DUCATI Motorcycles, 3 Groundbreaking Models

The popular Ducati motorcycle company , based in Italy, always surprises with its models. The most recent demonstrate it with an amazing line that draws the attention even of those who do not declare themselves to be motorcycling lovers . In the next few lines we will detail the units that leave motorcycle fans in Spain with their mouths open .

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We start with the main dish. We are talking about a sports motorcycle that reaches a total of more than 220 horsepower. Massive power, right? But it is not the only thing that stands out about her. Only 500 lucky ones will be able to own this model, since the manufacture is numbered, which gives each unit a priceless exclusivity.

Another aspect that draws attention is the low weight, which contrasts with the previously mentioned power. This makes it an ideal motorcycle for those who like to attend the MotoGP circuit to enjoy their main hobby.

Estimated price: €115,000


If you are a fan of motorcycles , we are sure that you have known about the existence of this model for years. It is one of Ducati’s flagships, and a new unit known as the 2020/S is currently on the market.

The design does not change excessively, however, what is most striking among consumers is how cheap it is to maintain it. Gone is the myth that you have to make a considerable outlay every year. Nothing is further from reality.

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In fact, one of the tasks such as adjusting the valve timing, does not have to be carried out until you have accumulated a total of thirty thousand kilometers on each occasion. This brings peace of mind to consumer bikers .

Estimated price: from €14,490


We end the list of groundbreaking models with one that attracts the attention of those pilots who want to travel around Spain carrying a lot of luggage . We are referring to the Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro, whose side cases allow occupants to carry a multitude of belongings with the maximum possible comfort and safety. Very useful for long journeys.

Beyond this aspect, this model also surprises users for the extensive equipment it carries. Electronics are the order of the day, exemplified by the hill start assistance system, as well as the ability to change gear in the blink of an eye without having to resort to the motorcycle’s clutch.

Estimated price: from €17,890

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