5 Tips to Increase Your VISIBILITY on a Motorcycle

How to be more visible when riding a motorcycle? Regardless of the time of year in which we find ourselves, it is always important to take care of one’s visibility on the motorcycle . By this we are not only referring to the visual capacity that you have on your motorcycle, but also to make it easier for other road users to see you well . Here are ideas that you can apply to improve your visibility and be safer on your motorcycle.

tips increase visibility motorcycle gestures

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Tips to increase your visibility on a motorcycle

#1 Use your mirrors well

Tips to increase motorcycle rearview visibility

The mirrors of a motorcycle are designed so that you have a vision of your surroundings . Believe it or not, they are not placed there for you to see yourself how handsome you are. Whenever you get on your motorcycle , check that they are well regulated . If you park on the street, especially in places with little space between motorcycles, they may have moved slightly due to the contact of another motorist.

When you adjust the right mirror you must adjust it in such a way that you can see the right lane and part of the one you are in with the motorcycle. With the left you must look for a maximum vision of the lanes on this side to control the vehicles that arise. In addition, it is recommended that you have a small rag on hand in the glove compartment or in the trunk of the motorcycle so that you can always keep the rear-view mirrors clean .

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#2 Better with bright colors and reflective accessories

tips increase visibility motorcycle equipment bright colors

We all like to be well dressed and, depending on the time of the year, we are given to wearing dark clothes (autumn, winter). Black is a recurring color in the motorcycle world, but it also reduces visibility. We recommend that you wear a brighter colored jacket or helmet , such as red or green. Reflective accessories on jackets, pants, gloves or anklets also help to make you more visible , especially at dawn and dusk and at night. Make sure that they are not dirty or broken so as not to lose functionality.

Currently there is an open and flexible legislation with reflective equipment that does not oblige you to carry this type of element on a motorcycle, but its use is recommended.

#3 Turn signals and brake light

tips increase visibility motorcycle lights

The use of turn signals is essential when pre-marking any change of direction. In this way you inform the rest of the vehicles of your intentions and you will avoid unforeseen events. If you slow down with the engine brake only, it is advisable to touch the brake lever a little to activate the rear light . This is how you show the braking maneuver to the rest of the drivers. It is also a good idea to periodically check the operation of all the lights on the motorcycle and change them immediately if any have burnt out or are broken.

#4 Gestures

tips increase visibility motorcycle gestures

Not sure if they saw you? Mark your movement with a gesture . Many times it is more worthwhile to mark a brake or turn with your hand or foot than to try to guess if they have already seen it.

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#5 Horn

tips increase visibility motorbike horn

make yourself heard Many times a horn sound in time prevents a possible accident by alerting other vehicles to your presence. Remember that you are less visible than a car and that your presence has to be noticed. Sometimes just the rest of the elements is not enough and the horn can be a very useful tool.

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