Motorcycle Accessories and Equipment to Combat the COLD

Motorcycles have been associated with summer and good weather, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. In the countries of northern Europe, motorcycles are used regularly regardless of the weather because they know well how to combat the cold on a motorcycle .

In the Mediterranean countries we have a much more playful conception of riding a motorcycle, associating it with leisure and weekends. If you want to make the most of your vehicle, you have to know that you can use it throughout the year, you just have to take into account some tips to be able to fight against the cold .

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cold-motorcyclist-equipment-high-waterproof-boots #1 Boots

The boots must be waterproof to prevent the feet from getting soaked. In addition, it is convenient that they be high enough or with a long shaft, so that they protect part of the leg and so that the cold does not enter the ankles. Thus, if both pants and boots are waterproof, the falling water will not end up on our feet.

cold-biker-equipment-braga #2 Panty

Remember that it is very important to protect your neck. If a panty or scarf is not enough, a sotto helmet or a simple balaclava can be a good option. They come in very different materials and shapes, some even protecting shoulders and chest.

cold motorcycle equipment integral helmet #3 Helmet

As for the helmet, the most suitable is the integral one, to protect the face more. Also, if you can carry an anti-fog screen or with a “pin lock” you will avoid having to open it to defog it. oh! And don’t forget to close the air inlets.

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equipment-cyclist-cold-jacket-gore-tex #4 Jacket

When you put it on, pay attention, many times we are not aware that they have elements, such as lower elastics, that allow you to adjust them as much as possible and thus prevent air from entering you. And if it has a double zipper, do not be lazy, and fasten both zippers. An insulated and waterproof suit with a jacket and pants would be your thing and a good investment to withstand low temperatures.

cold-motorcyclist-equipment-waterproof-gloves #5 Gloves

Just as we close the ventilation openings, it is important not to leave any gaps open in our clothes that allow the cold to pass through. The fit between the gloves and the jacket is one of the most critical points and one that can generate more cold if we do not do it correctly. Get some good long and adjustable gloves that cover the cuff of the jacket to prevent the entry of cold. Keep in mind that in case of rain the adjustment must be the opposite and the shaft of the glove must be inside the cuff of the jacket, otherwise the water will slide down the sleeve of the latter and slip between the jacket and the glove, reaching as far as our hands, rendering waterproof gloves useless.

equipment-cyclist-cold-trousers-gore-tex #6 Pants

The union of the pants with the jacket and boots must be perfect. If this is not the case, a lot of air will leak in, especially if you are riding a custom bike  or a scooter , because the riding position of these motorcycles means that the feet go in front of the body.

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cold-motorcyclist-equipment-thermal-clothing #7 Thermal clothing

Some garments are made to prevent our body heat from escaping, acting as small radiators with our own energy. If you don’t want to invest in a special one for bikers, there are similar mountain garments that can do the same job. Within this type of clothing, in addition, you have electric garments, much more technical and only extended in particularly harsh climates during the winter. Inner jackets, pants, gloves and even socks equipped with an electrical resistance that connected to the motorcycle’s battery offer extra heat to what our body produces. They are very special and effective garments, but require very careful use.

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