenance knowledge that we are going to explain in the following guide.

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How to maintain the motorcycle and extend its useful life


The tires are much more important than people think, they are the element that keeps you in contact with the asphalt . Carry out a review at least once a month and whenever you are going to make a long trip check the tire pressure , tread depth and condition of the cover . It is important that you always check the pressure when cold, since the air that the wheels carry inside, when it is hot, increases the pressure and shows us false information.

 The law says you can’t run the tire less than 1.6mm deep in the tread.

A tire with adequate drawing and pressure can continue to be a danger if the rubber is “stiff”, which you can check by inserting your fingernail, if it marks it it is fine, if it is impossible or the cover presents cracks and inelasticity, it is best to throw it away and mount a new cover . This must also be done in a specialized workshop , because  used tires have to be recycled .

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We can see this aspect on the street quite frequently, it is very easy to see  motorcycles  at night with the  lights off , the headlight melting is quite dangerous. It is also important that you keep an eye on the  taillights , they can go unnoticed without you knowing that they have burned out. Remember the importance of seeing and being seen . Do a check of all the lights before you start to rule out if it is from the bulb or there is an electrical problem.


This is one of the  most basic operations in the motorcycle world, even on some models you can avoid getting dirty, since you can see the level through the oil tank. In case you have to refill, it is better that you follow the instructions included in the motorcycle manual or if you are not very sure, take it to a workshop to have it checked thoroughly. It is necessary to check the oil level once a month , especially in summer as it evaporates due to heat. The level must be between the maximum and the minimum .

You have to keep in mind that it   is essential to take  used oil to a collection point for polluting material, since it cannot be thrown down the drain or into the trash .


Motorcycles  have air and coolant cooling systems  if your motorcycle  is cooled by the latter, you should check the level of the expansion tank. With experience, it can be easily filled and replaced at home, but remember that you should never open the radiator cap while it is hot , as you could suffer serious burns. It is essential to make a monthly review of the level, color and duration. The coolant level must be between a maximum and a minimum that you will measure in the expansion vessel, which is usually transparent.

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The chain must be taut and you need to check that it is not stretched or worn, which would imply that it must be replaced. If you are able to detach the links from the rear crown, it is a sign that the entire set needs to be changed , and this is better to be done by a specialized workshop. With the chains we talk about cleaning , greasing and tensioning . If you forget to do any of the three you will have problems, for sure.

In order to  maintain the chain well,  it is necessary that it is always well lubricated and has the correct tension .

brake pads

The  brakes  are our security system, it is also important to check them from time to time, it is enough to look through the holes that usually exist in the calipers, if you can see  4 or 5 mm of brake it is that they are in use , if you get off that measure, go change them as soon as possible, because they can be damaged if the metal part of the pads touches the record. Do not forget that performing a comprehensive review of your motorcycle’s brakes will include hoses, calipers, pistons, levers, lever, pump, pads, discs and fluid.


Depending on how old your battery is, it may need to be recharged or simply replace the liquid at its level , this is distilled water, since when mixed with the material that is inside the battery it recovers its properties and generates the operation of the battery . Don’t forget to check your general condition and charge level. It is especially important if the motorcycle has been stationary for a long period or if you are going on a long trip .

The liquid contained inside is a mixture of distilled water and sulfuric acid and can burn anything.


The  filters, both air and oil or gasoline , are basic elements in a motorcycle  since they are the kidneys of the engine, the health of your motorcycle depends to a large extent on its condition and its good maintenance . Put a new oil filter every time you do an oil change. Regarding the air filter , follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep it clean and free of dust and dirt. If not, it will clog.

Various studies affirm that most of the wear suffered by a motorcycle engine has been caused by different particles of a size between 10 and 40 microns that have reached it or by air intake or suspended in the oil or fuel .

Conclusion: Check your motorcycle from time to time, whether it is you or a workshop

As a general rule, pilots who are meticulous with this type of basic checks and take a few minutes from time to time to certify that everything is fine, usually also understand the major changes and substitutions that they are making.

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In this guide we refer to how often to change the oil, filters, battery, brake pads, chain, tires or spark plugs, to name a few. As in this post it is about promoting the « Do it yourself «.

What did you think of this guide on motorcycle maintenance ? Did you know the aspects to take into account to keep your motorcycle in perfect condition ? Do you think we have missed any? Do you have any doubts or questions? Then we ask you to  leave a comment . It does not matter if it is a simple thank you, we will be very happy to read it and answer it. 

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