12 tips to save gasoline on the motorcycle

Are you one of those who like to save ? Fuel is more expensive every day and although vehicles spend less every day, sometimes it doesn’t seem like that. It also happens on a motorcycle, the price of gasoline skyrockets and traveling the same distance as always costs more and more money. Following the following tips will help you spend the minimum necessary amount of gasoline . Since we sometimes waste without realizing it, you will see that many of these tricks seem very obvious, but then at the moment of truth we forget to pay attention to them. Take good note and save some money with them.

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#1 Control the speed

tips drive motorcycle moderate speed

It is one of the factors that most influence and that we can change most easily. Driving at  high speed triggers fuel consumption . The use of tools such as cruise control can help us maintain a constant speed and not get lost. In addition, you also save money on speeding tickets.

#2 Makes starting easier

When starting, and even more so when cold, do not give off the gas and engage the clutch, this way you will get the engine to spin a little more freely and require less fuel consumption.

#3 Avoid unnecessary acceleration

If you take advantage of all the traffic lights to turn them into a Moto GP Grand Prix start, you will surely be burning fuel unnecessarily . Try to go out more slowly and you will optimize the fuel tank more.

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#4 Do not carry accessories that are not necessary

If you are not going to use the side trunks, it is better not to wear them on the motorcycle. In this way you will improve aerodynamics, reduce drag and avoid making the engine work more. Wear   tight, aerodynamic motorcycle gear.

#5 Check the tire pressure

motorcycle care tips tire pressure

A pressure that is too low will cause you to spend more. Check it periodically, especially before embarking on a long trip, and check that it is at the proper point recommended by the manufacturer. We give you several tips to keep your tires like the first day and a guide to read the tires .

#6 The warm-up

Pre-warming is not necessary on today ‘s fuel-injected scooters and motorcycles . Eliminating this routine and starting the trip as soon as you start the motorcycle will help you waste fuel.

#7 Price differences at gas stations

Tips to save gasoline motorcycle gasoline price

You can make the query through the web on pages such as ” The price of gasoline ” or with mobile applications such as “Gasolineras de EspaƱa” to compare prices in your area and find the cheapest . If you also take into account the ” Monday effect ” you also save a few extra cents.

#8 Drive with high gears

Efficient driving with high gears causes the engine to be lower in revs , with the consequent saving of fuel. Use high gears whenever you can and shift to second as soon as you can.

#9 Turn off the engine

If you have to make a stop of more than 2 minutes it is better that you turn off the engine . In this way you avoid wasting fuel that is not going to be used.

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#10 Slow down by downshifting

When slowing down or going down a hill, if you put neutral or clutch to lower revolutions, what you get is to continue spending fuel . If, on the other hand, you stop giving gas, what you are doing automatically is that the injection closes the fuel inlet.

#11 Maintenance


An engine will be more efficient if it is well cared for . You have to change the oil filter periodically or clean it if it is dirty, change the gasoline filter when indicated by the manufacturer, check that the spark plugs are in perfect condition and adjust the valves so that they work correctly, among others. In addition, a workshop review will also help detect possible leaks or problems with the deposit. You can see our maintenance section for the motorcycle , where you will find the way to do it yourself.

# 12 Take care of the chain

A chain in poor condition or poorly adjusted and too tight is not safe, it causes you to lose performance and therefore causes unnecessary extra fuel consumption. Make sure you keep your motorcycle chain in good condition and you will save costs and inconvenience.


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