Motorcycle Accessories and Equipment to Fight the HEAT

Don’t let the heat be an excuse. When summer hits and we go on a motorcycle, there is always the temptation to get rid of everything that is hot, and in this mistake many times the jacket, gloves, long pants and closed shoes are dispensed with.

The heat does not make the blows lighter or the asphalt softer. Even if the sun is shining, in addition to the unquestionable helmet, never do without two essential pieces of clothing: the jacket and the gloves. You will see that you can be protected from head to toe without breaking a sweat.

Luckily the market is ready for it and most equipment brands take into account the hottest days, with garments specifically prepared for it. The secret is to let the air through and this is usually solved with perforated fabrics that let the cool air through small holes, without sacrificing protections in the most vulnerable points of the body that maintain our safety.

Index of contents

heat biker equipment ventilated boots #1 Boots

In summer we can always resort to short cane boots, cooler than the ones we always recommend for the rest of the year as they offer greater protection. Among all the types of motorcycle boots, summer ones have many of them with perforated fabrics, they are not usually waterproof, and they tend to be softer than common motorcycle boots. Yes, they are high enough to protect the ankle, with reinforcements at key points to increase our safety, and always designed to operate both the brake pedal and the gear lever without problems.

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motorcycle equipment heat jet helmet #2 Helmet

As you know there are many types of helmets , among which there are many designed for the hottest days. In summer, a full-face helmet usually gives a certain feeling of being overwhelmed and to feel the air on the face, jet-type helmets are used in which the face is exposed. This is more refreshing, of course, but also much more dangerous, since in the event of an accident our face is unprotected. You will find that some brands solve this problem with full-face helmets in which the chin guard is ventilated, and we are not referring to the classic ventilation inlets, but to authentic openings through which the air passes freely without losing face protection. If you prefer to leave the full face at home this is a much safer option than a jet helmet.

heat biker equipment ventilated jacket #3 Jacket

Among all the types of motorcycle jackets that the market offers, you will see that the main brands have ventilated jackets designed for summer in their ranks.

Fine and light fabrics, perforated to facilitate the passage of air and with a multitude of openings to ensure good ventilation. They are less resistant to abrasion but at least they do not do without elbow and shoulder protection, so that despite being a garment developed for the hottest days, it continues to be a jacket that takes our safety into account. Although we get a little hot every time we stop and are not driving, in the event of a fall it will be well worth protecting yourself.

motorcycle equipment heat gloves summer #4 Gloves

Manufacturers of motorcycle equipment have many types of motorcycle gloves in their ranks, and as you can imagine there are also gloves designed for summer.

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Wearing gloves is always essential, remember that your hands will be the first thing we tend to put on the ground in the event of a fall. For this reason, so that we do not stop being protected even in summer, we have at our disposal gloves with perforated fabrics and short shafts to achieve better ventilation. Leather, neoprene or mesh-type textiles are some of the most used components due to their lightness. All this without having to leave aside the corresponding protections on the palm and necessary knuckles.

motorist equipment heat ventilated pants #5 Pants

Just as there are ventilated jackets, we can also find ventilated pants for the hottest days. They are not usually used on a day-to-day basis as they should be with a jacket and gloves, but on trips or outings on expressways they are very useful and recommendable.

Perforated fabrics so that the passage of air reduces the sensation of heat, but without ceasing to reinforce the most important areas and incorporate rigid or soft protections on the knees.

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