10 Types of MOTORCYCLES and Their Characteristics

Are you looking for the  types of motorcycle  that exist? Do you want to buy a new or second-hand motorcycle and you don’t know  which motorcycle model  is the most suitable for you? You are in the right place! Selecting the right bike is a difficult decision, it is complicated and full of variations. Even if there isn’t exactly what you want, there is always someone to make it for you.

types of motorcycles motorcycles characteristics

There are many people who at some point have the need to buy a motorcycle . For the hobby, for pleasure, comfort or simply for wanting to treat yourself a little and if you are reading this, it is possible that you have also valued this option and are doubting between different types of motorcycles .

If you are considering this possibility, we recommend that you go calmly and do not get carried away by impulse, buying the first motorcycle you find without evaluating other possibilities. That is why we have created this guide explaining the  different types of motorcycles that exist on the market , analyzing the main characteristics of each one.

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Most popular motorcycle types on the market

Many times you usually go to a dealer with a clear idea of ​​the motorcycle you want to buy, but when you get there and see the wide variety of motorcycle types , you may have doubts and that idea that was so clear begins to fade. If you find yourself in this position, pay attention because below we are going to show you the main types of motorcycles and their characteristics to take into account. Which one do you prefer?


Scooters are possibly one of the best-selling types of motorcycles . It is the quintessential city motorcycle, and many also call it motorcycles for beginners, since it has no gears and you just have to focus on accelerating and braking, being very easy to handle . It is also the one that offers greater day-to-day comfort , mainly because of its seat, it has a low compartment, the seat that allows you to store all kinds of things, such as your case, jacket, documentation, etc.

On scooters, unlike on other motorcycles, the rider is not sitting astride, but sits as if he were in a chair .

Most scooters have smaller wheels than motorcycles, between 12 and 15 inches ( 30-37.5 cm ). Four -stroke engines that allow compliance with gas emission controls, fuel mix and larger displacement models are increasingly common: 300 cc, 400 cc, 500 cc and up to 800 cc that are usually called  maxiscooters . With the  A1 car license or motorcycle license  you can drive a scooter of up to 125cc with a maximum power of 11kW and a power/weight ratio of 0.1 kW/kqy .

Maxi Scooters

Within the scooter-type motorcycles, we must highlight the maxi scooters , which have the same characteristics as conventional scooters, but are larger . Being larger, they are more recommended for traveling long distances and having to drive on the highway or motorway. They offer greater security and stability , and also generally a higher speed. Normally it can be considered a “maxi scooter” from 400 cc and its wheels  have a size of 15 or even 16 inches . And of course, as we have already seen, they are  larger and heavier motorcycles. than scooters. While the weight of a 125 cc scooter is usually between 150 kg, a maxi scooter can reach 250 kilos .

The maxi scooters have a larger tank capacity , more space under the seat and allow you to fit larger suitcases and saddlebags than a normal scooter.

Many are automatic and do not have a clutch,  although more and more models allow manual shifting. They are characterized by driving comfortably at a cruising speed of 120 km/h .

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GT bikes

GT motorcycles (grand tourer) are characterized by having a large size and large cylinder capacity , being the best option for those drivers who make long road trips on two wheels. They are ideal for open spaces , they have everything necessary for both the driver and the passenger to enjoy maximum comfort during the journey: windshield wipers, a large capacity gasoline tank, several suitcases, a radio, etc. Being such a large motorcycle, they are characterized by being heavier than others, they can reach 400 kilos and most GT motorcycles have a minimum of 100 hp , easily reaching 200 hp. It is essential to pass the A motorcycle license and be an expert in motorcycle driving. Grand tourer motorcycles are   the most elegant, exclusive and sophisticated on the market.

naked motorcycles

Naked style motorcycles have become very fashionable in recent times and have become one of the most demanded models . Naked means “naked” in English, so we can get an idea of ​​the type of motorcycle it is. They stand out for leaving a large part of the motorcycle’s mechanics exposed, breaking with the usual and downplaying the importance of the bodywork. The naked are one of the most popular styles. There are naked that are true sports bikes like the Aprilia Tuono V4 or the BMW S1000 R , and others that just try to be practical bikes, like the Honda NC 750. On the other hand, most of them claim to be multi-purpose motorcycles that are worth the same on a day-to-day basis as on road trips, being capable of approaching a touring motorcycle or riding on a circuit. They are the Z 900 , GSX-S 750MT-09  or the European  Triumph Street and Speed ​​TripleKTM Duke  and  Super Duke  and, of course, the Ducati Monster .

