8 frequent injuries in a motorcycle accident

When riding a motorcycle you are exposed to different mishaps, from minor falls without consequences to more serious accidents. For this reason, you must always wear a helmet and suitable clothing for riding a motorcycle. The asphalt is not exactly soft.

In another article we talk about the tips for driving motorcycles in the rain, today we tell you about the most frequent injuries derived from motorcycle accidents.

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#1 Skin abrasions

frequent injuries motorcycle accident abrasion skin

Product of falls and friction with the asphalt. Often when the biker falls he hits the asphalt and tears the skin. They are scandalous wounds since there is often blood, they can be superficial or deeper. If there are no affected bones, this type of injury after appropriate care usually heals and heals without problems.

#2 Leg fractures

frequent injuries motorcycle accident types leg fracture

Due to the posture when driving, the legs are key in driving the motorcycle. The lower part of the body is almost completely exposed and unprotected. In case of blows or collisions, femur fractures are quite common. These injuries are painful and take a recovery period depending on the severity, from a few months to longer if the injury has been severe.

#3 Arm fractures

frequent injuries motorcycle accident broken arm

After the legs, the arms are the most exposed areas of the body. These fractures are typical in motorcycle accidents, bad falls where the person supports the weight of the body on the arm, or accidents where the person crashes or is thrown and hits the arms. Like leg fractures, recovery depends on the severity of the fracture.


#4 Chest injuries

frequent injuries motorcycle accident chest trauma

It is one of the three leading causes of death in motorcycle accidents. As the motorcyclist is less protected than in a car, the blows are taken by the body, even a minor accident can be fatal. In blows to the chest, rupture of the aorta artery, fluid accumulation, heart fractures, and rib fractures can occur. The victim may suffer internal bleeding.

brain trauma

#5 Blows to the head

frequent injuries motorbike accident hit head

Without a helmet, a blow to the head at low speed can kill you, let alone if you’re going fast. The helmet is vital to have any chance of survival if you have a fall and you are riding a motorcycle.

Sometimes, even with the helmet on, the blow has been so strong that the person can suffer hemorrhage and edema in the brain.
As a result of this, his motor skills, speech or reasoning may be affected. Other times the blow has not injured important areas and the person can recover without problems.

#6 Spinal Cord Injuries

frequent injuries motorbike accident spinal cord

And as a consequence of them becoming paralyzed, or quadriplegic. Unfortunately, this type of injury is common in motorcycle accidents. Approximately 10% of motorcycle accident victims suffer this type of injury. They are serious injuries since they affect the mobility of the upper or lower part of the body. The affected person will need surgery. Many times wheelchairs and the constant help of other people in his family or staff who care for him.


#7 Neck and back injuries

frequent injuries motorcycle accident neck back

Without the protection of a car, motorists are at greater risk of back and neck injuries. The injuries can be of different severity As with spinal cord injuries, the person who is hit in the neck or back can have serious injuries that lead to paralysis. Fortunately, sometimes these injuries are not so serious but require months of rehabilitation.

#8 Fracture in the pelvis

frequent injuries motorcycle accident pelvic fracture

These types of fractures are common when the motorist suffers a rear-end accident with another vehicle, due to the proximity of the pelvis to various internal organs and the spinal cord, these injuries can be serious.

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