How to CHOOSE the Right BATTERY for the Motorcycle [+ TYPES]

Are you looking for an efficient motorcycle battery so that your engine works properly? Have you heard about the advantages of motorcycle batteries made with recyclable materials like Gonher , but you don’t know which of its models is the most suitable for your vehicle? You are in the right place! The battery of a motorcycle is a key part to ensure that all the electrical components work correctly. As an essential part of the so-called power triangle, selecting a suitable model with a guarantee of up to four years will save you a lot of trouble.

types of motorcycle batteries how to choose motorcycle battery

A motorcycle requires a lot of care: from the maintenance of the brake pads to the maintenance of the tires for a safe ride. However, sometimes we forget about the battery, making a serious mistake because most of the breakdowns are caused by this factor, which motorcycle insurance often does not cover. Next, we are going to explain how to choose a suitable battery for your motorcycle and the care you must apply to keep it in good condition :

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Most common types of motorcycle batteries

Before purchasing a battery, it is important that you know what types exist on the market , what their characteristics are and what advantages they offer in relation to the others. If your motorcycle is old, it will probably only admit one type of battery, but if it is newly manufactured, it can incorporate more than one model. Let’s see the most common types of motorcycle batteries :

Types of motorcycle batteries according to their maintenance

  • Battery with maintenance : They are the most common batteries on the market. They are composed of lead and acid covered by plugs on top. As their name suggests, they require maintenance of the liquid level in their tubes. Distilled water is normally used to prevent damage and ensure optimum performance. Although their life cycle is lower than that of maintenance-free batteries , they are still the most common for motorcycles.
  • Maintenance-free battery : They are a less common type of battery on the market, but they also have a presence. Unlike the previous ones, they cannot be opened because they are completely hermetic . They are made up of acid, but their maintenance is reduced to checking the state of their terminals and a long-lasting charge . Maintenance free batteries are recommended for large motorcycles.

Types of motorcycle batteries according to their manufacturing material

  • Gel battery : These are delicate batteries that are also hermetically sealed. They are composed of acid sealed with silicone on the inside, so there is no risk of spillage or danger . Its design is designed for those drivers of small and medium motorcycles who love to lie down in the curves because there is no risk of any liquid spilling.
  • Lithium battery : They are the lightest , most durable and most resistant batteries on the market. Its charge is more delicate than all the previous ones and it needs a special charger, but once its power is done it can last up to eight months . Its small size and light weight make it a good choice for bikers who find battery care a bit of a burden. However, this does not mean that you should not provide any type of care.
  • Lead acid batteries: These batteries are the most conventional and have been on the market for the longest time; Obviously, they need regular maintenance, for which, in addition to adding the acid before installation, you also have to periodically check its level and fill it up if necessary… On the market there is also a variant of hard lead batteries that offer a great performance and do not need added maintenance, which offer a fantastic starting current, even in some cases higher than lithium.
  • AGM batteries : You can find them with and without maintenance, that is, the open ones come empty and will need to be filled only before installation and those that do not need maintenance will be ready to install and use without the need for further operations.
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How to choose the right type of battery for your motorcycle

Selecting a battery for your motorcycle is a very important task due to the functionality of this component within the system. Factors come into play in the selection process, such as, for example, the possibility of being able to request help on the road in the face of a certain problem. Next, we explain what criteria to use to choose a suitable motorcycle battery :

#1 Find a reliable motorcycle battery store

On the Internet there are many stores that sell motorcycle batteries at all kinds of prices: some are cheaper and others are more expensive. The first thing you should do is find out about the average cost of this component depending on the model of your motorcycle and then consult the stores that are most convenient for you.

Certain brands such as Gonher offer instant attention through instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp or by mobile phone in case you have any questions about their various models of motorcycle batteries.

#2 Select a suitable battery for your motorcycle model

On the market there are many kinds of batteries that may seem more or less attractive to you, but it is very important that you know that your choice should be subject to the brand, year of manufacture and model of your motorcycle . Why? Because otherwise you will constantly encounter problems that will damage other components of your motorcycle.

Surely when you bought the motorcycle helmet you selected the one that was consistent with the size of your head to have greater safety in the event of an accident. The same thing happens in this area, you must choose the motorcycle battery that best suits the characteristics of your vehicle because in this way you can ride calmly.

