10 tips to sell your motorcycle online

The following tips are designed to  sell a motorcycle at any point on the network. Lately, with the economy the way it is, the second-hand market is experiencing a second youth and, scammers aside, there are many people who are considering getting rid of their motorcycle to reduce costs or simply because they can no longer afford it. Logically in the market there is everything, people who want to sell the motorcycle for almost the same money that it cost, without taking into account the wear and tear it has had in its use. And some “smart” who wants to sell at a gold price that motorcycle that was collecting dirt in the back of the garage, which stopped being used twenty years ago and now sees it with the eyes of a businessman.

If you are one of the latter, what we are going to tell next almost does not matter to you, but if you are someone who is interested in the second-hand motorcycle market, here are a few tips to make selling your motorcycle more attractive and easier . Better times will come.

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#1 Take a lot of photos and collect all the details

advice to sell motorcycle photographic report

A photographic report of a motorcycle must include views from all sides, and even detail photos of the possible defects of the motorcycle. So whoever is interested in it can get a clear idea of ​​what you sell.

#2 Keep the bike clean and ready to check

tips sell motorcycle keep clean

If you meet to show the motorcycle, do not show up with it covered in dust or dirt accumulated over the years. Cleaning always improves the impression, and if you have a serious mechanical problem, you won’t even be able to hide it from eyes that understand mechanics.

#3 Keep an eye on what appears at the bottom of the photos

advice sell motorcycle care details photos

There is nothing worse than a clean motorcycle with a background full of junk or garbage, always keep an eye on what is behind the motorcycle when you go to photograph it.

#4 Include the defects of the motorcycle in the photos

tips sell motorcycle do not hide defects

No matter how good a motorcycle is, it always has some small defect. If you include it in the photos, the buyer will always be grateful to you because it is not the same to think that the motorcycle is in one state and then find something very different.

#5 Do not post photos doing wheelies or burning tires

tips sell motorcycle not burn tire

Would you buy a motorcycle that has “mistreated” its owner? Well think the same when you go to sell it.

#6 Write a clear headline saying what you sell

tips sell motorcycle for sale

Some vendors trying to be clever include in the title of what they sell some keywords or models to attract potential search engines. But there is nothing worse than clicking on the link for the model of a motorcycle that you like and finding out that what is being sold is another similar model.

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#7 Describe what you sell clearly and watch the spelling

The same applies to the previous point here, clearly describe what you sell. The kilometers and the year of registration help a lot. What doesn’t help at all is an ad with misspellings.

#8 With a contact telephone number and an email it is enough

It is not necessary to put a thousand emails or telephone numbers together with explanations of schedules or the like. If you are interested in the sale, they will worry about locating you. In addition, some sites on the network do not allow sales to be carried out in parallel.

# 9 Put an attractive price that will help you sell it

This is one of the most complicated points, because the seller always wants to get the most out of the sale and the buyer always wants to pay the minimum. One option before setting the final price is to probe the network at what prices the model is sold and then set a price according to the state of the motorcycle and the rush to sell it.

#10 Post ads only if you plan to sell it for real

tips sell motorcycle

How many times have you called an ad and have they told you that they thought better of it and did not sell that motorcycle? Well, if you really do not plan to sell the motorcycle, it is best not to go around making people dizzy with indecision or reversing, this does not leave a good image of you or what you sell.

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Once all these requirements have been met, if you’re lucky and you reach an agreement with a buyer, the next step is the transfer of ownership and other documentation, but we already talked about that a couple of years ago in the article I’m going to buy a motorcycle . And if you have any doubts about what you are buying, you can take a look at the advice that Albi brought us in his and Fausto’s Buying Guide with his interesting article Tips for buying a second-hand sports motorcycle.

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