Penguins 2015, with date and location closed

Are you a biker and do you like to travel? And the concentrations? Do you know Penguins ? The most traveling motorcyclists are already enjoying the many motorcycle concentrations that summer offers, but surely there are already some thinking about Penguins 2015. In fact, this new edition was in the air due to the sentence that forced the organization of the event to change the already traditional location in Puente Duero . Well, it is already known that it will be held from January 8 to 11 and that it will have  a new location .

penguin biker event 2014


Success in the biker concentration of Penguins 2014

It is important that you know that the location has not changed much, still in the Pinar de Antequera , although now 5 kilometers further north and parallel to the CL-610 highway, in the new ” Multifunctional Space for Outdoor Activities “, located on the plot that was once occupied by the old horse riding and sports area of ​​the army. Therefore, now you will be much closer to the city of Valladolid and in a space that is supposedly not protected by environmentalists.

The new location is being developed by the Valladolid City Council so that it has all the necessary services for Penguins to develop normally. In addition, according to the organizers, the new space has “projection and security for the future” and “great possibilities for improvement in successive editions”.

Along with the announcement of the new location, the Penguins organization has also reported that the procedures will be launched to request the declaration of ” Fiesta of National Tourist Interest ” .

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It is still early to find out more details about the 34th edition of the most important winter motorcycle rally in Europe, although if you want to have complete information, there is nothing like visiting its official website .

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