8 Most Important MOTORCYCLE CHAMPIONSHIPS in the World

Are you passionate about motorcycling? Are motorcycles a way of life for you? You have come to the right place! In this post we are going to tell you everything about the 8 most important motorcycle competitions in the world , how they work, the competitions exist and their best circuits. All the information you need so that you do not miss any detail of your favorite sport . Find out!

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It is totally normal that with this hectic post ideas and more curiosities awaken in you, don’t be shy! We offer you a wide range of possibilities so that you can make your own routes and concentrations on a motorcycle , but yes, with the best possible equipment and accessories , motorcycling is much more than just riding, it is about enjoying and filling your life with experiences .

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What are motorcycle championships and how do they work?

To begin with, the motorcycle championships allude to the sporting use of motorcycling to exploit the speed, power, cunning and intelligence of the motorcycles and their pilots. Sports motorcycle races are rally-type competitions where numerous rivals are challenged (the number depends on the categories, which we will see later), with the aim of reaching the finish line before their competitor, in the shortest possible time. There are also others such as resistance races, freestyle and obstacles .

Motorcycling competitions that take place all over the world do so on limited circuits, with a predefined distance, and with a series of crossings, curves and straight lines that make the work of the pilots difficult, constantly testing their abilities and aptitudes. But you will also find outdoor motorcycle competitions , as we have previously commented, on stony, steep or freestyle terrain , which have nothing to do with enclosed circuits, and which are increasingly widespread among motorcycle lovers throughout the world. world .

The 8 most important motorcycle championships in the world

You have little left to discover which are the 8 most important motorcycle championships in the world . We are going to distinguish what they are, what categories are included in each of them, distinguishing them and talking about their main characteristics so that you do not have any doubts. Do you think you will hit the ranking of the best? Let’s go for it!

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#1 MotoGP World Championship

best motorcycle competitions international national world motogp

MotoGP is the most important speed motorcycling competition in the world , where the pilots compete in races with a predefined distance and closed circuits, they are pure speed motorcycles designed specifically for the competition. It is the category with the largest displacement, up to 1,000 cc. After the queen category, included in the Motorcycle World Championship , we find two more categories: Moto2 and Moto3 . These three mentioned are the main motorcycling competitions to bet on , do you accept the challenge?

The Motorcycle World Championship is governed by the FIM , the International Motorcycling Federation, and hosts around 20 races a year. The differences between the main motorcycle racing competition , MotoGP , with Moto2 and Moto3 , in order of importance, are determined by the largest displacement, permitted weight and speeds . Assen, the Netherlands , is one of the best motorcycle races in 2022 . Isn’t that really exciting?

#2 Superbike World Championship

best motorcycle competitions international national world superbikes

Superbikes are also included in the speed motorcycle category and have certain similarities with those used in the main competition, however, it should be noted that their main difference is that they are motorcycles that have not been specifically designed for competitions as such. Rather, they are models derived from the standard ones, previously selling some units to the public in order to compete at a professional level.

The engines can reach 1,200 cc displacement if they are twin-cylinder, and between 750 cc and 950 cc if they are four-cylinder. Within this motorcycling category, the Superbike World Championship stands out as one of the 8 most important motorcycle competitions in the World . In 2022, a total of 36 races have been held. The most important circuit is that of BSB Cadwell Park , in England .

#3 World Enduro

best motorcycle competitions international national world enduro

We set aside speed motorcycle racing for a moment and focus on the Enduro category , finding within it motorcycles with soft suspensions that face rally-type races in the open field or even indoors on unstable and/or rocky terrain. If you don’t know Enduro yet, we encourage you to explore this intense world of adventures on two wheels.

The main Enduro competition is the World Championship , officially called the World Enduro Championship (WEC) , which is under the regulation scope of the FIM . Enduro motorcycles are also approved for urban use, not only for closed circuits, and their engine works at medium and low revs and a low displacement, around 125 to 250 cc. The Enduro World Championship has about 7 races, the Redbull Missouri circuit stands out.

#4 World Supersport

best motorcycle competitions international national world supersport

What is your favorite competition so far? The Supersport motorcycle category is here ! It is a secondary extension of the Superbikes , they are production motorcycles also for the public, as we have said of their main category, but with a smaller displacement, between 600 and 750 cc, with a design that is still completely sporty, but with a medium size.

