The battery of a motorcycle is a key part for its operation. Every motorcycle needs an electrical component and that is where the battery fulfills its function. The battery of a motorcycle is responsible for supplying the necessary energy to our motorcycle so that the different electrical elements it has can operate.

For those who use the motorcycle often, it is not a problem, but for those who use it occasionally, keeping the battery in good condition is often not a priority… We advise you to check it every 5,000 kilometers or every 6 months and to check if the electrolyte is at the correct level.

So that you can have your vehicle in perfect condition, follow these little tips and you will see how you increase its useful life.

How to take care of the motorcycle battery and extend its useful life

  • Take your motorcycle from time to time so that your battery does not discharge.
  • Try to charge it occasionally or it will leak and not work properly again.
  • Consult its maintenance. Some batteries require more complex maintenance than others. The manufacturer will tell you how often to change the fluid in the tubes.
  • Keep your terminals clean. Get in the habit of removing any excess sulfate that accumulates on the outside. Remember that you can use water and baking soda and… dry them well afterwards!
  • Use a voltmeter to check the charge. Do not forget that it is convenient that it indicates 12.8 V or more.
  • Do not start your motorcycle to go backwards or stand still on it, as you can uselessly consume a lot of energy. Unlock it to move and start it whenever you are going to use the engine.
  • If you have a battery that needs maintenance, be careful when handling it because the acid it gives off is corrosive.
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Finally, a piece of advice: if you have a scooter, you must take extreme care with your battery because if it fails, it will be difficult for you to start it even if you push it downhill.

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