Motorcycle ACCIDENTS, 10 Factors You Can Control

Have you just gotten your motorcycle license and are you afraid of having an accident ? Are you going to take a long trip after buying a new motorcycle and are you afraid that a failure could occur that could lead to a problem that your motorcycle insurance does not cover ? You are in the right place! Despite the fact that motorcycle accidents represent a very small percentage of all incidents that occur on the road, the truth is that the data reveals that they have a much higher mortality rate than the rest.

motorcycle accidents how to avoid accidents injuries

Precisely for this reason, before going on a route or going to a motorcycle rally that is held far from home, it is very important to make sure that all the elements are in good condition and to keep in mind a series of key tips for riding the motorcycle . Having the best motorcycle helmet or the best motorcycle jacket will do you no good if you are not cautious when you are on the road , right?

Enjoying our motorcycle hobby and being safe are listed as two compatible elements if one always acts with caution and has the necessary knowledge to do so. So that you are not excessively worried every time you go out on the asphalt, below we show you a series of factors that you can control to avoid a motorcycle accident .

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Factors to avoid a motorcycle accident

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most extraordinary activities in the world, right? Feeling the adrenaline after each curve is a sensation that motorcycle lovers know perfectly well. However, one must be cautious to avoid having a motorcycle accident and suffering not only one of the most frequent injuries but also a serious problem. We present a list of factors that you must take care of to avoid having a motorcycle accident .

#1 Drive in good mental and physical condition

Having all our faculties is essential to drive a motorcycle. If you suffer from any type of illness and need to take certain medications, you should consult your doctor if their effects may affect your driving. Although many times it may seem silly, the intake of drugs can significantly decrease our abilities, making us unable to respond to possible situations that are usually dangerous.

In the same way, you must be very aware that you should never get on the motorcycle if you have consumed alcohol and drugs . The consequences can be devastating not only for you but for the other people who are on the road at the time. Be responsible and act with caution . Driving a vehicle and especially a motorcycle can be very dangerous if you do not know what it entails. By the time you get on your motorcycle you must be in perfect condition .

#2 Check that the motorcycle is ready

The maintenance of the motorcycle is a key element to avoid suffering an accident. If the motorcycle is not up to the point, while driving you may suffer a problem such as a fall due to the wear of the type of tire or the lack of power in the lights. For this reason, in addition to passing the vehicle inspection of the motorcycle in the corresponding periods, you must carry out weekly maintenance of all the essential elements.

Did you know that most motorcycles do not pass the ITV due to failures in the lights ? Driving with bad bulbs can cause serious accidents at night. Something as simple as changing a light bulb can cause great physical and mental damage.

It is best to follow the maintenance routine indicated by the manufacturer and use quality products, for example, to change the motorcycle oil . All of this will help to make your driving safer and the chances of an accident will decrease considerably. In addition, you must take into account that a lack of maintenance will lead to a bigger problem that can later cost you much more money .

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Imagine that you leave your city and that suddenly you have a small accident due to the lack of maintenance of the brakes. Not only will you have suffered a medium and serious injury, but you will also face having to suffer a possible scam in another workshop to fix the motorcycle at that moment. All this can be avoided with just a daily check before getting on the motorcycle. Check your motorcycle!

#3 Equip yourself properly to ride the motorcycle

The biker equipment is your passive security . In an important part of motorcycle accidents that occur on the road, the use of motorcycles determines the severity of the impact . If, for example, you suffer a small accident on a local road and fall to the ground, the use of a helmet, jacket , gloves, pants and boots will be key to avoiding injuries, abrasions and burns on the skin. skin.

Precisely for this reason it is very important to choose equipment that is comfortable and that, in addition, is valid for all seasons of the year. If you can have certain garments for each season, for example, motorcycle equipment for the perfect summer. If not, you should try to wear those that adapt to all climates. In the summer it is very common to see motorcyclists with inadequate clothing or with the absence of many of them that play a fundamental role.

Forget short-sleeved shirts, shorts and much more than sandals. Always drive equipped to prevent a small accident from turning into a great tragedy . Even if it is a simple journey, safety comes first. You should also be aware that if a traffic agent sees you with inappropriate equipment, they can impose a financial penalty on you .

#4 Use reflective elements that make you visible

Increasing visibility on the road is essential for a motorist. Many times the smaller size of motorcycles makes them unnoticed by drivers of other vehicles such as cars or trucks, so having reflective elements that allow you to see your dimensions will significantly increase your safety on the road.

The high mortality rate caused by motorcycle accidents has led to the development of multiple accessories to increase the safety of the motorcyclist , such as brake lights on the helmet, led belts, reflective jackets or lights on the wheels. All precaution is little ! In many countries, such as France, using a reflective vest while driving is mandatory. Although not in Spain, wearing it will make other drivers see you better.

