Have you heard about motorcycle mobile phone holders because you are afraid of having an accident ? Are you going to take a long trip after buying a new motorcycle and you need all its accessories? You are in the right place! Despite the fact that  motorcycle accidents  represent a very small percentage of all incidents that occur on the road, the truth is that the data reveals that they have a  much higher mortality rate  than the rest. Mobile devices are major causes of these accidents, since they cause many distractions.

best mounts for motorcycle mobile

You don’t always know how to get to your destination . Without a good mobile phone holder for a motorcycle, you can easily get lost on your trip, whether it is to take a route or on a short work trip without leaving the city. Unlike cars, riding a motorcycle you can’t just stop at a traffic light and look at your mobile’s GPS to see if you’re lost or if you’re going in the right direction. In addition, you are normally protected with motorcycle gloves that make it difficult for you to handle your mobile.

The current motorcycles little by little are incorporating digital instrumentation but this is not yet standardized. There are then many users who still need to use external supports to place the smartphone or GPS, and it is a world that is more cumbersome than it seems at first. Therefore, below I will tell you what a motorcycle mobile phone holder is, the types that exist and the best models.

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What is a motorcycle mobile phone holder and what is it for?

Any motorcycle route these days implies carrying a device that serves as a guide . A great option is to bring your mobile. It is not only useful as a GPS navigator, but it can also be used to communicate with other motorcycle companions , or even to receive different notices and updates on the road thanks to the Internet connection. However, to be able to safely carry your mobile phone on a motorcycle , you do need to have a support. And taking into account how exposed you are on the motorcycle, it must be a very good quality support .

A motorcycle mobile phone holder is an accessory that allows you to safely access your mobile phone , without taking your eyes off the road too much.

At present, the two-wheeled industry has developed supports that will help you  solve problems with your mobile phone . In addition, if you have a system to integrate the device into your helmet, driving will be safer, since it will not be necessary for you to take your eyes off the road for even a minute, as you receive orders through the audio channel. In the event that you do not have these security systems, it is best that you do not use your mobile phone on the motorcycle, even if you have an advanced support system for it.

Characteristics of mobile phone holders for motorcycles

The first big question that may arise is whether the vehicle is ready to install a support. In general you have to say yes, but it is something that is not resounding , especially on bikes that have a lot of fairing. If you are going to do sports driving , it is better that you buy a special model for it, because an extra grip will be necessary to guarantee the security and stability of the mobile phone. On the other hand, when choosing a good support for your phone you must take into account several characteristics .

  • Mobile phone fixing system : Mobile phone holders for motorcycles are an accessory that allows you to keep your mobile phone attached to the handlebars of the motorcycle to easily view the GPS when you go to a new place by looking at the map. While you should handle these accessories with care, they can make it easier for you to drive safely.
  • Quick support to place the mobile : They are very comfortable and easy to use supports, being able to place the mobile in full view of your eyes while you drive the motorcycle. It usually takes no more than a few seconds to install and you’ll be able to drive more safely with fewer distractions.
  • Horizontal or vertical support depending on your needs : Motorcycle mobile phone holders allow you to place your mobile depending on how you like to view the information, some of them allow you to place your mobile vertically and horizontally. They are usually versatile elements according to your way of driving
  • It is a safe and easy-to-install accessory: This accessory for motorcyclists is a safe complement to carry your mobile nearby, view a map or answer a call (when you’re not driving). They are usually very easy to install, some are screwed and others simply fit the handlebar with a click.
  • There are models that are resistant to water and shocks : If you ride a motorcycle, it is likely that you have already had more than one blow or that you drive in all kinds of situations. Most of the supports are waterproof so you will not have problems if you ride on a rainy day.
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Types of mobile phone support for motorcycles

There is no doubt that a motorcycle mobile phone holder is essential if you usually do unknown routes, or work visits to clients in your day to day. Having GPS information at your disposal to guide you without losing sight of the road is very important, and it will help you in your driving . But depending on the type of journey you usually do, you will need a series of features in your mobile support. Next, I will tell you about the types of mobile phone support for motorcycles .

