ALL Accessories and Equipment for Motorcycle and Biker

Before getting on a motorcycle it is essential to know what makes up the equipment of a motorcyclist. Remember how important it is to maintain responsible driving and management as it is to protect your own body from possible incidents.

On a motorcycle there is no plate or doors to protect you from a blow and if you lose your balance it will be your own body that ends up hitting the asphalt, and you cannot imagine how hard and abrasive it can be. That’s why it’s important to protect your whole body from head to toe, so take a look at this list of motorcycle gear and take good note.

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Accessories and equipment for motorcycles and motorcyclists

#1 Boots

They not only offer protection against the rain, but also cover your ankles in the event of an accident. Never drive with flip-flops or other footwear that does not properly protect your feet, it is very dangerous.

#2 Helmet

The helmet is essential to protect you because it houses the most important part of your body, your brain. Skull fractures can have serious consequences for your health. Always put on your helmet as soon as you get on the motorcycle, even if the journey is very short, it is for your safety. Choose a helmet that suits your needs and give as much importance to the quality of the helmet as you do to your own head.

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#3 Jacket

The biker jacket is essential to protect you against abrasions from the asphalt in the event of a fall with your motorcycle. The important thing is that you have protections for your elbows and shoulders, as joint injuries are very dangerous. If it has a trellis, better.

#4 Trellis

Next to the head, the back is the most delicate area of ​​our body, which is why it is important to have it well protected against possible impacts and prevent serious injuries. Even if your jacket has a built-in trellis, don’t trust it. Quality back protectors can be worn under the jacket as extra protection and are supportive when it comes to protecting your spine.

#5 Gloves

Although some bikers don’t like to use them (especially in summer), gloves are a fundamental element for your safety since, in the event of a fall, we always tend to protect ourselves from the impact by putting our hands on it. It protects the palm, fingers and knuckles well with padding and reinforcements, and even better if the cane passes from the wrist and reaches up to the sleeve of the jacket.

#6 Pants

Even if it is very hot, you should wear special pants for bikers. These have extra knee pads, which will prevent damaging scrapes if you slip on a turn. In addition, the market offers a wide variety of pants to choose from, depending on your tastes and needs.

# 7 Protection breastplate (Offroad)

When using offroad motorcycles, Enduro motorcycles or Motocross motorcycles, one of the basic protection elements are protection bibs with which to guarantee safety in the trunk, back and arms. When using motorcycles in the countryside or on offroad circuits, freedom of movement is essential, which is why very light jackets without protections and a complete chest protector like this one are used for the upper part of the body.

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#8 Eye protection

Some lenses for the eyes never hurt, whether they are sunglasses or transparent, or even with interchangeable lenses to have several options depending on the light. Wearing protected eyes, in case our helmet does not have a visor or we carry it raised, it is essential to prevent the wind, insects or any element that we may come across.

#9 Ear protection

When we travel for hours on a motorcycle and at high speed, the noise of the wind in our helmet can be very annoying, and can cause dizziness or headache. Earplugs make any trip much more pleasant and quiet, but check your local laws first so you don’t commit a possible violation.

#10 Neck protection (Offroad)

Neck protectors are one of the latest additions to offroad motorcycle equipment, such as Enduro motorcycles and Motocross motorcycles. They are protectors that act as a stop between the helmet and our chest and back, thus preventing movements that could cause neck injuries. Here you can see demonstrations of the operation of a neck protector.

#11 Knee and elbow protection (Offroad)

For the use of offroad motorcycles, such as Enduro motorcycles and Motocross motorcycles, it is very common to use independent protections for elbows and knees. Good elbow or knee pads are perfectly articulated to allow free movement, while they fit perfectly to the joint to protect from possible impacts.

Conclusion: Buy accessories that are useful and quality

What do you think of our list of motorcycle accessories ? Have you used or are you currently using any of the ones that we indicate here? Do you think we have missed any? Do you have any experience to tell? Do you have any doubts or questions? Then we ask you to leave a comment. It does not matter if it is a simple thank you, we will be very happy to read it and answer it.

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