Car or Motorcycle? ADVANTAGES of Choosing the Motorcycle as a Vehicle

There are so many advantages of the motorcycle  when compared, for example, with the car, that more and more 2-wheeled vehicles circulate on the streets of cities like Madrid or Barcelona. Between 2008 and 2012, the last year for which data is available, the number of motorcycles in the capital  increased by 6.8% . In addition, this increase has been accompanied by a 12% increase in the supply of car parks for them.

The advantages of traveling by motorcycle are many and varied. Not only does the driver benefit, but his action can also have repercussions on other users and even on the environment. Let’s see them one by one:

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#1 Fuel savings

advantages of motorcycle saving gasoline

One of the main advantages of using the motorcycle is  fuel savings. The fuel consumption of a motorcycle is much lower than that of a car , so the difference in the cost of making the same journey in one way or another is considerable.

#2 Money saving

advantages of motorcycle save money

Other expenses that bikers also see reduced are those derived from vehicle maintenance and those related to the amount of the policy premium, since  Motorcycle insurance is substantially cheaper than  Car insurance.  Registration and taxes for motorcycles are also considerably less than for cars. Since motorcycles don’t use as much fuel, there are government discounts for motorcycle registration.

#3 Time saving

advantages of motorcycle saving time

And if money is a precious commodity, time is too. Traveling on a motorcycle is faster than on other means of transport . In the city, they can make the  same journey in 50% or 70% less time , according to data published by the National Association of Companies in the 2-Wheel Sector, Anesdor. In addition, he stresses that motorcycles and mopeds “are the alternative vehicles that are best adapted to urban mobility.”

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#4 Avoid traffic jams

motorcycle advantages avoid traffic jams

Traffic jams on the busiest roads, especially at ‘rush hour’ is something that those who use the motorcycle as a means of transport avoid. What’s more, according to a study carried out a few years ago by Brussels and to which had access,  if 10% of cars were replaced by motorcycles, traffic jams would be reduced by half and an average of 14 minutes would be spent retention at 6.


#5 Less pollution

advantages of low pollution motorcycle

Another important saving that all citizens enjoy is  less environmental pollution , a problem present in most large cities. The pollution produced by motorcycles is low, in fact  only 1% of the CO2 generated by road transport comes from these vehicles .


Getting around with a motorcycle is easier and faster, but it is also easier to find parking. As  it takes up less space, it is much easier for the driver to find a parking space  and, in addition, it has some advantages that those who move in cars do not enjoy.

#6 Park on the sidewalks

advantages of motorcycle parking sidewalk

On November 24, 2009, the BOE included some changes in the Traffic Law, such as  the permission of motorcycles to park on the sidewalk.  This measure, in force since March 2, 2010, left the application of this norm in the hands of each municipality through its Municipal Ordinance. The  absence of a state regulation  common to all means that the application of this “privilege” varies depending on the city. While in cities such as  Madrid Barcelona  or  Valencia ,  the parking of these 2-wheeled vehicles on the sidewalks is allowed, under some requirements, in others such as  Seville  o Bilbao is absolutely prohibited. For this reason, it is recommended that the driver knows the terms established in the corresponding Municipal Ordinance regarding parking on the sidewalk.

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#7 Park in Regulated Parking areas (SER)

advantages of motorcycle parking blue zone

Regulated parking areas are another of the points that change depending on each municipality due to the lack of regulations at the national level. The one known in many cities as the ‘blue zone’, which can also be of other colors, is the  public parking for which you have to pay.  Madrid and Seville allow motorcycles and mopeds to park in these spaces and be exempt from paying for the Regulated Parking Service (SER) while  Castellón  does not distinguish between them. But there are others, such as  Pamplona , ​​which does not even allow 2-wheeled vehicles, including bicycles, to park in these spaces “destined” for cars.

#8 Lines ahead at traffic lights

advantages of motorcycle advanced line advances motorcycle

Some municipalities are delaying the traffic light lines in favor of motorcycles. This leaves a fairly important gap for the riders to reach the first place without problems. Initiatives such as Avanza moto of the Community of Madrid are the result of years of fights between motorist associations.


#9 Drive through the HOV lane

advantages of circular motorcycle lane vao

Another of the advantages of traveling by motorcycle is the  permissibility of driving through the HOV lanes.  These are  roads intended for vehicles with high occupancy,  hence its name, VAO, and are those whose exclusive purpose is the transport of people “whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 3,500 kilograms,” reports the traffic manual. Motorcycles along with passenger cars and adaptable mixed vehicles are the ones that are allowed to circulate through these special lanes.

#10 Drive along the bus lane

advantages of circular motorcycle bus lane

The same is true of  special bus lanes . These routes prohibit the rest of the vehicles, with the exception of taxis on some occasions, from driving on them.

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But depending on the Municipal Ordinance of each locality, this norm can be modified for the particular case of motorcycles. Once again, Madrid allows these 2-wheeled motor vehicles to circulate through them, but this is not the case in all cities.


# 11 More fun than other vehicles

advantages of motorcycle fun

The bike has many advantages, I think that has become very clear, but one of the most important is that it is a lot of fun to ride.

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