stable supports

They include buttons to adjust the phone easily and safely . They are equipped with a sponge that guarantees that the phone does not slip, and as they are adjustable they will allow the use of other devices such as GPS. To hold them to the handlebars, they have clamps that will allow them to be adapted to any motorcycle. In addition, and thanks to its fastening system, you can also use it on bicycles. It is very easy to install and can be used on any type of terrain.

sports supports

Supports of this type are for  small-sized terminals , since despite being universal they only admit sizes ranging from 2 to 4 inches. If you have a device that fits these measurements, it will be your best option since it is specially designed for driving in any condition. Thanks to its rubber cover, you will protect the phone from any accidental slippage.

It features a shock-absorbing base to ensure your phone remains stable, plus silicone bands to protect your phone from vibrations. The mobile will be adjusted to the support by means of a system of clamps . It also allows 360 degree rotation so you can view it both vertically and horizontally. Another of its extras is that it has a socket support.

universal supports

Normally this type of supports are designed for smartphones with a size between 4 and six and a half inches. They are adaptable to size and you can adjust them so that your phone fits perfectly in them. In addition to placing your mobile phone, this type of device allows the attachment of other elements such as GPS to the handlebars of any type of motorcycle. Universal devices are versatile and safe since they usually have systems to guarantee grip and prevent the phone from being thrown.

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waterproof supports

This type of support allows full protection of the phone or GPS that is located inside. It is made up of a kind of zippered cover that makes it waterproof. Thanks to the materials with which it is made, you can handle the screen without removing it from the support. They usually have 360-degree rotation systems to guarantee visibility and adaptability to any angle and have protective pads to prevent the phone from falling due to movement.

Best mobile phone holders for motorcycles

Surely it is important for you (as it is for almost everyone today) to be very aware of your Smartphone , only that traveling on the motorcycle this can be a problem . The good news is that you can buy a mobile motorcycle mount. Thanks to these practical accessories you can mount a variety of mobile devices on a support attached to the motorcycle that will keep the screen facing you. The problem is that the popularity of motorcycle phone holders has grown so much that there are too many options . Next, I show you the best mobile phone holders for motorcycles .

Mobile phone holder for motorcycle, Quad Lock

best smartphone mobile support motorcycle quad lock

The Quad Lock motorcycle phone holder is attached using a Quad Lock protective case or a universal Quad Lock adapter. In this way, it allows you to fix your smartphone to the handlebars safely and without unexpected movements. Thanks to this mount, you have several mounting options and it can be mounted on 22, 25, 28 and 32mm handlebars . The kit includes a Quad Lock mount for 32mm handlebars, an extension arm, three handlebar spacers and an allen key.

  • Price : From €49

Mobile phone holder for motorcycle, Ram Mount

best mobile support smartphone motorcycle ram mount

The Ram Mount motorcycle mobile phone holder incorporates speakers for even safer driving . It is universal , therefore it will work for your smartphone regardless of its size. Its system ensures that your device is protected at all times against blows or movements. It also has an easy insertion way that makes your support ready to use in a few seconds.

  • Price : €76

Mobile phone holder for motorcycle, Givi

best givi motorcycle smartphone mobile support

The Givi motorcycle mobile phone holder is a universal smartphone holder clip for fixing to the motorcycle or scooter. Designed and manufactured in Italy with materials with high chemical and mechanical resistance. Its shape is studied in order to avoid covering the lens of the camera of most smartphone models, thus allowing you to take pictures in motion. It has a wide degree of regulation of the position of the smartphone.

  • Price : €66

Motorcycle mobile phone holder, Oxford

best mobile support smartphone motorcycle oxford

The Oxford motorcycle phone holder is a waterproof smartphone case with holder for motorcycles and bicycles with tubular handlebars. The transparent front protects the phone and allows the use of the touch screen. It’s an angle-adjustable mount so you can focus on driving and don’t stray too far.

  • Price : From €25

Mobile phone holder for motorcycle, Rokform

best mobile support smartphone motorcycle rockform

The Rockform Motorcycle Phone Mount is a magnetic phone mount that easily flips into any Rokform RokLock case. With its powerful built-in neodymium magnet and non- slip grip , the phone ring mount adheres to any magnetic surface on the motorcycle. The large ring provides the optimal viewing angle as well as added safety.

