Motorcycle INSURANCE, How to Choose It and 15 Best Insurers

Have you just bought a motorcycle and want to insure it ? Do you know a lot of motorcycle insurance , but don’t know which one to choose? Do you want to know what are the most important aspects to insure your motorcycle? You are in the right place! Hiring insurance for your motorcycle is usually a complicated decision for most motorists. It is very common that you hesitate when taking out insurance and you are between something cheap or a little more expensive and at the same time more complete.

best motorcycle insurance types of policies how to choose motorcycle insurance

The main reason for the insurance is to provide protection for both you and your motorcycle, and against damage that other people may cause, have financial support and assistance in the event of an accident, theft or any other incident. First of all, it is very important that you know that any motorcycle owner must take out Civil Liability insurance. This insurance is responsible for covering material damage caused to other people or things, but this insurance does not cover personal damage. Then you can already consider taking out an insurance policy for your motorcycle.

Before deciding which is the best option to insure your motorcycle, it is important to take into account the insurance coverage that you are going to contract, the frequency of use that you are going to give the motorcycle and the type of insurance that is best for you. For this reason, in this guide we are going to explain some of the most essential aspects when hiring your motorcycle insurance .

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Advantages of taking out motorcycle or scooter insurance

If you are hesitating to insure your motorcycle and you would like to know the benefits , it is important that you mainly know that if your motorcycle does not have insurance you can receive an administrative sanction that is between 600 and 3,000 euros and if you are responsible for an accident, the Consortium Insurance Compensation will claim the amount of all costs arising from the accident. You can also count on a series of advantages in your favor.

  • You have the freedom to choose the lawyer after an accident: if you have an accident in which you suffer several damages and the fault lies with the other party, but you do not agree with the compensation offered by the insurer of the guilty party and you want to claim on your own with a trusted lawyer, companies offer certain amounts to pay such lawyers.
  • Covers damage caused to the helmet or clothing: if you usually use helmets , overalls, gloves and jackets with protections or other specific motorcycle clothing , it is true that the price will surely go up, but if this is your case it is interesting to value it. There are insurers that compensate with different amounts for damage to clothing and helmet after an accident.
  • Offers and promotions: there are several advantages when hiring an insurer and that they often take out different offers and promotions can clearly be one if you want to save a little with your motorcycle insurance . It is important that you are aware of the promotions that are currently active.

Types of motorcycle and scooter insurance

Choosing the type of insurance for your motorcycle that best suits your needs is very important. You should also keep in mind that the price is a key factor in the type of insurance that you are finally going to hire. Motorcycle insurance, like car insurance, is divided into three types: compulsory , third- party and all-risk .

  • Mandatory motorcycle insurance : mandatory motorcycle insurance is responsible for covering damage to third parties or things in the event of an accident. As its name says, they are mandatory to drive your motorcycle. However, sometimes insurers do not usually offer it on its own, and if so, it is necessary to contract it in the Insurance Compensation Consortium .
  • Third-party motorcycle insurance: Third-party insurance is a fairly basic insurance called Civil Liability . It is quite cheap insurance and its use is mandatory , covering assistance on the roads, claiming damages and legal advice. You also have the option of extending coverage through extended third-party motorcycle insurance .
  • Extended third-party motorcycle insurance: This modality goes beyond the mandatory basic insurance, since it covers accidents such as theft and fire . Compensation for total or partial loss of the motorcycle and in the event that it suffers material damage from these accidents thus add to the protection already provided by insurance to third parties.
  • All-risk motorcycle insurance : it is the most complete insurance , it ensures protection against any damage or theft, both to the motorcycle, to the driver, to third parties and to vehicles that may be involved in the same accident. There is also the option of including comprehensive motorcycle insurance with excess .
  • Full-risk motorcycle insurance with excess : An  insurance  with  excess  fully covers the damages that a third party may suffer, that is, your civil liability , but when applying the coverage of own damages is when the excess is applied  . The deductible is like a co-payment between the insured and the insurer . You agree to bear part of the costs of repairing the motorcycle in the event of an accident. The specific amount is the one that the franchise will set.
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Aspects to take into account when purchasing motorcycle or scooter insurance

Motorcycle insurance will cover you as a driver, the motorcycle and possible damage to third parties. If this is the first time you buy a motorcycle and you want to take out insurance for your motorcycle or even renew it, it is important to know what aspects are really included in the policy you are going to choose. If you want to get motorcycle insurance that suits your needs without spending more money for it, we encourage you to continue reading.

