7 tips to change the oil on a motorcycle yourself

When it comes to changing the oil on a motorcycle , you can go to a workshop or… perhaps you prefer to learn how to do it yourself! Surely it won’t turn out perfectly the first time, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it later.

Below we give you some tips so that you can change the oil on your motorcycle yourself with the help of Pont Grup , but perhaps you prefer to see all the steps to change the oil on your motorcycle . Let’s go with the tips:

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#1 Have everything you need at hand

steps change oil motorcycle material

It is very important that you have all your mechanical equipment ready and that you wear comfortable clothes that you are not afraid of staining.

#2 Carefully empty the used oil

steps change motorbike oil empty used oil

You have to put your bike on a fixed surface and place a tray under the bolt. Be careful not to lose any part while disassembling it (especially the cap). You need to get rid of that oil at specific points.

#3 Beware of the filter

steps change motorcycle oil remove oil filter

Unscrew the filter and take it out, being careful not to let anything get inside. Note that a little excess oil can splash on you. Use an oil filter wrench.

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#4 Treat the new filter with care

steps change motorbike oil install new oil filter

You have to grease the edges of the filter. Fill it with 250cc of new oil and adjust it properly so that it does not give way.

#5 Everything clean before putting the cap back

steps change motorbike oil place drain plug

Let the tank empty completely. Replaces the metal gasket on the drain plug for a snug fit. Make sure it’s clean before you put the cap back on. Once we have put the plug we can fill the oil tank.

#6 Monitor the maximum of the oil tank

steps change motorcycle oil fill new oil

The manufacturer of your motorcycle will have specified the type of oil and the amount that you should pour. Help yourself with a funnel and use the oil level to refine the proportion as much as possible. Don’t forget to put the cap back on.

#7 Start the motorcycle at idle

steps change motorbike oil start motorbike

Let it idle for a couple of minutes to circulate the oil. Then stop it and check the level again to make sure it’s correct. It’s time to add a little more if it doesn’t reach the right level.

Before finishing, do not forget to take the drained oil to a precise place for its correct destruction or recycling. Dirty oil is harmful to the environment, don’t forget that.

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