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Are you passionate about motorcycles and want to find a quality helmet ? Do you know what kind of biker you are but you don’t know how many models of helmets there are ? Have you heard of the famous Shark helmets , but don’t know which one is the most suitable for you? You are in the right place! When you want to choose the ideal motorcycle helmet for you or you want to complement your motorcycle with the right motorcycle accessories , you can have serious doubts when it comes to choosing the right brand for your pocket and for your safety on the road . That, together with choosing the motorcycle store, such as Motorecambios VFerrer , can be a headache.

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The motorcycle is a safe bet when you want to ride the streets and the increase in two-wheelers has been noticeable in recent years. Regardless of whether it is hot , rainy or cold , it is essential that you have the best accessories to accompany you on the trip, since like everything else, the higher the quality of the product, the more comfortable, fast and protected you are. That is why we have investigated a bit and it is Shark , one of the brands that we have used the most and that convinces us the most for motorcycle equipment. Not only because of its innovative technology, but also because of its experience in the motor market. Therefore, we are going to show you the best Shark brand helmets .

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Shark’s experience in the motorcycle helmet market

Before starting to show you their helmets, we must tell you that Shark is one of the stores with the most experience in the market, since it has been offering safety, speed and quality in all its products for more than thirty years. The brand was founded by former pilots in 1986 and they began with the objective of offering helmets whose main requirement was to exceed international approvals , despite being a risky objective.

Shark not only manufactures various types of helmets , but also offers a multitude of accessories so that you can complement and perfect your motorcycle. It is characterized by being a brand that is always one step ahead and its obsession is to be able to guarantee you performance and comfort through safety . For this reason, a large number of pilots choose Shark as their main trusted brand when they face a challenging circuit or any other route in the national territory .

If you are used to the typical manual helmet, Shark has implemented valuable R&D technology, being a success that has been achieved in the motor world. Shark has introduced various innovations in the creation of helmets and in fact, they have been the example for major brands. Among his different investigations, the following stand out: The implementation of using carbon fiber , a pioneering brand in the creation of a double homologation modular helmet , the application of reversible engineering and the development of the visor or visor of variable thickness with an optical classification of Class 1 .

Another great advantage that Shark offers is that you have full control of development and production throughout the process. They work with 3D printers to obtain prototypes and equipment, carrying out crash and validation tests on the helmets . It is one of the manufacturers with the most response in the market since they manufacture more than 350,000 helmets a year and have more than 5,000 points of sale.

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In short, it is the great ally of brands such as Moto GP and Superbikes , being one of the main sponsors of names such as Jorge Lorenzo, Johann Zarco, Miguel Oliveira and Troy Croser among others. As you have seen, taking care of your motorcycle regardless of whether you are a veteran or just starting out in the motorcycle world is essential to help you take care of and keep your helmet intact and above all, drive safely and correctly .

Best Shark helmet models on the market in 2021

As you know, helmets are ideal to protect you and provide greater safety on the road. Precisely when we talk about Shark, it is an unbeatable value for money , that is why it is increasingly common to diversify your opportunities, for this reason, electronic commerce and points of sale have been expanding more and more to offer you a greater variety and adapt the road in the digital medium. Shark helmets are the best known, since they stand out for being ready for road , cross , urban and field , therefore, it is important to choose a helmet that is appropriate to the regulations and comfortable. We are going to show you theMost well-known types of Shark helmets :

Shark Discovery Helmets

Discovery helmets are ideal if you are thinking of taking a long distance trip . This modular helmet adapts when you’re doing hundreds of kilometers. These helmets provide for your safety and your comfort , so that it is not at odds with the benefits. Next, we show you the following Discovery helmets :

evo gt

It’s a great helmet that is very comfortable in both jet and full face positions . It is a new generation modular that benefits from the patented Auto-up and Auto-down system as it allows you to automatically raise the screen when the chin guard is manipulated. Having an optical screen 1 offers an unstoppable quality compared to others.

evo jet

This helmet is characterized for anyone who likes urban mobility . If you are from the city, this recent model has improved the expectations of many users. Thanks to this new concept, the chin guard that is attached to the screen , allows you to move safely enjoying a field of vision similar to that of a jet. This full-face helmet guarantees a maximum level of protection whatever the point of impact in which it has a refined style on the side markings.


This type of helmet is designed to give you greater flexibility . By this I mean that it is ideal if you ride your motorcycle on a daily basis and want to benefit from having maximum protection in the jet or integral position . Its screen is anti-fog and anti-scratch, which can help you a lot when it comes to taking care of your helmet , in addition to the fact that you can find it in a variety of colors.


It is an ultra functional helmet that has an integrated sun visor with a micro buckle closure system . It has two air inlets and an extractor, in addition to having a very quick disassembly.

Shark Racing Helmets

As this typology indicates, they are those helmets that are oriented towards competition or the use of sports motorcycles , to offer you the greatest safety when you are driving at full speed. These are high-end helmets for those pilots who want to feel the adrenaline as long as speed does not interfere with safety. Every case in this range helps you meet your most important speed needs. Next, we show you the Racing helmets :

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Race R-Pro

If you want to be the winning horse, you should know that this helmet has won more than two hundred circuits. It has an ergonomic grip , a quick release system, two shell sizes to adapt to your morphology and the Easy-Fit system , among other features.