#3 Analyze what guarantees the store offers you when buying a battery for your motorcycle

It is very important to see what advantages the store offers you when buying a battery for your motorcycle compared to others that offer the same service. What are the elements you should pay attention to ? Next, we indicate them:

  • Help on the way : Surely on some occasion you have had a small problem with your motorcycle in the middle of the road and you have had to take charge of managing the entire help process. To prevent this from happening again, we recommend that before buying a battery you make sure that the service will protect you for free if you need a tow truck, a locksmith, the delivery of gasoline and a change of tires .
  • Manufacturing materials : Many of the motorcycle batteries that continue to be manufactured on the market are created with materials that are harmful to the environment and also to your health. Make sure that your battery has been made with nature-friendly materials that aim to protect the planet and also its inhabitants.
  • Guarantee : Having a guarantee is synonymous with peace of mind, don’t you think? It is important that you make sure that your motorcycle battery has, at least, a year and a half warranty in case any problem occurs. Since you are going to invest a large amount of money, it is better to know that in case of problems you will not have to spend more in this period of time.
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#4 Make sure that the payment method of the motorcycle battery store is safe

Once you have selected the type of battery that best suits your motorcycle, you should check that the store has a secure payment method. There are many online stores that do not have a security protocol and this can put your bank details at risk. Therefore, check that everything is in perfect condition and that it is a legal trade.

Although it is not an essential requirement, it is true that if the website offers you the possibility of paying for the motorcycle battery in installments and at no additional cost, it may be better for you. In this case, you have to check the payment or financing tab for all the details to see how they can help you.

#5 Check that there is flexibility in the delivery of the battery for your motorcycle

That you will not forget! Many times when we make a purchase we are so happy with our new product that we put aside the shipping method and delivery dates . You should assess whether the company provides services such as free delivery or time change.

Check that all these factors are adjusted to what you need at that moment to later be able to start installing the battery on your motorcycle and start driving on your favorite roads.   

Care to keep your motorcycle battery in good condition

After buying a battery for your motorcycle, surely you want it to be in the best possible condition to avoid any type of failure that may mean that you have to change it or wait a few weeks to drive the vehicle again. For this reason, below, we are going to give you a series of tips to keep your new motorcycle battery in good condition :

  • Drive the motorcycle frequently to prevent the battery from discharging : Due to various personal circumstances, there are times when we cannot use the motorcycle as much as we would like, forgetting that there are certain components that can be damaged, especially during winter . Move it to the least once every two weeks to avoid battery failure. If you can’t do it, I recommend disconnecting the wires from the piece to prevent it from consuming power.
  • Charge it occasionally : The motorcycle battery must always have an adequate charge to avoid damage. If you don’t move it from its place or disconnect the cables, it will discharge and the water-diluted acids will cause damage such as sulfation . A problem with the battery can lead to problems in other parts like the tires, so be careful!
  • Use a voltmeter to check its charge : The voltmeter is a small square-shaped instrument with a red and a black wire that indicates the voltage level of a motorcycle battery. It is advisable to check it periodically and check that it gives a level between 12.8V and 12.3V. If the figure is less than these measurements, it means that you should recharge it as soon as possible to avoid problems.
  • Consult its maintenance : As we have explained to you previously, there are several types of motorcycle batteries and each of them requires one type of maintenance or another. It is recommended that the manufacturer or the clerk of the store where you purchased it tell you how often you should carry out some changes, such as changing the liquid in the tubes.
  • Keep its structure clean : In the same way that you keep your rain accessories , your cold accessories and your heat accessories spotless, it is very important that your battery is in the same state. Correctly cleans the union between the poles and the connectors of the battery , as well as any type of dirt present in its structure. Use suitable products and properly dry each part after washing to avoid damage.
  • Avoid consuming energy unnecessarily : One of our recommendations is that you do not start the motorcycle to go backwards or to simply stand still in one place. The battery consumes power without any need. The best thing is that you unlock it to move and start it when you are going to use the engine . Following this line, if your motorcycle has a pilot to control the lights, it is advisable to turn off the light when the engine is stopped and that they are like this when it is going to start.
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Conclusion: Choose a suitable battery for your motorcycle

Acquiring a suitable battery for your motorcycle is equivalent to driving safely. Although it is true that many factors come into play when selecting it, the main element that you must take into account is that your personal needs are in line with the characteristics of the component and the store where you are going to buy it. The most common thing is that uncertainty takes over you when selecting it, but if you follow these tips you will avoid 80% of the problems .

A good choice together with good maintenance will allow you to leave behind the constant fears before going out on a route, the occasional failures in other parts of the system and, above all, the extensive invoices in the workshop . Keep in mind all the above elements from the moment you purchase the battery for your motorcycle in a safe store .  

What did you think of our guide on how to choose a suitable battery for your motorcycle ? Did you know any of the tips we have given you? Do you think we have missed any? Do you have any doubts or questions? Then we ask you to leave a comment . It does not matter if it is a simple thank you, we will be very happy to read it and answer it.

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