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#5 Be attentive and avoid distractions

You should always be very attentive to all the elements of the road: pedestrians, vehicles and weather conditions, especially in the city . Avoid any type of external or internal distraction so as not to risk having an accident by thinking about other issues. When you drive, your only concern should be the road. In addition, it is very important that you have a sense of anticipation and preventive driving .

To do this , look at the wheels of the vehicles in front of you, watch your mirrors to be aware of what is happening behind you and always keep your hands ready to press the brakes in case of a possible obstacle on the road. If you drive on a highway, you must be more careful since the risk and impact are also due to speed.

#6 Drive at the right speed

The higher the speed, the greater the risk of suffering an accident, since situations such as loss of control of the motorcycle or the inability to brake on time are generated. Caution must be exercised, especially in those areas where the speed of the motorcycle exceeds the speed of the road where people such as children who can go out onto the road at any time, generating a very risky situation.

Speeding is the first factor that leads to fatal motorcycle accidents, followed by alcohol consumption and drug intake.

It is important to adjust the speed of the motorcycle to the circumstances of the moment , not to the maximum speed allowed. It is not the same to drive on a road at 120 km/h in summer when the weather conditions are more favorable than in winter when the road is wet or icy. The risk of an accident is greater for all vehicles that travel on the road, but especially for motorists.

In the same way that going faster than the permitted speed is not appropriate, neither is driving at an abnormally reduced speed. Do not fall into the mistake of driving very slowly to avoid an accident because precisely because of this you can generate a serious one. As we tell you, always adjust to the circumstances of the road at that time.

#7 Be cautious at road junctions

In the case of urban roads, the most common accident is a frontal- lateral collision , so great care must be taken at intersections. In this type of situation, all drivers have a reduced field of vision and sometimes they tend to move forward without being completely sure that there will be no danger.

That is why it is necessary to check if there are vehicles around us before making the turn. It is very important that you act with full safety and visibility to avoid an accident that can be fatal, so if you think it is convenient, stop for a few seconds before doing the maneuver. Remember that it is your life that is at stake .

#8 Avoid sudden braking on the road

Sudden braking can lead to loss of control of the motorcycle and, as a consequence, to a fall to the ground that can lead to an injury. Unlike passenger cars, motorcycles only have two wheels and therefore two support points . If you brake quickly, the impact is much greater than if you had two more points to cushion the movement.

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In this situation, ABS plays a fundamental role. It is a system that acts directly on the brakes, preventing loss of control of the motorcycle since it releases the circuit pressure or when it detects that one of the wheels has locked. Its implementation within motorcycles has been mandatory since 2016 in all those with more than 125 cc, such as Peugeot 125 motorcycles .

#9 Leave space before passing another driver

Respecting the safety distance is a key factor in avoiding accidents while driving, but especially when overtaking another vehicle on the road. Before getting ahead of another driver, you must make sure that you have enough space and good visibility to carry it out safely without any risk.

The safety distance in town must be sufficient while on the highway it must be at least 3 seconds between vehicles so that you can react with guarantees.

In addition, it is convenient that you signal overtaking in advance so that the driver perceives your intention and facilitates the maneuver. Many times the smaller size of the motorcycle means that the drivers of other vehicles do not see us because we can find ourselves in the blind spots of the rear-view mirror. Therefore, act safely and leave enough space to not lose control of the motorcycle.

#10 Skip the highway when possible

Most fatal accidents occur on highways due to the speed at which all vehicles travel. Unlike local roads, these types of roads require a much higher rate of traffic that forces you to put even more of your five senses while driving to avoid a serious accident.

If you have to travel on the highway, it is advisable to use the lane for vehicles with multiple passengers that normally has less traffic. As a general rule in Spain it is always open to motorcyclists. If you live in another country, you should consult the traffic regulations to verify that you can use this road.

Be especially careful when driving on the highway when the weather conditions are adverse , since sudden braking or a simple turn can trigger a dangerous situation. Use the main roads whenever you can to avoid having a motorcycle accident and to be as safe as possible.

Conclusion: Be cautious to avoid a motorcycle accident

Reducing the probability of suffering a motorcycle accident is, as you have seen, an action that requires caution and knowledge . Many of the accidents occur due to the physical and mental state of the driver, while others are due to the state of motorcycle elements, such as poorly maintained spark plugs .

Before getting on the motorcycle, starting the engine and starting to enjoy it, it is important to take into account the factors that we have explained above. Although none of them will guarantee you 100% that you will never suffer an accident, it will reduce the chances of an accident . From the moment you buy a motorcycle until you stop using it, you must be fully aware of the responsibility you have in your hands.

What did you think of this guide on tips to avoid a motorcycle accident ? Did you know all the advice we have given you to prevent injuries? Do you think we have missed any? Do you have any experience to tell? Then we ask you to leave your comment and we will be happy to answer you.

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