Race-R.Pro Gp

If you want to continue your adventure as a racing driver, there is also this helmet that has two shells, one that offers you lightness and does not allow abrasion while the other is multi-density so that you get optimal cushioning. The chin guard that it has is anti- pollution and has a high-resistance screen .

Race-R.Pro Gp FIM

It is a helmet that has a reinforced shell and that can benefit you to combat abrasion with an anti- delimation result . It is ideal to prevent tangential impacts and with a variable flow chin guard.

Shark Pulse Helmets

This range is the one with the largest type of models since it gives you a retro , casual and urban air . The technology of Shark’s sport range is characterized by doing research in the world of racing. Therefore, we are going to show you those that belong to the list of Pulse cases :


This fiberglass version is one of Shark’s best innovations in terms of design , aerodynamics and safety . The combination of fiber and carbon layers is associated with multiple densities to respond to the most demanding pilots .

spartan gt

It is one of the most visible helmets on Sport GT circuits . It is a full-face fiber helmet, which benefits from all the technical knowledge and innovations that have been used and offers a more optimal level of safety . It has two shell sizes for a more precise fit and a double-d buckle . You can easily remove it for greater safety and comfort while driving.

Skwal 2

This helmet is characterized by being the ideal for all those who ride cross-country and want to forget about everything. It has a very adequate size and soundproofing far superior to any other helmet of its kind. An advantage is that it is equipped with rechargeable LEDs that provide greater visibility on the road if you like speed, since it is a sport-oriented helmet .

D-Skwal 2

This helmet offers great aerodynamic qualities as it provides optimal fluidity, as well as a lot of stability. You can benefit from identical ventilation to the previous model with an injected thermoplastic resin shell and a sun visor among other features. Soundproofing is another key role within this helmet with a quick release system .


It is one of the key helmets to which integral case refers. It has an injected thermoplastic resin shell, a micrometric buckle and multi-density EPS . It has several types of screens such as parasol, cast nets and quick release. It also stands out for its Easy-Fit system and that it has three air inlets .

Shark Metro Helmets

One of the strengths of Shark helmets is that urban essence with very groundbreaking designs. They are contemporary designs with a strong character that incorporates all levels of technology and innovation with authentic designs. Therefore, we are going to show you the best Metro helmets :


This is the new ultra protective jet helmet. It is a helmet with an innovative design in jet format , so that you can use it on your urban journeys with a high level of protection. Its shape envelops a large part of the head, thus, you will feel more secure. Thanks to Microtech technology with recycled fibers through a high-end screen . The shell is made of thermoplastic with a micrometric buckle accompanied by the Easy-Fit system.

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S-Drak 2

This helmet is equipped with an accelerated style mask , with clean lines and an unusual style. You can classify it as a neo-retro open face helmet that makes your most specific demands satisfied. Its shell is made of multiaxial glass, in addition to having two sizes to give it a more personalized touch. It has a retractable internal screen and has a quick release system.

Street Drak

This type of open face helmet has a sportier style, giving you a committed and uncompromising look. Its shell is made of thermoplastic, and its screen has the Premium Goggles with “full vision” and “ultra thin frame” accompanied by a double screen and a location reserved for Sharktooth .

Shark Nano

It is a super comfortable helmet, equipped and with excellent ventilation. It has a VZ 140 visor with a wide field of vision and an integrated air diffuser. It also has a quick release and multi-density EPS .

Shark Nano Crystal

If you want to be the envy of the runners, this helmet has a direct relationship with the famous Swarovski jewelry brand , being one of the most elegant , refined and glamorous models. It has a screen that gives you a large field of vision and integrated air diffusion. It also has another sun visor screen with “soft touch” manipulation .

Shark Offroad Helmets

Off-Road helmets are for adventure lovers . If you don’t mind getting dirty with dust and dirt and you are a lover of speed. It is designed to protect and respond to your specific requirements, especially in outdoor practice ( quads and off-road) and sports . That is why it is ideal for motorcycle competition as well as in terms of safety and comfort. Next, we show you the following Offroad helmets :


It is the only Offroad model since it is a sports helmet that in the event that you are a motocross rider is your best solution. It has three shell sizes so that it can be adapted to all morphologies and also, with an optimized ventilation system . In the event that you wear glasses, it is ideal thanks to its Easy-Fit system.

Conclusion: Choose Shark helmets and you will enjoy safety, comfort and customization

As you have seen, choosing the right helmet is essential whether you are a circuit biker or simply a lover of urban trips. That is why Shark is not just a simple helmet brand, but has a variety of features that can help you be the great biker that you are. It has not been left behind, and they have invested in technology and customization to adapt a helmet, not only to your needs, but to the type of terrain, your tastes, and incomparable protection with other brands.

A good choice of helmet will help you stay protected at a high level (in addition to complementing it with other accessories). Choosing a suitable helmet is life support, therefore, it is important that you do not be stingy, because safety is priceless . The shells, the visor, the approval and the field of vision, together with other features, are the key to achieving the perfect helmet.

What did you think of our guide to the best Shark motorcycle helmets ? Did you know any of the helmets that we have mentioned? Do you think we have missed any? Do you have any doubts or questions? Then we ask you to leave a comment . It does not matter if it is a simple thank you, we will be very happy to read it and answer it.

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