5 false myths about helmet use

Despite the fact that most motorcycle and moped users use helmets , after the last intensive road safety campaign carried out this past May by the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), it has been found that there is still a small redoubt that does not make use of this important accessory in the motorcycle driver’s equipment .

If we insist on the importance of carrying it, it is not only as a mere traffic advice , because its use is mandatory or because of the seriousness of the penalty that not carrying it entails, but because on many occasions it can save your life.

false motorcycle helmet myths

These are some facts that you may not have known, and that can help you understand why there is so much emphasis on the need to always be protected with it, whether you are a driver or a passenger:

  • The first and most important reason is because it can simply save your life.
  • It protects your head, brain and face.
  • It constitutes a real barrier, protecting direct contact with any type of object.
  • It absorbs much of the blow, reducing acceleration and movement of the brain and skull.
  • It distributes the force of the impact and prevents the blow from focusing on a certain point on the head.

Although it is true that, especially compared to years ago and other countries, there are more and more motorists aware of the use of this safety element, there are still some reluctant drivers who try to justify not using the case by clinging to false myths like these:

#1 Reduce vision

It is false that the helmet decreases peripheral vision. Investigations carried out in this regard have shown that motorcyclists in accidents have not been injured for this reason. On the contrary, since the vision capacity with these helmets is almost 180 degrees.

#2 It does not allow you to listen correctly

Also false since the helmet reduces ambient sound but does not reduce it completely. Also, hearing is not the main sense when driving.

#3 It weighs too much

Fake. Advances in the automotive industry have managed to greatly reduce the weight of helmets, achieving very light models that are just as resistant.

#4 I don’t need a helmet for short journeys

false motorcycle helmet myths

Completely false. In fact, there is much more risk when driving in the city than on the highway, since there are many more dangerous objects.

#5 Drivers with helmets have more accidents

False, precisely the statistics say that drivers who wear helmets have fewer accidents because they care more about their safety. That same statistic says that helmets with bright or highly visible colors such as white or red suffer fewer accidents.

When a motorcyclist has a mishap, the bodywork is his own body and his head is his most vulnerable part. At AMV we want you to enjoy the enormous advantages of riding a motorcycle but with your head and safety, which is why we insist that under no circumstances ride a motorcycle without a helmet. Your life depends on this small but very important gesture.

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