Motorcycle Accessories and Equipment to Fight the RAIN

Has the  rain ever prevented you from riding your motorcycle  because you did not have the necessary equipment? Do you know what are the  basic accessories for you and your machine  in this adverse weather condition? Do you need advice to avoid getting wet on the way to work, home, school or to move from one city to another? you are in the right place! When the  motorcycle  becomes your means of transportation, it is essential that you take into account the maintenance of the vehicle and riding. Much more when the rain surprises you because of the risks it entails.

There is nothing more unpleasant on a  motorcycle  or  scooter  than feeling how the cold water from the rain has penetrated our clothes, so it is important to be prepared to prevent this from happening. But just as the  motorist  must be ready, the machine must also be ready with certain protections before starting it, such as tire inspection, chain lubrication, lighting, etc. The protection must be for both, because one depends on the other.

Regardless of where you are, in the city or a town, if it rains a lot or a little, you should be aware of the clothes you need and the accessories your motorcycle needs to get it going. Therefore, in this guide we show you the necessary equipment that the biker and his motorcycle must have.

Before we start mentioning the  accessories and clothes to ride your motorcycle in the rain , we want to remind you that they must all be  waterproof , that they fit your size, antiperspirant and be colorful (in case you go at night or by road).

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Motorcycle accessories and equipment to protect you from the rain


Having a suitable jacket for riding a motorcycle is one of the essential elements to guarantee your safety, especially when it is raining to avoid slipping on the seat or serious injuries in the event of a fall. It is important that when purchasing it you check that it has protection for the shoulders, elbows and all arms. The presence of reflective elements will also guarantee your safety, since when it rains visibility on the road decreases significantly.

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This is clear, but it is important to say. Sometimes when we wear tight socks we have no choice but to leave them inside the boots and leave the boots outside. This is a serious when it rains. Pants should always go over boots, especially if they are waterproof pants. It is the only way for the water to circulate and not stagnate at your feet.


Although it sounds quite obvious, boots in this case are going to provide you with security as well as protection against rain and cold. When wearing motorcycle boots, the sole will allow you to grip the pedal firmly. And don’t forget to tuck the pants over the boot.

boot covers

It is very important to get the right protection for your boots when it rains and that you do not get your feet wet. Some boot covers will be able to give you the waterproof protection you need at that moment, they should always go over the boot and the pants, preventing the entry of water and keeping the feet dry and warm.


This is not nonsense. Connecting the gloves to the sleeves of the jacket is necessary, both in the cold and in the rain. But be careful, even when it’s cold you wear your gloves over your sweater, tucking your sleeve into the glove flap so that air doesn’t get in, when it rains you have to do the same. It is best to tuck the sleeve of your gloves into your jacket sleeve or waterproof clothing when it rains.

Panty or neck cover

You should know that it is very important to cover your throat. If a scarf or bandana isn’t enough, a hood or balaclava can be a safe alternative. They are available in a range of fabrics and sizes, some of which protect the shoulders and chest.

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Waterproof suit or coverall

If you want to avoid buying a separate jacket, pants, or pant, you should purchase clothing that provides additional protection against water, such as a waterproof motorcycle suit or overalls. Heat, along with cold, is still one of our strongest enemies on the bike. Before we get soaked and stay wet for a long time, even if our jacket and pants are waterproof, it is highly recommended that we  wear motorcycle rain gear  over boots.


A full-face helmet not only provides more comprehensive protection, but must also be effective in preventing water from penetrating our heads. Moisture from rain contributes to clouding the visor more quickly. Therefore, it is ideal  to choose the best helmet  that allows visibility in any weather.

anti-fog foil

If your helmet does not have such anti-fog protection, the solution is to place the famous pinlock sheets on the inside of the helmet. It is a transparent membrane that prevents the screen from fogging up. It has to be completely attached to the visor and create a vacuum that does not allow our breath to enter. When breathing inside the helmet, condensation occurs due to the difference in temperature with the outside, and this makes our helmet fog up.

aerodynamic protection

The aerodynamic screen of your motorcycle is designed not only to protect you from the wind, but also from the water. On rainy days it saves us from some inclement weather. If your bike does not have the usual aerodynamic protection, consider installing a shield or screen to protect it from wind and rain. Keep in mind that it can be a fixed item, and when the weather is right, you can remove it and save it until the next season.


When we are riding our motorcycle it is essential that on rainy days, the grip of the tires does not lose effectiveness. Our advice is to choose elastic and soft tyres, since it is essential that the tread of the tires can channel water so that the rubber can enter the asphalt and grip. Keep in mind that  tire maintenance  can be your salvation to prevent slippery asphalt.

thermal cover

The thermal cover, also called a thermal cover, helps your motorcycle maintain the desired temperature since it is much safer to go out on a circuit. What these covers do is help the motorcycle tire to heat up in parallel and continuously. These covers are made up of several layers: thermal polyester (prevents heat loss) and polyurethane (waterproof).


leg covers

The objective of the leg cover is clear and it is not to get cold in the legs. This accessory is essential when it comes to offering you greater protection and temperature. There are various types such as pants, blanket or even aprons. Another advantage is that they are waterproof and many have sheep inside.

Conclusion: that a rainy day does not spoil the route

We have seen what are the essential accessories to be able to ride on rainy days and surely now it is much easier for you to know what is the necessary equipment you need to be the biker that everyone knows. In case of doubt, we recommend that you go to a  trusted workshop  and that they tell you what you need if you are thinking of doing a circuit or even if you dare to make a  route through Spain .

It is likely that you only have a few accessories and you think that is enough, but  in this guide we wanted to show you that all of them are essential  so as not to put your safety at risk. Whenever there is rain or a bad storm, take the necessary equipment and maintain an adequate speed to avoid having any accident. Never ride defensively  and be very careful, since visibility is key on days like this.

What do you think of our list  of motorcycle accessories and equipment to protect you from the rain ? Have you used or are you currently using any of the ones that we indicate here? Do you think we have missed any? Do you have any experience to tell? Do you have any doubts or questions? Then we ask you to  leave a comment . It does not matter if it is a simple thank you, we will be very happy to read it and answer it.

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