How to Maintain Motorcycle BRAKE PADS

It does not matter what  motorcycle  you drive or if you are one of those who thinks that maintenance is an exclusive matter for mechanics. It does not matter if we are talking about a high-end motorcycle, a simple scooter or if you think that having motorcycle insurance is enough and more than enough. There will always be aspects that you should pay attention to, especially when it comes to avoiding unforeseen events on the road while driving a motorcycle.

Studies carried out in 2013 revealed that 25% of motorcycles over four years old have clear deficiencies in their braking system , which is clearly not a matter to be taken lightly. The main responsibility in the maintenance of any motorized vehicle falls on whoever uses it and there are no divergent opinions on this.

Let’s go then to the list with 10 maintenance tips  that Pont Grup presents very easy to follow that will help you take care of the state of your brakes .

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How to maintain motorcycle brake pads correctly

#1 Watch the way you drive

motorcycle brake maintenance tips driving type

Depending on the way you do it. your disc brake system will be exposed to more or less wear . Take your motorcycle to the mechanic to see what state it is in and based on that information, establish a service schedule.

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#2 The brakes must be used just enough and necessary

motorcycle brake maintenance tips

Using the brakes of the motorcycle too many times in a sudden or constant way causes a lot of damage and overheating. For the same reason, when it comes to adjusting the speed, try to do it with the gear change, especially on long descents (mountain passes).

#3 Pay attention to noise and vibrations

Some sounds may denote wear on the pads or records . If so, the motorcycle must be taken to a workshop immediately.

# 4 Be careful with a hard brake

If when using it you feel that it is difficult for you to press the pedal, it may be that the brake pads or discs are working badly.

#5 Be careful with a soft brake

It is the opposite of the previous case: if it sinks when you press the pedal, you may be facing a fluid leak in the brake circuit or premature pad wear .

#6 Watch out for squealing brakes

motorcycle brake maintenance tips braking

If you are in this case, go to the mechanic right now. Your motorcycle may be suffering from a crystallization of the pills or a wear of them.

#7 Personally choose the brakes you want

Seek advice and find out about the types of brakes that best suit your motorcycle. When you find out, demand that they be installed for you. According to a study carried out by Road House, almost all Spanish drivers say that the brakes are the most important thing for their safety at the wheel, but only 13.4% personally choose which components of the braking system are fitted to their vehicle.

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#8 Little time between revisions

motorcycle brake maintenance tips

Specialists advise never letting more than 20,000 kilometers go by without taking a look at the brakes. Learn to do the maintenance of the brake pads  or the basic maintenance of your motorcycle yourself. In any case, keep up to date with all the options for  maintenance and care of a motorcycle .

#9 Take into account the approval

If your pads have been changed, it is important that you make sure that they are approved (ECE R-90). If not, you will be endangering your life and that of those who accompany you.

# 10 Be careful with the vibrations in the steering wheel

It may mean that your brake system is collapsing. Go to the mechanic as quickly as you can or check that the brake pads and discs are in good condition. When braking at high speed, a vibration in the steering wheel can be an indication that some part of the system is in bad condition or that the brake discs are warped.

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