STICKERS For MOTORCYCLES, What They Are And How To Use Them [+TIPS]

Are you looking for the best personalized motorcycle stickers ? Do you want to put the sticker on your motorcycle yourself and don’t know how? You are in the right place! The stickers are very cheap decorations that you can put on your bike to give a unique touch to the standard model. The best of all is that it is very easy to put them on, you just need to take into account some important aspects. For this reason, we have prepared this guide for you with everything you need to know about motorcycle stickers and how to place the sticker on your motorcycle .

Motorcycle stickers are extremely popular , they will help you give your motorcycle personality and differentiate it from the motorcycles of your colleagues, even if they have the same standard model. You can place the stickers in the area of ​​your motorcycle that you want, as long as you do not cover any important area. As we mentioned before, putting the stickers on your motorcycle is very easy. However, there are some frequent errors that you should be aware of before doing so and that we have explained to you in this guide .

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What are motorcycle stickers and what are they for?

The stickers are decorative resources for motorcycles (although they can also be used in other vehicles), which will help you imbue it with your personality and give it an original appearance . There are stickers of all types, colors, shapes and prices . They usually come in kits or sticker packs, and are usually fairly priced .

You can place them on almost any part of your motorcycle, wheel rims, swingarms, tank, or also on your helmet. Just make sure they don’t cover any important information , like the environmental badge or license plate. By putting stickers on your motorcycle, you guarantee a unique , personalized design , according to your preferences .

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A good place to buy motorcycle stickers is at VulturBike , a leading company in the market for personalized stickers and graphics for any model of motorcycle. It has stickers of ecological technology and high durability, resistant to weather conditions, acrylic that is easy and quick to apply without forming air bubbles.

Advantages of putting stickers on your motorcycle

The use of stickers is not mandatory . They are a decorative element, as we have already mentioned before. However, its use can bring you multiple advantages , which we mention below:

  • They differentiate your motorcycle : With the stickers you can get a unique vehicle , without having to modify the original and standard model of the motorcycle.
  • They save you money : If you compare it with what a repair , sheet metal and painting service can cost you, the cost of stickers becomes insignificant .
  • They cover scratches : It is common that in daily use, or after a fall, your motorcycle can be left with scratches. If you don’t have the budget to repair it, putting a sticker on it is a quick and cheap solution to scratches .
  • They reflect your identity : The stickers allow you to personalize your vehicle , giving it an original touch and reflecting your tastes and preferences.

How to put stickers on your motorcycle step by step

Putting the sticker on your motorcycle is not a difficult task, far from it. You just have to make sure to do it carefully and follow the recommendations that we give you below so that they remain without imperfections, in three simple steps :

#1 Clean the surfaces of your motorcycle with alcohol

This step is essential. Before starting, carefully clean all the surfaces of your motorcycle , as any remaining dust or dirt can interfere with the result. We recommend using alcohol and a dry cloth to clean. You can also use other products, as long as they do not contain silicones or oils that can reduce the stickiness of the sticker. When finished, make sure the surface is clean and completely dry .

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#2 Apply heat to the sticker to mold it

Applying heat to the sticker can help you mold and fix it more easily, especially in the most curved and complicated areas. You can use a hand dryer or hair dryer if you don’t have a heat gun or other professional equipment.

Apply heat for a few minutes , not too much, from the center to the edges. In this way it will be much easier for you to place the sticker. You can lean on a spatula, although I recommend using your hands . In this way you do not have the risk of scratching the motorcycle.

#3 Place the sticker carefully on the surface you want

When you have the surface of your motorcycle clean and dry, as well as your hands, you can place the sticker. We recommend that you do not disassemble the parts of the motorcycle where you want to glue them, so that the process is easier and more stable. First place the sticker without removing the protective layer , so you can make sure that the space is adequate and that you like how it will look.

Next, if the sticker is small, remove the protective layer completely and stick it where it belongs , pressing with your hands. If you notice that any bubbles have remained, peel off the sticker and repeat the process, very carefully.

On the contrary, if the sticker is large, the process will be the same as the previous one , but divided by parts. That is, you must remove the protective layer of the sticker and cut it out. Then paste one of the cutouts again to manipulate that area without difficulty. Go pasting the sticker on the motorcycle and discovering the areas with a protective layer .

Mistakes you should not make when putting stickers on your motorcycle

Placing stickers on your motorcycle will not affect its operation at all, since it is a resource with a decorative function. However, you will surely want it to be as good as possible, and that your money and time invested be worth it. That is why we have made a list with the most frequent errors when buying and placing the sticker on your motorcycle:

  • Cover important areas : You can be very creative with the surfaces of the bike that you choose to put the sticker on. However, you must make sure not to put it on areas such as the license plate or the environmental badge , if you have it. They must be fully visible and legible , as established by law .
  • Choose materials that are not very resistant : When you buy a sticker, you want it to look good on your motorcycle for as long as possible. For this, choose materials resistant to heat, rain, snow. The ultimate material for these stickers is vinyl .
  • Select the size regardless of the surface : Take into account the size of the surface where you are going to put the sticker, and the size of it, so that it is visually attractive .
  • Choose a color that does not match : Ideally, the color of your motorcycle model and stickers match , so that, as in the previous case, it is visually attractive.
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Conclusion: Customize your motorcycle with the best stickers

As we have seen, motorcycle stickers are decorative, economical resources that are very easy to install (following the appropriate instructions), which offer you multiple advantages with their use , among which are the differentiation of your vehicle from the rest, saving money since they cost less than a sheet metal and paint, scratches covered by putting the sticker on top and the reflection of your identity embodied in your motorcycle.

To place the stickers on your motorcycle you just have to carefully clean the surfaces of it, apply heat to the sticker to mold it and carefully place the sticker on the motorcycle, without allowing bubbles to form. If you need help , you can contact a professional to do it for you.

What did you think of this  guide on customizable motorcycle stickers ? Do you want your motorcycle to represent you? Have you used customizable motorcycle stickers before? Do you have any experience to tell? Then we ask you to  leave your comment  and we will be happy to answer you.

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