4 recommendations for driving a scooter when carrying a passenger

For everyone who owns a motorcycle, riding it is a difficult experience to explain. The feeling of freedom that it provides, the autonomy, the possibility of traveling anywhere, are invaluable values ​​that are only perceived when riding one. But these same characteristics require taking all the necessary security measures, especially if you take a companion and if you travel through the city.

The scooters are the urban models par excellence. They were designed to facilitate the movement of people through the streets of large cities and, at the same time, help to decongest them. However, this does not mean that you can ignore all the security advice that public bodies or private institutions constantly publish – such as those that appear on the Liberty Seguros website .

recommendations drive scooter with passenger

To avoid unpleasant unforeseen events, there are certain factors that should always be taken into account, and even more so if there are two people traveling on the same scooter. Respecting them costs absolutely nothing; on the contrary, they are simple recommendations designed so that both the driver and the passenger arrive without problems at their destination.

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#1 Space

In a city, maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles is vital. Excessive proximity to them or to those who are parked is a danger to which many motorcyclists are exposed involuntarily or simply through recklessness. In this sense, if you are traveling with another person, experts advise increasing this space because the reactions of the driver and the motorcycle are slower due to the weight, so the risk of losing balance is greater.

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#2 rear brake

Common sense says that when carrying a passenger, the weight distribution on the scooter varies; Due to this, the grip ability of the tires will also – the rear will have a lot more than the front. In practical terms this means that, in order to avoid dangerous situations when stopping the motorcycle, you have to use the rear brake continuously and the front brake lightly until you notice that the front tire has more load. Only after this you need to increase the pressure.

#3 Smooth scrolling

Keep in mind that with two passengers on the same scooter, the suspension will be closer to the ground, which can cause certain parts of the motorcycle to rub against the pavement. In addition, the concentration of the weight on a fixed part will also lower the pressure in other parts, such as the tires. For this reason, the layout must be delicate, avoiding steep slopes.

# A good equipment for motorcycle

Along with everything just exposed, you must never forget to wear a helmet , protective suits, special driving gloves and, above all else, respect traffic regulations.

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