  • If you have an expensive motorcycle, hire an all-risk : If you have a cheap motorcycle, you can also take this aspect into account, but having an all-risk policy is more profitable when you have a slightly more expensive motorcycle , in this case, your motorcycle will be covered against possible damages.
  • Hire an insurance that covers in case of theft : The risk of theft that a motorcycle has increases when we have an expensive motorcycle , basically like the previous coverage, it depends on what type of motorcycle you have, it is advisable to take it into account or not. You should also assess this aspect taking into account the place where you are going to park the motorcycle .
  • Take travel assistance into account : It is possible that if you are not going to make long trips with your motorcycle and most of you are going to move close to your home, you may not have this coverage, since then the price of your policy will increase .
  • Take motorcycle driving and safety courses : Some insured take this type of course into account and offer promotions for it. If this is the case, it is interesting to take a driving and safety course for motorcycles and thus demonstrate to the insurer your ability as a good driver.
  • Before renewing your insurance, compare prices in different insurers : The motorcycle insurance market has a lot of competition , so when you have to renew, it is good to compare prices to see how the market is.
  • Age, displacement and inexperience influence the price of your motorcycle insurance : Do not forget that the greater the displacement there is a greater possibility of an accident and the insurers take this into account and especially if we are talking about a young man with little experience with the vehicle.

Best motorcycle and scooter insurance

The main difference between motorcycle insurance and car insurance is the payments and in this case, speaking of insurance for your motorcycle, it varies depending on the model of motorcycle you have. But the coverage packages are maintained according to your needs. Next, I will show you the most common ones .


This insurer covers the compensation of data , claims , and even damage generated by the driver. It also stands out for having the option of adding a companion to the contract and currently has offers on its services when insuring your motorcycle. Allianz offers three types of insurance , all risk, third party insurance and extended third party insurance.

  • Types of insurance : all risk, third party and extended third party.
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Axa motorcycle insurance offers different levels of protection and contracting modalities that meet your needs and those of your motorcycle. This insurer includes a towing service . If it takes more than 60 minutes to go to the place of the accident, you will be compensated with 60 euros. It has three different packages , third parties, third parties, fire and theft with franchise and all risk with franchise.

  • Types of insurance : third-party and all-risk with excess.
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The policies offered by Balumba not only offer total protection, but also give you the opportunity to customize the different coverages, adding other additional coverages to get the service you want, such as replacement vehicle, travel assistance and technical equipment. The main policies it offers are those of Balumba Motos Terceros and Balumba Motos All Risk.

  • Types of insurance : third-party and all-risk with excess.
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This insurance company stands out for offering several commercial or assistance telephone lines . Thanks to the remote assistance device that it has, in the event of an accident they can locate you and go wherever you are, without having to call them. It also has different advantages within the three packages it offers, being to third parties, third parties with theft and all risks with franchise.

  • Types of insurance : third-party and all-risk with excess.
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Catalan West

The insurer Catalana Occidente has a wide flexibility in its motorcycle insurance, adapting to your needs. It handles the management of fines and has travel assistance up to km 0 . It also covers civil liability, legal defense and claims, accidents, travel assistance, clothing and accessories.

  • Types of insurance : to third parties and all risk with excess.
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direct phoenix

Fénix Directo is an insurer for motorcycle drivers, with a minimum age of 21 , motorcycle owners and insurance holders and has not caused any accidents in the last year. It has a series of advantages that can be very useful, such as promotions and discounts , travel assistance and financial aid in terms of loss of points or temporary withdrawal of the card.

  • Types of insurance : to third parties.
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This company offers you an insurance adapted to your needs, choose the workshop that you prefer with a guide to recommended workshops, advice for 24 hours and fast processing and settlement of claims. With Generali you can add the following additional coverage : voluntary civil liability, legal defense, bodily accidents, theft, total loss and own damage.

  • Types of insurance : to third parties.
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Liberty Insurance

This insurer offers a service where they make a duplicate key if you ever lose it. They provide the health service and, in turn, transport your motorcycle to the workshop of your choice. They also cover third-party objects that have suffered some accidental damage. Liberty Seguros offer three modalities , A, B and C, each one with the processing of mandatory, voluntary and cargo liability.

  • Types of insurance : third-party and all-risk with excess.
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Direct line

The motorcycle insurance offered by Línea Directa is one of the most important in the market. It has different modalities depending on your needs. Unlike car policies, you can find from third-party insurance with theft and fire to all-risk insurance with a franchise.