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Among the 8 most important motorcycle competitions in the world , the Supersport World Championship could not be missing , with sixteen races in 2022, where the main young riders at an international level have a place, who are beginning to take their first steps as professionals, accepting challenges each time. greater. It is a competition where equality prevails and one driver does not usually stand out much above the other. Motorland Aragón is one of the most outstanding supersport events .

#5 World Motocross

best motorcycle competitions international national world motocross

We continue with the most important motorcycle competitions and we find motocross , which is one of the oldest modalities in motorcycling, started in 1952 as an official competition governed by the International Motorcycle Federation . It puts the skill of the pilots to the test, since they must achieve great acceleration on rough terrain, very marked by stones and dirt, taking into account their pursuers. You will not be able to compete in motocross if you do not have optimal physical resistance!

The Motocross World Championship is the star event within this motorcycling category, divided into four subcategories , depending on the displacement of the motorcycle in question, including a female one; these modalities are the MXGP, the MX2, MX3 and the Women’s MX . These motorcycles also have a long and soft suspension, due to the circuits in which it participates, it cannot be a rigid motorcycle. Villa La Angostura , Argentina, is the most prominent race in motocross .

#6 Dakar Rally

best international national motorcycle competitions dakar rally

Continue experiencing the most intense emotions with another of the 8 most important motorcycle competitions in the world . In this case we bring you a pure rally raid , the Dakar Rally , formerly Paris-Dakar, which is not only the most important in its category, but also the toughest, since it requires excellent physical and mental conditions to be able to accept the challenge.

The big difference with a standard rally event is that the Dakar Rally is run over dunes, deserts and steppes, cross-country, without any kind of delineated road, and having to endure adverse wind, heat or sand conditions, but at a level more extreme. In 2022 the only test was held in Saudi Arabia . The one in Peru is the most impressive circuit in the history of the Dakar . Shall we continue with the most important motorcycle competitions ?

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#7 Freestyle Motocross

best motorcycle competitions international national world freestyle motocross

But if we talk about intense emotions, we cannot leave behind one of the greatest spectacles in the motorcycling world , freestyle motocross . In this competition, also known as FMX , the best riders in the world will try to impress the judges with great stunts and breakneck jumps, only one can win!

The 2022 Freestyle Motocross World Championship has left a total of 20 events, mainly in Spain, with the exception of one event in Lisbon (Portugal). Jumps, pirouettes, adrenaline on all four sides, where experts must defy the laws of gravity on the handlebars of a cross-country motorcycle , with a very light chassis and soft suspension. The best FMX track is the Redbull X Fighters .

#8 World Trials Championship

best motorcycle competitions international national world trial

Do you like the most intense and extreme emotions? We then continue talking about the 8 most important motorcycle competitions in the world , with the Trial World Championship . A trial motorcycle does not stand out for its power, but for its traction and low power, since what is sought is good grip and, above all, great climbing capacity. A challenge for the five senses!

Large obstacles, such as huge stones, predominate in the Trial World Championship. It has consisted of six events in this year 2022, hosting four categories: men’s GP trial, women’s GP trial, trial 2 and trial 125 . For the first time in history, the participation of electric motorcycles has been included, something never seen in motorcycling competitions. The best trial circuit is Charade, France.

Conclusion: Experience the best world motorcycle championships

Have you found it useful? Do you agree with the ranking of the 8 most important motorcycle championships ? Each motorcycling enthusiast chooses the competition that arouses the most adrenaline and emotion, just as the ranking presents speed motorcycling, there are also cross-country tests, dizzying jumps and hard obstacles.

If you are one of those who like pure adrenaline sports, the Freestyle World Cup would be an excellent option for you. If, on the contrary, your way of life adjusts to the most extreme emotion, where obstacles are not a problem at all, the Trial World Championship will surprise you. The question is, whatever the championship, live your passion for motorcycles intensely and enjoy the experience as much as possible.

What is for you the best motorcycle competition? Leave us in comments what you think of the post and which competition defines you the most, are you an intrepid adventurer, do you love feeling the adrenaline? The noise of the engine already sounds!

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