10 Tips to CHOOSE a Motorcycle and NOT Make a Mistake

Knowing how to choose a motorcycle or which is the right motorcycle once you have obtained your driving license and have examined the possibilities offered by the market is not an easy task. The motorcycle is an excellent option if you are looking for an  efficient and economical means of transportation  (see all the  advantages of the motorcycle ), but despite that it requires a  significant investment of money, so it is necessary to clarify the panorama before taking the step of acquiring one. There are countless types and brands of motorcycles, and the choice can become very complicated, so you should take it easy and analyze all the possibilities carefully. If your choice is wrong, it can mean a waste of money and also an unpleasant experience that drives you away from this world, while the appropriate and ideal motorcycle will mean exactly the opposite and the one that you will enjoy every day.

When looking for a motorcycle you have to be careful with “love at first sight”, it is easy to quickly fall in love with a motorcycle that may not be what you need or what suits you, so it is better to take into account the following factors to know How to choose a motorcycle and thus do it correctly:

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What use are you going to give the motorcycle?

how to choose motorcycle use

This is perhaps the most important factor and the one that will first determine what type of motorcycle you should buy, depending on your needs, this is how your future motorcycle should be. The first thing you have to think about is the use you are going to give it, if it is going to be your daily vehicle, to go to work or study, or if it is just a leisure item for specific occasions or weekends. Also think about whether you will go alone or with a passenger to take into account their comfort.

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For the city, the scooter

If your environment is the center of the city, that and only that, a scooter is always the most economical, comfortable and practical option. They are easy to handle, automatic, have limited maintenance and offer good load capacity. Authentic tools for day to day and the market offers different types depending on the needs.

mixed use

If you combine city and highway every day, a light motorcycle with a medium displacement, comfortable as a naked or custom type could be , would suit your needs. With it, the range of possibilities increases and it would also cover leisure weekends.

spontaneous use

If the use of your motorcycle is going to be limited to your days off or vacations and trips, you can think about bigger and heavier motorcycles. The options grow and you can consider a naked, a custom, a tour , a sport  or even a trail if you also want to give it some off-road use. Everything will depend on your experience, your type of driving and how far you want to go with it.

Motorcycle for experts or beginners?

how to choose motorcycle type

The motorcycle that suits you best  depends directly on your level of experience with these vehicles. Factors such as the size of the engine, performance, weight or the type of motorcycle will be one or the other depending on the time you have been on the motorcycle.

motorcycle for beginner

If they are going to be your first steps as a beginner on a motorcycle, look for a light motorcycle and not very high, your confidence will increase if you can put both feet on the ground without problem, with an engine no larger than 600cc and a power of no more than 70CV . Much better still if you start with a 250cc. Gaining confidence and learning little by little is essential, so the day you make the leap to a bigger bike you will appreciate it and enjoy it much more.

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motorcycle for experts

If you have already been riding a motorcycle for a few years and have extensive experience, you have a very wide market to choose from, but still do not overestimate your ability, there are authentic two-wheeled rockets that require time.

What budget do you have?

how to choose budget bike

Once you are clear about the style of motorcycle that is best for you and the use that you are going to give it, it is time to consider one of the critical points: what budget do you have? Keep in mind that buying a motorcycle does not only mean just the motorcycle, if it is your first motorcycle in that budget you must include:

  • The equipment  you will need to enjoy it and travel safely: helmet, gloves and jacket
  • The  equipment  that your motorcycle needs: Suitcases, blankets, etc.
  • motorcycle insurance
  • motorcycle maintenance

New or used motorcycle?

how to choose a new motorcycle

If you have a good budget, it will be a joy to be able to choose the best model on the market based on your personality. But if you have the right money, don’t worry, the offer of second-hand motorcycles is getting bigger and bigger. For beginners it is the best option and also the maintenance of a motorcycle is much cheaper than that of a car.

When you buy a new motorcycle, you ensure some advantages: warranty, payment facilities and impeccable condition of the motorcycle, and although all this has a price, it also means peace of mind. When purchasing a used motorcycle, the price is always much lower and if its condition is good, it is often worth it compared to a new motorcycle. A used motorcycle is usually a good option to start with, beginners will take their first steps with fewer worries and checking whether starting out in this world was the right decision will always be much cheaper. It is important to know how to buy a used motorcycle.

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If you choose to buy a new motorcycle

  • It will cost you much less to find “your better half” you have a vast catalog to choose from.
  • Keep in mind that as the motorcycle leaves the dealer’s door, its price will have devalued approximately 20%. So if you sell it every month, you would be losing money.
  • It is very likely that during the first year you hardly visit a workshop or need spare parts.
  • Be careful with 0 kilometer motorcycles. They usually have very sensitive controls and accelerate and brake abruptly. Watch out for falls as soon as you leave the dealership!

If you choose to buy a second-hand motorcycle

  • For the same amount of money you can find a superior bike.
  • Finding good deals is easy, it just takes a little patience and time.
  • You have to be careful but in general the motorcycles are usually sold in good condition and without deception.
  • Our recommendation, if you are a beginner, the second hand is a good option. If the world of motorcycles “catches” you, you will have time to define your preferences and needs well, and choose your next new motorcycle well.

Choose a motorcycle you like

how to choose the bike you like

Choosing a motorcycle that suits your profile is the first thing to take into account, but just as important is that the one chosen is a motorcycle that you like, one that you feel proud of. The world of two wheels is especially passionate, the perfect motorcycle is the one that meets your needs and, furthermore, the one that makes you happy just by seeing it every day. If you are a person who is fascinated by leather and chopper-type motorcycles , you will not feel comfortable on a scooter and, if you have always liked the city more than the countryside, a trial motorcycle will not serve you at all… Analyze what you like and you will get the answers you need.

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