How to Choose the CORRECT Motorcycle INSURANCE and NOT Make a Mistake

Have you bought your first motorcycle and want to take out the insurance ? Do you know the types of motorcycle insurance but you don’t know which one is the right one? Would you like to know what are the most important aspects to choose the right motorcycle insurance ? You are in the right place! We know the excitement of buying a new motorcycle and the desire you have to hit the asphalt with it. Also, the beginning of spring seems like the perfect time to start out in the world of two wheels. But before starting the engine it is essential to get motorcycle insurance with which you can drive protected.

how to choose the right motorcycle insurance first motorcycle

Acquiring a first motorcycle once you have obtained your driver’s license and have investigated the possibilities offered by the market is not an easy mission. The motorcycle is a good option if you want an efficient and economic means of transportation, but despite that it requires a significant investment of money, and within that budget is your motorcycle insurance . Insuring your first motorcycle is a step that you must take, both to protect yourself and your motorcycle, and against damages that third parties may cause, have financial support and assistance in the event of an accident, theft or any other another incident.

Although insuring your first motorcycle is key, the choice of insurance should not be taken lightly . For this reason, we recommend that before insuring your first motorcycle you take into account different aspects, such as the insurance coverage that you are going to contract, the frequency of use that you are going to give the motorcycle and the type of insurance that best suits you . to your needs. In this guide, we are going to review the types of policies that exist and give you some key recommendations to hire the best insurance for your first motorcycle . the one that best suits you.

Most common types of motorcycle insurance policies

Choosing the type of insurance for your new motorcycle that best suits your needs is very important. It is also essential that you take into account the budget , since it is a key factor in the type of insurance that you are finally going to hire. As with cars, motorcycle insurance has three different types: compulsory , third- party and all-risk . As with cars, the vast majority of motorcycle insurance includes third-party coverage .. For this reason, the differences between one and the other are in the level of extra protection they offer. The policies on the market may have some changes from one insurer to another, but in general they are:

Basic third-party motorcycle insurance

As you already suspect from its name, it is covered by a basic third-party insurance, but it also includes some extras . This type of policy is responsible for covering claims such as theft and fire. Compensation for total or partial loss of the motorcycle and in case it suffers material damage thus adds to the protection already provided by insurance to third parties. The most common are mechanical assistance, towing in case of accidents or lack of fuel and custody of the motorcycle throughout the process, including repair.

Extended third party motorcycle insurance

It is the widest option and offers you protection against all types of incidents , both for you and for the motorcycle. The budget is higher than the others, but the protection is total. Something that is recommended when you start your first motorcycle or simply if you want to keep it in perfect condition . It also includes the costs of any accident, regardless of whether you caused it or were the victim. For these policies there are options without excess , with which you should never put anything out of your pocket, and with excess , in which you have to pay a certain amount of the cost of repairs or incidents, while the insurer covers the rest.

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What should you take into account when choosing the right motorcycle insurance?

If this is the first time you buy a motorcycle and you want to take out insurance for your motorcycle or even renew it, it is important to know what aspects are really included in the policy you are going to choose. To do it right and get motorcycle insurance that suits your needs without having to add more budget, we encourage you to continue reading, as we are going to give you some tips to take into account when choosing motorcycle insurance suitable . Now that you know the types of coverage that exist, it is time to choose the policy that will protect your new motorcycle. To do it right, here are some tips:

  • Evaluate the use you are going to give it: the more you use the vehicle, the more exposed you are to risk. If you are going to use it daily, it is a good idea to get an extended coverage, while if it is for occasional occasions, a basic one, or even a custom policy, could be enough. 
  • Evaluate your skills behind the wheel: will you learn to drive with your new motorcycle or do you already have experience? The less familiar you are with driving, the more important it is to have coverage that supports you in case of accidents, and offers you roadside assistance.
  • Investigate your options: never go for insurance right off the bat, especially because it is cheaper. Compare budgets and coverage levels and ask for advice if necessary. Sometimes you can do without some services while others are essential, and it is a good idea to have an expert guide you.
  • Consider an electric policy : if your motorcycle is electric, the best thing is a special insurance for it. In addition to the usual coverage, it will give you assistance in the event of running out of charge or a battery failure, which are the most common incidents with this type of motorcycle and are not covered by traditional insurance.
  • Be careful with the franchise : in case of accidents or repairs, paying in advance can give you many headaches. If you don’t have an emergency fund or you tend to make ends meet, look for an alternative without deductible to avoid these sudden expenses.
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Conclusion: Use insurance search engines to purchase motorcycle insurance

If you have just bought a new motorcycle or are thinking of doing so, you don’t even have to tell us, we know that it is like your baby and that is why it is essential that you insure it, both to protect you and her. You should know that it is a process to which you must dedicate a lot of attention and time. Now that you know the types of insurance and some tips to follow to insure your first motorcycle , we encourage you to choose the right motorcycle insurance.

We recommend that you use insurance search engines to get the perfect insurance for your motorcycle. It is very important that you do your research and always compare budgets and coverage levels. Search engines will always help you with that. With the different keys that you can find in this guide and a good search engine, you will surely be right when insuring your first motorcycle .

What did you think of our guide on what insurance to choose for my first motorcycle and 5 keys? Do you think we have missed any? Do you have any experience to tell? Do you have any doubts or questions? Then we ask you to leave a comment. It does not matter if it is a simple thank you, we will be very happy to read it and respond.

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