Glasses vs. Contact Lenses, Which is the Best Option for Motorcyclists?

If you are a biker and need to wear glasses , it is very likely that you have asked yourself this dilemma on several occasions. The decision will depend above all on the specific circumstances of each one, so you will have to assess the advantages and disadvantages of one alternative and the other to achieve the safest and most comfortable driving possible. Sight is the most valuable sense for a motorcyclist, since he perceives most of the information through it. If there are eye problems such as myopia, astigmatism or farsightedness , it is essential that the driver wear prescription glasses or contact lenses. Both are valid driving options, but not everyone tolerates the latter.

If the user who wears contact lenses notices excessive dryness in the eyes, does not see with optimal quality or finds it uncomfortable to wear the lenses for several hours, the decision would be very clear in this case. Let’s see the options:

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Wearing glasses can be uncomfortable if the helmet is too tight, as this causes the temples of the glasses to press against the head, both in the temple area and behind the ears. In this way, on a long trip it is easy to generate annoying headaches. Prescription glasses may also have advantages over contact lenses for some riders, especially if a full-face helmet is not worn to protect the eyes from the ingress of particles and wind.

The glasses prevent the entry of unwanted elements into the eyes and prevent them from drying out, but are any glasses useful for riding a motorcycle? In reality, although any glasses could be worth us, be it normal or sunglasses, it is highly advisable that you keep in mind that some do not protect us sufficiently.

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Tips for buying glasses

  • The most recommended lens material is polycarbonate , which offers greater resistance to any impact. A glass lens breaks more easily; if we were to have an impact from a stone or any other material, there is a risk of it splintering and could cause serious eye problems.
  • Make sure your lenses are shatterproof . An impact from any debris coming from the road could break the lens and seriously damage your eyes. Shatterproof lenses are usually made of polycarbonate , a highly resistant plastic material.
  • It is advisable that the lenses have an anti-reflective treatment on the inside to prevent sunlight from reflecting off our sunglasses and hitting our eyes directly, or polarized treatment , to avoid glare that can be caused by the mid-morning or mid-afternoon light.
  • Another big problem for motorcyclists is the condensation that is generated by the helmet. In addition to being uncomfortable, the fogging of sunglasses can cause loss of control. For this reason, it is very interesting that the lenses of sunglasses have an anti-fogging treatment.
  • Pay attention to the sun protection index of your new glasses. One of its main tasks is to adequately filter the UV rays that come from the sun and can damage your eyes in the long term. That is why you always use approved glasses (with the CE inscription on their frame) and buy them in accredited establishments for sale (optics or stores specialized in motorcycle accessories).
  • Avoid colored lenses. For example, pink or blue glasses vary the perception of colors , something that can be dangerous while driving.
  • The frame of the glasses must be made of paste or plastic , materials that are much more resistant to any impact.
  • It is advisable that the glasses have a closed frame so that they stay close to your face and thus prevent air from entering the sides and making your eyes water.
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There are  glasses  that have an anti-impact certificate ; that is, they have been subjected to impact tests and have passed them without breaking. These are, without a doubt, the most advisable if you drive a motorcycle at high speed.

Contact lenses

contact lenses driving motorcycle

If the motorist tolerates contact lenses , it is important to know that they usually provide more accurate vision than glasses, since they keep less distance from the eye. In addition, with them there is no risk of them moving with the movements while driving, avoiding visual discomfort. Glasses, on the other hand, can move slightly, causing vision quality problems, since the central axis of the lens is thus displaced. The same thing happens when you want to look to the side without moving your head: the lenses rotate with the eye, while in glasses you stop looking through the optical center of the glass .

Contact lenses have yet another advantage: they allow a wider peripheral vision than glasses. Depending on the frame that the glasses have, they can imply a restriction of the visual field that is added to that already imposed by the helmet. With contact lenses, the user will have optimal vision of the images wherever they focus, without the need to move the head or neck.

Advantages of contact lenses

In addition to aesthetic reasons, contact lenses have a number of advantages over glasses that have led to their growing popularity.

  • Provide a full field of view without interference from mounts
  • Objects are perceived to be the same size as the real one, for this reason they are especially indicated for people who have a large graduation difference between one eye and the other.
  • There is no distortion when looking to the sides, for the reason that contact lenses move with the movements of the eye and the person is always looking through the center of the lens
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Tips for the correct use of contact lenses

  • Always comply with the special instructions for the care of your type of contact lenses
  • Do not use tap water or saliva to clean your contact lenses (may contain bacteria)
  • Clean the lens case and change it frequently
  • Do not sleep in your contact lenses unless they are suitable for overnight wear
  • Do not wear expired contact lenses
  • Remove your contact lenses as soon as eye irritations appear and see a specialist
  • Substitute contact lenses for glasses in bright or windy situations.

Whether you wear glasses or contact lenses, it is very important to always carry spare parts when driving, to deal with unforeseen events. AND REMEMBER!! If you are a user of prescription glasses and/or contact lenses , it is best to graduate your sunglasses to ride a motorcycle. Avoid wearing your contact lenses with your sunglasses when you go for a motorcycle ride, since your eyes are more exposed to airborne particles that can at any given time make you feel uncomfortable with your contact lenses. With your prescription sunglasses, you will be right for sure.

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