Racing Motorcycles

Racing motorcycles stand out for their aggressiveness and power . They are motorcycles designed to compete on asphalt, and reach high speeds, even exceeding 300 kilometers per hour . They are motorcycles that are constantly renewed, always adding fairing with the aim of improving aerodynamics and giving the rider greater security . However, these types of motorcycles are somewhat uncomfortable and unsafe for the passengers, since the tail of the motorcycle is usually small and located at a certain height.

The handlebars are high and quite wide , which allows you to be comfortable sitting down and maintain a position that is not constricted when we ride standing up.

trail bikes

Types of trail motorcycles are perfect for those who are looking for a comfortable and powerful motorcycle to move around the city , but also a motorcycle that allows them to carry out off-road routes on roads and trails. They are the models that we can see in the Paris-Dakar Rally . They are characterized by being quite tall and heavy motorcycles , and generally they usually have mixed tires that offer great stability on all types of surfaces. Driving is comfortable and with the back slightly bent forward and the legs positioned at an angle of less than 90º. In the same model you can find brands that allow you to choose the diameter of the front wheel. If you mount a 21′ wheel , you will have a more country character and if you mount 17-19 wheels , you can use it more for the road, making it easier to change direction and cornering . The handlebars are tall and quite wide , which It allows you to be comfortable sitting down and maintain a position that is not constricted when we roll standing up.

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chopper motorcycles

Chopper- style motorcycles are another classic on the roads. They are motorcycles that move away from conventional designs and have been modified at the factory, surprising with a greater angle , a longer fork and a higher handlebar than usual, which means that the driver has to keep his hands at a higher height. to the shoulders of the pilot. The seat is lowered and they usually have chrome details, sporting a vintage look that makes a difference compared to other motorcycle models. We know two types of chopper motorcycles that you will surely be interested in knowing.

  • Californian Chopper : These were Harley Davidson brand motorcycles transformed according to the classic modifications of an old school chopper .
  • Swedish Chopper : Among its characteristics we highlight a rigid chassis with the longest possible fork, accompanied by a 21-inch front wheel combined with the widest rear tire and devoid of front brake.

Motocross and Enduro bikes

Motocross bikes are one of the most popular in our country, and we have been constantly seeing them all our lives. Like racing motorcycles, motocross motorcycles are also competition motorcycles, but on private roads or tracks . They are motorcycles with very soft suspensions with the aim of facilitating jumps and all kinds of adventures, and with tires with knobs that favor grip and offer greater driving safety. Normally they do not have accessories or trims of any kind in order to reduce weight as much as possible. Comfortable and fully manageable , they are uncomfortable for passengers . They have motors2 and 4 times, very soft suspension to tackle jumps and knobby tires to maximize grip. Unless they are approved and registered , they do not have permission to drive on public roads.

They have 21” spoked wheels, offroad tires, long-travel suspension, long seats so you can move around on the bike, and low weight.


Custom motorcycles are, as they are colloquially known, “ Harley type motorcycles ”. They are possibly the motorcycles that take the greatest care of aesthetics and have the most marked style line, being the classic motorcycle with conventional engines. With a wide variety of models available, there are custom motorcycles suitable for both city and highway riding, and travel great distances. If you want to buy a custom, but you have an A2 card , no problem. It is a type of motorcycle that, except for those that want to copy acceleration drag bikes , do not need power levels, but rather  engine torque, sound and presence .

The main advantage is that you do not need a license to drive them , it is totally legal to drive them from the age of 15 .


And finally we come to mopeds, although they are not really motorcycles as such, the truth is that many people tend to do so. They are not a style in themselves, but are two -wheeled motor vehicles , which cannot exceed 49cc in any case. They can be differentiated from the rest because they have a smaller license plate than usual and yellow in color . The maximum speed that a moped can reach depends on each model, in its most standard version it offers about 50cc so it does not exceed 45km per hour and in the versions with enhanced engines , with 70cc and even 90ccThey reach over 70 km per hour . Within the mopeds you can find two types , depending on the power source they use to move. The weight of a moped is between 80 and 100 kilos .

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Conclusion: Know the different motorcycle models before buying

We know that buying a new motorcycle is something very important for motorcyclists and, above all, a decision that takes time and a lot of patience. We don’t want you to be wrong, we want you to enjoy your new partner and to do it for a long time .

The most normal thing is that you are afraid of being wrong and failing when choosing the motorcycle that suits your needs, therefore, with this guide we want to advise you with the different types of motorcycles , learn about and investigate them before launching into the adventure.

What did you think of our  guide to the types of motorcycles ? Do you think we have missed any? Do you have any experience to tell? Do you have any doubts or questions? Then we ask you to  leave a comment . It does not matter if it is a simple thank you, we will be very happy to read it and answer it.

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