10 Tips to NOT Get COLD on a Motorcycle

We all love riding a motorcycle , especially bikers and especially when the good weather arrives, but sometimes, when it’s cold or the weather is not good , riding a motorcycle can become a very unpleasant experience . If you want to know how to stay warm while riding your faithful friend and not be freezing to death , keep reading, because you will be surprised by the tips that we are going to give you to stop feeling cold . Surely some of these tips sound familiar to you, but it never hurts to review them.

tips not to be cold motorcycle

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Tips for not getting cold on a motorcycle

#1 Protect your neck

advice not to be cold motorbike protect neck

The neck is one of the areas that suffers the most when riding a motorcycle. Wear a neck gaiter or scarf and try not to leave too much space between the helmet and your jacket

#2 Close the hull inlets

advice not to be cold motorbike close tickets helmet

You will prevent cold air from entering. Better if you wear an anti-fog helmet so you won’t have to lift your visor.

#3 Foot bags

advice not to be cold motorcycle plastic bag feet

Ideally, bring the right boots, but if you don’t have them at the moment and the rain catches you, put plastic bags around your feet, a good trick to keep them warm and they won’t get wet.

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#4 Newsprint

advice not to be cold motorbike newspaper

As in the previous case, yours is to wear the appropriate equipment (in this case, the jacket), but some newspapers on your chest can save you from a cold in extreme cases.

# 5 Cream on the hands

advice not to be cold motorbike hand cream

If you put moisturizing cream on your hands (or also on your feet and face), a protective film will be created that will insulate these parts of your body from the cold.

#6 Warm up your body

advice not to be cold motorbike warm up body

You don’t have to run a marathon. Jumping around a bit or doing a few squats will help your body generate heat. Be careful not to leave the house sweating to get on the bike!

# 7 Button your jacket all the way

advice not to be cold motorcycle button up jacket

Take a good look, your jacket has straps and internal elastics so that it fits your body as much as possible and thus prevents air from entering, fasten well.

#8 Wear gloves

advice not to be cold motorcycle gloves

Gloves are very important to keep your hands warm because they are what give you maneuverability. Make sure there is no gap between the jacket and the gloves or all the cold will seep in.

#9 Suitable boots

advice not to be cold motorcycle suitable boots

Good motorcycle boots will help keep your feet warm, especially if they go in front of your body. As in the previous case, make sure that there is no space between the pants and the boots . We recommend this biker footwear page , if you are looking for quality and durable biker boots.

#10 Without fear of accessories

advice not to be cold motorcycle accessories

Lastly, we recommend that you take a look at the accessories: balaclavas, undergloves, waterproof pants, thermal clothing, leg blankets, thermal cuffs, heated seat, insulating suit… the market is full of these accessories that can be very useful for you not to get cold on a motorcycle, check them out.

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Keep in mind that the thermal sensation is colder being on top of your vehicle, take note of our advice, wrap up well and enjoy your motorcycle!

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