8 Tips to TAKE CARE of the Motorcycle and Increase Its Useful Life

We all know that having a motorcycle is a good way to get around the city and save ! But in order to extend the useful life  of our faithful friend, it is useful to follow some advice . You don’t have to be an expert to have your motorcycle ready at all times, the important thing is to apply some simple guidelines to ensure that your vehicle will perform properly for a long time.

In fact, there are  guides to maintain your motorcycle that will come in handy to start taking care of your motorcycle and increase its useful life. In any case, we leave you with a series of tips that we are sure you will agree with.

Index of contents

#1 Store the motorcycle in the garage

advice motorcycle care store in garage

Inclement weather can damage your motorcycle in the long run, without counting theft or acts of vandalism. If you can, save it in the best place possible. Also, take advantage of extending the useful life of your motorcycle helmet by  keeping it in its cover and in a closed place, away from the sun, heat and corrosive products.

#2 Change the oil

Periodically check the oil of your motorcycle. Keep in mind that it consumes more oil when it is hotter.

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#3 Check the pills

The brakes are very important, always have your pads ready.

#4 Check tire pressure

motorcycle care tips tire pressure

Do your tires have the right pressure? Not only the pressure matters, but also if there are cracks in its layout or if the depth of the tread is adequate.

#5 Oil filter, coolant and shock absorbers

These three elements can extend the life of your motorcycle if they are well cared for. Keep in mind that, in addition, the fork oil must be in optimal conditions.

#6 Tight and oiled chain

motorcycle care tips greased tense chain

The manufacturer will have engraved the necessary tension level on the mechanism. Check and adjust it periodically, especially before a long trip.

#7 Have your motorcycle controlled at all times

If you leave your motorcycle to third parties or, simply, if you want to know where it is or if it has been stolen, there are devices such as  Detector , with which you will always know where your vehicle is.

#8 Replace the battery every 2 years

In winter it is important to recharge it so that it is always ready. And don’t forget to keep an eye on the spark plugs, especially if your bike has more than 10,000 kilometers on it.

These are just some measures to extend the life of your motorcycle, but there are many more. It is best to visit the workshop often so that the professionals can advise you on the true condition of your motorcycle.

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