10 tips you should follow to avoid the theft of your motorcycle

In 2006, 37,000 complaints were filed with the authorities for stolen motorcycles . Although the data has been falling since that date, in 2010 some 48 motorcycles were still being stolen a day in our country. Can you imagine one being yours?

According to the Ministry of the Interior, only a tenth of stolen motorcycles are recovered , and as long as the theft is reported as soon as possible and some kind of tracking device is in place.

The best-selling motorcycles are stolen a lot because there is a lot of demand for their parts and also sports or competition motorcycles, because they compete in closed circuits where documentation is not required. Below we offer you some tips so that your motorcycle does not get stolen.

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#1 Beware of mistakes

tips to avoid motorcycle theft avoid mistakes

Many robberies occur with deceit or excuses so that you get off the motorcycle and steal it at that moment. Pay special attention at traffic lights and gas stations and, if in doubt, give it gas and avoid the situation.

#2 Park in a place of transit

tips to avoid motorcycle theft parking place of transit

Forget about parking your motorcycle in a secluded place where no one sees it. The more visible your motorcycle is, the safer it will be.

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#3 Install an alarm

tips to avoid motorcycle theft install alarm

If you set an alarm, it is likely that thieves will be discouraged from stealing your motorcycle.

#4 Park your motorcycle where you can see it

tips to avoid motorcycle theft parking visible area

If you don’t trust where you parked when you go out there, try to position yourself where you can see it. In a restaurant or any other establishment, parking near the door or windows is a good idea.

#5 Store your motorcycle in a garage

Tips to avoid motorcycle theft Store in garage

Putting your motorcycle in a garage is a good idea, but it is not a guarantee of anything either. Garages are sometimes lonely places where thieves can take their time. If you can, anchor it to the ground or to another element.

#6 Beware of social media

tips to avoid motorcycle theft care social networks

Never share information about where you usually stay or where you like to park your motorcycle.

#7 Block the address

tips to avoid motorcycle theft lock direction

Some thieves take the motorcycle by pushing it. Blocking the address can be a good solution.

#8 Use a lock

tips to avoid motorcycle theft use anti-theft

A piton or a simple padlock can be a deterrent for enemies of foreign property, especially when they have little time. The more difficult it is to open, the better for your motorcycle. Maybe you don’t know the best anti-theft systems.

# 9 Be careful with some models

tips to avoid motorcycle theft be careful some models

The best-selling models are also the most stolen. If you have a Honda Scoopy 125 or a Yamaha T-Max 500, be careful, their parts are highly valued and are in the crosshairs of many thieves.

#10 Anchor the motorcycle to what you can

tips to avoid motorcycle theft anchor motorcycle

Many thieves use a van for their crimes. Anchor your motorcycle to a sign, a pivot, another vehicle… any heavier object will do.

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Finally, one last piece of advice so that your motorcycle is not stolen : Keep in mind that the more difficult it is to steal your motorcycle , the less likely you will have it stolen. Take all the precautions you have at your disposal so that you and your motorcycle are together for a long time.

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