10 of the most impressive roads in the world to ride a motorcycle

All bikers like to feel the adrenaline running through their veins. It is the way that one has to feel the rhythm of the road. However, there are roads and highways… read on to find out what they are. You dare? With our list you will discover the most unusual and surprising places to enjoy with your faithful friend. Remember that the important thing is to enjoy the road and reach your destination without problems. If you are interested in taking out good motorcycle insurance with coverage such as roadside assistance and other advantages, contact pont grup .

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#1 The Guoliang Tunnel (China)

best roads world motorcycle tunnel guoliang china At more than 1,800 meters high, this tunnel is one of the most visited sites in China. It is barely twelve feet wide and unreinforced. The inhabitants of the area built it after 5 years of work and without engineering knowledge, the views are incredible and it is dug out of the rock.

#2 The Stelvio Pass (Italian Alps)

best roads world motorbike stelvio pass italian alps 24 kilometers with an average unevenness of 7.5%. It is the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps, impressive.

#3 Transfagarasan (Romania)

best roads world motorcycle transfagarasan romania It connects the historical regions of Transylvania and Wallachia along 90 kilometers full of extremely dangerous curves.

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#4 Pikes Peak (USA)

best roads world motorcycle pikes peak usa

Also called “The Race to the Clouds”, there are 20 kilometers with 156 curves that run through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. With an average inclination of 7%, it starts at an altitude of 1,440 meters and ends… at 4,300!

#5 The road of death (Bolivia)

best roads in the world motorbike death road bolivia

Prisoners from Paraguay were in charge of building this road that connects La Paz with the Yungas region, in the Amazon jungle. In 1995 it was named the most dangerous highway in the world by the Inter-American Development Bank.

#6 Tianmen Mountain (Hunan, China)

best roads world motorbike mountain tianmen hunan china

11 kilometers and 99 curves make up this spectacular route that is part of the National Park of China. It has a natural hole in the mountain itself and the budget for its construction was 13 million dollars.

#7 The passage of the Libertadores (Chile and Argentina)

best roads in the world motorbike paso libertadores chile argentina The Andes mountain range is the setting for this impressive road with sections so twisted that the inhabitants call one “Los Caracoles”.

#8 The Atlantic Highway (Norway)

best roads world motorbike atlantic road norway

The road between Molde and Kritiansund crosses 8 interconnected bridges over the sea and is, for the British newspaper “The Guardian”, one of the best road trips in the world.

# 9 The tail of the dragon (USA)

This ancient Cherokee trail runs between North Carolina and Tennessee. Among its 318 curves, one called “El Látigo” stands out. If you overcome it without difficulties, blind curves and slope changes await you…

#10 The Troll ladder (Norway)

best roads world motorbike ladder troll norway We return to Scandinavia to end this dangerous Nordic path. With 11 180 degree curves, this road opened in 1936 provides spectacular views of the mountain until you reach the top, from where you can see the famous Stigfossen waterfall… if you arrive safely.

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