  • Price : €33

Mobile phone holder for motorcycle, Cheeroyal

best mobile smartphone support motorcycle cheeroyal

Cheeroyal ‘s motorcycle phone holder is waterproof and shock resistant . Its waterproof pouch on the mount protects your phone from rain, splashing water, snow, sand, dirt and dust. This mount exposes the screen for easy handling while driving and protects you from glare from direct sunlight. You only have to adjust the inclination to improve visibility since it has 360 rotation .

  • Price : €22

Mobile phone holder for motorcycle, Cocoda

best mobile phone support smartphone moto cocoda

Cocoda ‘s motorcycle phone holder comes with 4 wear-resistant silicone claws and a non-slip PU pad, which effectively prevent your phone from being scratched. Plus, this design holds your phone firmly . And the phone doesn’t shake or wobble on the go. You can freely adjust the mobile holder according to your perfect viewing angle . It is a perfect companion for your motorcycle trip.

  • Price : €13

Mobile phone holder for motorcycle, Lamicall

best mobile phone support smartphone motorcycle lamicall

The Lamicall motorcycle mobile phone holder has a very simple assembly . Mount your phone to the motorcycle mount with one hand, then remove your hand and your phone will automatically attach . The unique design of this mount holds your phone firmly even on bumpy roads, preventing it from falling off while driving. This accessory is universal , so it fits most smartphones.

  • Price : €20

Mobile phone holder for motorcycle, Falcon

best mobile support smartphone motorcycle falcon

The Falcon motorcycle phone holder is made of the best quality silicone . This aspect gives it the power to absorb all the jolts on your bike unlike plastic ones that risk breaking. Silicone bands hold your phone securely even on bumpy road . Freely position your phone at any angle for convenience, to view mileage, weather, or maps while driving.

  • Price : €8

Mobile phone holder for motorcycle, Homeet

best mobile support smartphone motorcycle homeet

Homeet motorcycle phone holder is made of aluminum alloy material , it is very light . Compared with ordinary plastic, it is more robust and stainless. This motorcycle mobile holder adopts shockproof design and four claws, that can ensure a strong grip. In addition, the four-claw structure prevents the occlusion of buttons , sockets or cameras. You can listen to music, record videos and use navigation while on the go.

  • Price : €19

Mobile phone holder for motorcycle, Grefay

best mobile support smartphone motorcycle grefay

Grefay motorcycle phone holder is made with four metal support arms that can grip and secure the phone automatically. This motorcycle phone holder is made of high-strength stainless steel and ABS engineering plastic. It is easy to install on any crossbar and does not require any tools. Connect the main body of the base and the mobile phone holder, install it on the handlebar, and install the shock pad.

  • Price : €20

Mobile phone holder for motorcycle, Shapeheart

best mobile smartphone holder motorcycle shapeheart

El soporte de móvil para moto de Shapeheart cuenta con un sistema magnético soporta hasta 9 kilos. Se adapta a todas las motocicletas con manillar redondo gracias a sus tipos de cierres, uno de los cuales es una correa de silicona ultra resistente. Está disponible en varios tamaños de funda para cubrir la mayoría de los teléfonos del mercado. Protege su teléfono de la lluvia manteniendo la capacidad de respuesta de la pantalla táctil.

  • Precio: 30€

Conclusión: Utiliza un soporte de móvil para moto y conduce de forma segura

Los soportes de móvil para moto son una parte fundamental dentro de los accesorios para moto debido a su capacidad de evitar distracciones Se trata de unos de los mejores seguros de moto que podemos adquirir, puesto que mantiene tu mirada fija en la carretera y ayuda a evitar accidentes. De hecho, es un accesorio para móvil tan versátil y ha ganado tanto en popularidad, que la oferta disponible en el mercado a nivel de marcas y estilos es enorme. Con la fiebre de los smartphones, los GPS pasaron a la historia pero es importante que mantengas tu seguridad cuando conduces una motocicleta.

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