8 Keys to get the best posture on your motorcycle

Achieving the correct posture is essential to achieve comfortable and safe driving. If you have just bought a motorcycle, it is important to know that you must find the correct position when driving in order to gain safety, relaxation and comfort.

To achieve this, we recommend the following tips:

correct posture driving motorcycle

Index of contents

#1 Sit correctly

Sit in the right place and don’t be forced on the bike.

#2 Stability is based on good placement

Position your torso well and achieve good body position. This is key to achieving stability when driving. Do not lean your torso forward more than necessary unless you do so to protect yourself from aerodynamic pressure.

#3 Naturally tilt your arms

The arms should fall on the handlebars following a natural inclination. Elbows should not be too high or too low.

#4 Use your hip

If your hips are too far forward or too far back, the reaction when changing gears will be reduced.

#5 Pay attention to the levers

The position of the arms is mainly marked by the correct position of the levers.

#6 Help yourself off your knees

When cornering, the inside knee when turning can be slightly open.

#7 Avoid putting excessive pressure on the footpegs

The footrests must be unloaded. Do not press too hard to avoid the weight of the legs on the boots.

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# 8 Pamper the handlebars

Press properly on the handlebars.

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