12 Tips for RIDING the Motorcycle Correctly and Safely

When driving a motorcycle , it must be taken into account that nobody is born knowing. Driving a vehicle requires learning and, why not, a series of useful tips that you can use to increase safety when driving a motorcycle .

Below we give you the keys to drive a motorcycle safely … Are you interested?

Index of contents

#1 Wear a good helmet and fasten it properly

motorcycle driving tips importance of a helmet

Wearing a helmet is the first thing you should learn when riding a motorcycle , but it has to be of good quality. Don’t even think about wearing it perched or on your elbow, because it’s useless. Always wear an approved helmet and in perfect condition. The best thing is that you know well the types of helmets that exist and all the  motorcycle equipment  that you can wear and that you choose the one that best meets your needs.

#2 Brake with both brakes

It is very important to do it properly, so it is best that you practice. Never brake with only the front brake when you are going very fast or the asphalt is wet, if you do not know how to do it correctly it is very dangerous.

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#3 Anticipate emergencies

Drive prudently and defensively and try to anticipate any risky situation. Remember that for other vehicles you can become invisible.

#4 Duck if you go fast

tips drive motorcycle moderate speed

You will greatly reduce wind resistance. If you don’t know how to do it, try pulling your butt back a bit and it will come out on its own…

#5 Pay attention

When you are going to cross an intersection, it is convenient that you look to the left, then to the right and again to the left, just in case. In general, being prepared for any eventuality is always good advice…

#6 Moderate the speed

tips driving motorcycle rain smooth driving

Even if your bike is a bullet and you consider yourself a fitipaldi, don’t run, it’s very dangerous and it’s useless.

#7 Beware of overtaking

motorcycle driving tips avoid overtaking

Overtaking is a complicated and dangerous maneuver that should only be carried out when you are very sure that you will succeed. Never pass on the right or between two vehicles.

#8 Do not go through the asphalt lines

The white road signs can make you slip, be careful with them. If, even so, you are forced to go over them, be especially careful if it rains or you see oil stains on them.

# 9 Use your lights, they are for that

tips driving motorcycle use lights

Low beam, long beam, emergency, blinkers… Use them so that drivers know how to anticipate your movements.

Finally and very important: have your vehicle in the best possible conditions (tires, brakes, chain…). It is a means of transportation and a lifestyle, but above all, it must be safe.

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#10 Check tire pressure

Tires with excess or lack of pressure compromise the adherence of the motorcycle to the asphalt and make driving unstable. Remember to do  basic maintenance on your motorcycle before leaving: check lights, brakes, tires, oil level and whistle. Follow the manufacturer’s inspection and maintenance recommendations.

#11 Remember that the motorcycle is not a cargo vehicle

Consult the manufacturer’s manual to find out the weight and dimension limits of the objects you are going to transport.

#12 Do not take your eyes off the road

Tips for driving a motorcycle in summer suitable equipment

Water stains, oil, dirt or even white lines on the road can be a hazard for motorcyclists, especially if they are wet. Don’t lose sight of the sign.

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