5 FREE Motorcycle GAMES for PC, Tablet and Smartphone

Motorcycle games on the computer, tablet or smartphone are one of the first entertainment options for video game lovers. Especially on computer and tablet platforms you can find  motorcycle games at Miniplay , a website that offers a  large selection for free to users , who can also leave their comments.

best motorcycle games However, what are  the best free motorcycle games today ? The video game market now has many options and highly valued to choose from. The proliferation of pages like Minijuegos and their constant updating means that lovers of the motorcycle world, as well as gamers, always have a wealth of games with which to enjoy their passion.

One of the most valued options among the gaming communities is  “Modern Moto Racer” . In this game, futuristic motorcycles are used to race on complicated circuits, where you have to dodge obstacles and even other players. The objective? It cannot be other than to reach the goal first. It takes 4 and a half stars out of a total of five as a rating, the same as  “The Simpsons: Family Race” receives . This game, also free, recalls the settings of the mythical North American series while the user can choose their favorite character. Here, in addition to arriving first, you must collect all the donuts that you can.

Also with 4 and a half stars is one of the most trend-setting games in the history of motorcycle games:  “Death Race” , the three-dimensional version of the mythical “Tron Legacy”. On this occasion you must choose the color of the motorcycle and the trail it leaves, with which you defeat the computer or another opponent. Driving at 200 km/h and fun guaranteed for free.

But if you are one of those who like to travel and get off the beaten track, maybe you should try  “Motorun” . This game, updated in January 2014, offers the possibility of driving through the most important cities in the world and the most spectacular places. Its graphics will not let you down while driving at full speed.

For lifelong lovers of motorcycle games,  “Super Bikers: Track Stars” is available , with a great rating by the community. It is the typical game in which you run through various circuits to move up in a general classification and show who is the best.

But without a doubt the game that takes the cake is  “Motocross Nitro” . The combination of speed and skill delights players, whose community gives it five stars out of a possible five. You can also customize the motorcycle, but the main objective is to perform stunts in the air to get as many points as possible and be the most experienced driver of complicated tracks. With the turbo you can send your motorcycle to fly and have fun for as long as you keep your expertise at the top.

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