4 Reliable and Safe ANTI-THEFT Systems for MOTORCYCLES

Are you looking for motorcycle anti-theft systems ? Do you want the best security for your motorcycle but don’t know which one to choose? You are in the right place! Avoiding the theft of a motorcycle in the garage of your house, whether common or individual, seems like an impossible mission . But we can make things difficult for thieves to discourage them from stealing ours. First of all, you have to be covered in case all the types of motorcycle anti-theft that we put fail. For that, add the theft to your motorcycle insurance . Or, if you can afford it, take out comprehensive insurance . If it is stolen and you cannot rescue your motorcycle from its horrible end, it will be the best option to recover part of your money and power. buy you another

Currently, most protect their motorcycles to the maximum to prevent them from being stolen. If you also want to take care of and protect your motorcycle when you leave it parked, I recommend that you buy one of the best reliable and safe  motorcycle anti-theft systems as soon as possible and add it to your collection of motorcycle accessories . This way you will ensure that thieves are not attracted to steal it from you. That is why I have created this guide with the best anti-theft systems to ensure the safety of your motorcycle.

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Best anti-theft systems for tumoto

#1 wilock

best motorcycle anti-theft wilock

Wilock is one of the best motorcycle anti-theft systems that is based on completely inserting the front wheel into a 10mm  sheet steel frame , nailed to the floor of your garage with 4 or 5 anchor points . It seems to be the best option to protect your motorcycle in the garage and not take it from you or thieves back down when they see greater difficulties to carry out their outrage. It has a series of advantages that will help you decide. The front wheel is not accessible to thieves. The fork is also inside, not only that, but if they manipulate it you will notice it right away.

Wilock ‘s anti-theft system for motorcycles has a personalized and customized installation for your motorcycle.

Even so, this motorcycle anti-theft system also has disadvantages such as, for example, that installation is not easy at all, in addition to the fact that it is quite expensive, so if you do not have a budget , I recommend that you start saving. Also one of the characteristics of this system is that you have to have a minimum of space in your garage, since it is a fairly large piece. And even if it is one of the best anti-theft systems, a professional can disassemble the motorcycle for parts, to sell it, leaving only the front wheel and the fork.

#2 Pitons, padlocks, forks and anchors

These anti-theft systems are becoming more advanced, but just as they advance, thieves update their way of acting and attacking them. You can have from a disc clamp with alarm for €20 to anchor chains for approximately €100 . It depends on what you want to spend or how far you want to go with the safety of your motorcycle . Our advice is to at least have a hardened steel chain and invest a little money in it. You can take these chains anywhere and it takes a long time to break them.

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These classic motorcycle anti-theft systems have several features that make them attractive in the market. They have a fairly low price , unlike other anti-theft systems. It can be transported to anchor the motorcycle outside your garage and it is very easy to install , since this worries most users. But not everything is good, it is also important that you know that any thief who claims to be one will disassemble the device sooner or later, except with the chains, they can take the motorcycle as it is in a van, they can disassemble the anchored wheel and the rest of the bike take it.

It is the cheapest option , but if you want to secure your motorcycle as much as possible, do not leave it anchored with only one of these devices. And, if you decide on one, make it as expensive and safe as possible.

#3 Alarms with bidirectional control

Motorcycle alarms are varied in terms of the installation system , number of decibels , which the built-in speaker is capable of producing, and extra functions of the remote control.
The latest in alarms are not the alarms themselves, but the controls that act in a bidirectional way . They can communicate to activate the alarm, disarm it, start the motorcycle remotely or to program extra functionalities. But, here is the good thing, they can also reflect the status of the motorcycle , at rest, hit, moved, something is approaching… depending on the sensors that the alarm has.

best anti-theft motorcycle alarm two-way control

If you live near the parking spot , alarms earn extra points . But in garages far from your house, it is a bad option, because you will never get to hear it or the remote will be useless at that distance.

Using the alarms with bidirectional control have, in addition to their most striking characteristics, a series of advantages that make this anti-theft system for motorcycles even more unique. Thanks to this system, you can know from your home how your motorcycle is, it has a powerful speaker and some have an engine immobilizer . It has an anti- kidnapping mode , getting the alarm to activate for a while after detecting abnormal activity and, above all, it should be noted that it has an LCD display on the remote to know the status of your motorcycle at all times.

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As you have been able to observe, not everything is perfect in alarms with bidirectional control, the communication control-alarm in the garage may not be possible if you live far from your place , you should also know that they eat the battery , if you leave the motorcycle stopped for several days , you may not be able to start it later and above all that it is a tiring assembly , without forgetting that it only comes with one remote, the second is at an extra cost.

#4 GPS locator

best anti-theft motorcycle gps locator

If you are one of those defeatists who think that it is impossible for your motorcycle not to be stolen, then think about locating it once it is stolen . A GPS tracking device with quad-band GSM communication is a good option to keep your little one located at all times. GPS locators can carry an external battery or you can connect them to the battery of your motorcycle . You can receive the location on your mobile via SMS and with some PC programs or smartphone applications you can have a map with the position of your motorcycle.

Thanks to this technology, anti-theft systems have been created that are based on the GPS system. These locators can be  installed in both cars and motorcycles  and some mobile phones also include them.

This type of anti-theft system is known for its easy installation and configuration, you can find thousands of manuals on the Internet. With the GPS locator you will be able to know at all times the GPS position of your motorcycle and it has functions by events, according to proximity, movement or inclination sensors. However, the battery consumption is quite high and its recharging is mandatory from time to time. It is imperative that you buy a SIM card for GSM communication and you must find a place on your motorcycle to hide it as well as possible and not be seen.

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Conclusion: Use motorcycle locks and improve security

In conclusion, the premise that if they want to steal your motorcycle they will steal it may be true . But if we make it more and more difficult for them, we can get rid of saying goodbye to our mount because they have taken it from us. Surely some of you think that the only option is to tie an alligator to your motorcycle, to protect it from the hands of others, but this is not the case.

If you’re really worried about your bike being stolen, don’t hesitate to invest some of your money, because you’ll appreciate it in the long run. It may be an investment, but as with your equipment , tires , ABS,… etc., you won’t regret it either. Therefore, if you buy one of the best anti-theft systems for motorcycles and insure your motorcycle against theft, you will not have so many worries if it is taken from you.

What did you think of our guide to the best motorcycle anti-theft ? Do you already use one? Do you think we have missed any? Do you have any experience to tell? Do you have any doubts or questions? Then we ask you to leave a comment . It does not matter if it is a simple thank you, we will be very happy to read it and answer it.

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