8 steps to get a moped permit

The new driver’s regulation, approved in May 2009, includes some changes to obtain the moped permit. The new card is renamed ‘ AM driving license’ and authorizes driving vehicles with a displacement of up to 50cc. If you are thinking of removing it, here we explain what you should do step by step.

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#1 Being old

steps get moped permit am age

One of the main aspects that must be taken into account when driving a moped is age, since not all young people can drive these vehicles. In this sense, to obtain a driving license (whatever type it is), the minimum age required is a key factor. In this way, to drive a moped as of September 2010,  the minimum age to obtain the permit is established at 15 years . In addition, these  moped drivers  are not authorized to transport passengers until the owner has reached the age of 18, except for those who obtained the license before September 1, 2008, who may transport them.

#2 Know the current regulations

steps obtain moped permit am know current regulations

On May 8, 2009, the Council of Ministers approved a new regulation for drivers that provides for changes in the requirements for obtaining different permits, including the one for mopeds. The new license is renamed ‘AM driving license’ and authorizes driving vehicles with a displacement of up to 50cc. As of September 1, 2010, the minimum age to obtain this permit will be 15 years, unlike the old regulation, which set a minimum age of 14 years. In addition, moped drivers will not be authorized to transport passengers until they reach the age of 18, except for those who have obtained the permit before September 1, 2008.

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#3 Fill out an application

steps get moped permit fill out application

You must fill out an official form that is available at the Traffic Headquarters (look for the nearest one at www.mir.es/MIR/Directorio/Servicios_Perifericos/Direccion_General_de_Tra‚Ķ) and on the website. In this same Headquarters you must start the process to request the license, going directly to the “drivers’ window” to request a date for the exam.

#4 Take a psychometric test

steps obtain permission moped am pass psychotechnical test

At the Traffic Headquarters, they will require a psychotechnical aptitude report issued by an authorized Driver Recognition Center, belonging to the same province in which you request the procedure. This is a medical review in which your vision and hearing are checked, among other tests. To find out what these centers are and which one is closest to your home, you can access  this page where you can download the latest report.

You must bring an updated photograph of 35 x 25 mm that will be attached to the report.

#5 Deliver the necessary documents

steps obtain permission moped am deliver documents

The documents that you must present at the Headquarters are the following:

  • Valid National Identity Document, Passport or Residence Card. If you are an EU foreigner, you must present your residence permit or passport together with the certificate of registration in the central registry of foreigners for EU foreigners. If you are a non-EU foreigner, you must carry a residence permit for non-EU foreigners.
  • An updated photograph, 35 x 25 mm., the same as the one attached to the psychotechnical aptitude report.
  • Written declaration of not being deprived by judicial resolution of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds, nor subject to intervention or suspension of the person in possession.
  • Written declaration of not being the holder of another moped driving permit or license
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In addition, the documents required to drive a moped are the following:

  • Driving license
  • Certificate of Technical Characteristics of the moped
  • Obligatory insurance

#6 Know the requirements

steps obtain am moped permit meet requirements

In order to obtain the moped driving license (LCC, although it will be renamed AM Permit in 2010), in addition to the aforementioned documents, you must have normal residence in Spain. In case of being a student, you will have to demonstrate the quality of such during a continuous minimum period of six months in Spanish territory and have reached the age required by law (currently 14 years, 15 years as of September 2010).

Likewise, according to Royal Decree 818/2009 of May 8, to obtain a permit or driving license, the following will be required:

  1. In the case of foreigners, prove the situation of normal residence or study stay in Spain for at least six months and have reached the required age.
  2. Not be deprived by judicial resolution of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds, nor be subject to suspension or administrative intervention of the driving permit or license that is held.
  3. That the legally established period has elapsed, once the validity of the driving permit or license of which he was the holder has been declared as a consequence of the total loss of the assigned points.
  4. Gather the required psychophysical aptitudes in relation to the type of driving permit or license requested.
  5. Be declared fit by the Provincial Traffic Headquarters in the theoretical and practical tests that, in relation to each type of permit or driving license, are determined in title II.
  6. Not be the holder of a driving license of the same class issued in another Member State of the European Union or in another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, nor have the driving license that has been restricted, suspended or canceled in another Member State possessed.
  7. Those who suffer from disease or organic or functional deficiency that disables them to obtain an ordinary driving permit or license may obtain an extraordinary driving permit or license subject to the restrictive conditions that apply in each case.
  8. Be declared fit by the Provincial or Local Traffic Headquarters in the theoretical and practical tests, in relation to the type of permit requested.
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#7 Pay a fee

steps get permission moped am pay fee

The General Directorate of Traffic charges a fee according to the permit you request. In the case of the moped license, the fee is 40 euros, although as it varies each year, it is convenient that you seek advice directly from the Traffic Department. If you decide to take the test with a driving school, you save yourself the hassle of processing and the problem of getting or renting a motorcycle. However, a course of eight classes, including registration, can cost you around 300 euros or more.

#8 Pass a test

steps obtain moped permit pass test

Once the documentation has been delivered and all the requirements have been met, you will only have to pass two exams to which the General Directorate of Traffic submits you. The first test is theoretical and consists of 20 questions. The second test is practical and takes place in a closed circuit. It consists of various skill exercises such as the narrow passage between two stripes and the slalom between cones.

To obtain official information about the tests you can enter the web page of the Directorate General of Traffic  or call the nearest Traffic Headquarters .

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