  • Types of insurance : third-party and all-risk with excess.
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Mapfre is one of the most popular insured currently, it has a 24-hour telephone service. It also offers three types of packages , motor cycle insurance, third party insurance, extended third party insurance and comprehensive insurance. Mapfre has some extras such as assistance, protection against theft, advice, fire and fines. The cost is around 100 to 140 euros per year.

  • Types of insurance : to third parties, to extended third parties and to all risks.
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Mutual Madrid

It is an insurer that keeps up with technology , it has an App that you can access and learn about the services and benefits directly. They have travel assistance and have some discounts on motorcycle routes and a free health identification that also checks your motorcycle for free .

  • Types of insurance : to third parties, to extended third parties and to all risks.
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Pont Group

Pont Grup focuses on adapting to your needs, at the best price , with an efficient service and standing out for being motorcycle insurance that perfectly masters the particularities of the motorcycle world. It stands out for having different policies that include legal defense, most to third parties and a last one at all risks.

  • Types of insurance : third party and all risk.
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It is an insurer that focuses on motorcycle and moped insurance. They guarantee mobility with a 24-hour service , compensate in case of theft and even finance your expenses in case you have to buy a new motorcycle. His accident insurance reaches up to 10,000 euros . They offer the possibility of unlimited towing on any terrain.

  • Types of insurance : third party and all risk.
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real insurance

Reale Seguros offers you two main options for you to choose the insurance plan you want to get to protect your motorcycle. These options are third- party , which includes guarantees such as civil liability, travel assistance and legal defense, and extended third -party, which includes all guarantees. It also stands out for having insurance adapted to the model of your motorcycle.

  • Types of insurance : to third parties and extended third parties.
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Zurich motorcycle insurance offers you three different modalities , to third parties, full third parties and all risks. This insurer stands out for its flexibility , offering optional coverage, for providing the best price according to your needs and providing immediate assistance and towing extension from 100km to 200km .

  • Types of insurance : to third parties, to extended third parties and to all risk with excess.
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Best motorcycle and scooter insurance comparators

The steps you must follow to compare motorcycle insurance is very simple. The process will only take you two minutes , and you can compare the services offered by up to 20 different insurers . In this way you can choose the motorcycle insurance that best suits your needs. That is why I show you some of the most popular comparators currently.

With insurance comparators you will be able to save both when hiring your policy and in search time.


In Acierto they collaborate with 20 companies dedicated to motorcycle insurance . Whatever the type of policy you want to contract, you will obtain the prices and coverage that the most important companies currently offer. It is simply important that you fill out the form that is presented to you and you will be able to evaluate all the available insurers.

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doctor i

Doctor i is known as the number 1 insurance comparator . To access it, it is necessary to answer a series of questions and in 30 seconds you can obtain the list of motorcycle insurers that you want to evaluate. This buyer stands out for saving time and money , for collaborating with the best companies, giving all the information you need, being totally transparent and for offering expert advisers on the product.

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As Kelisto is an independent platform ,   it is based on offering you information on offers that are exclusive, since they are not available on any other page, which guarantees that you find better options to insure your motorcycle . This comparator has specific comparison tools, quality articles and a very active community.

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Rastreator has direct agreements with most of the insurers it shows. In some of the companies that appear in your panel. Rastreator does not have a direct agreement with such insurers, but shows you their prices through a broker, acting as an external assistant to said broker. It is also important that you fill out a form , so you can access the insurers that best suit you and your motorcycle.

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General securities

At they provide a motorcycle insurance comparison service with the best prices on the current market. Motorcycle insurance comparators connected with the main insurers are used that allow you to quickly calculate the best offers for hiring the motorcycle insurance you prefer. You also need to fill out a form .

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Conclusion: Insure your motorcycle or scooter to third parties at least

Selecting insurance for your motorcycle is a process that you must carry out very carefully. It is important that you mainly know the types of insurance and then play with the help of the comparators to guide you with the different options that each of the companies offers you.

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My advice is that you insure your motorcycle to third parties at least , since it is a basic , compulsory and quite cheap insurance . In this case, you will get protection for you and your motorcycle and you will avoid any penalty for not having it insured, covering assistance, claiming damages and legal advice. You also have the option of extending the insurance to extended third parties .

What did you think of our motorcycle and scooter insurance guide ? Have you used or are you currently using any of the ones that we indicate here? Do you think we have missed any? Do you have any experience to tell? Do you have any doubts or questions? Then we ask you to leave a comment . It does not matter if it is a simple thank you, we will be very happy to read it and answer it.

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