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Do you know the importance of motorcycle filters ? Have you noticed symptoms of damage and don’t know if you should change or clean the filters on your motorcycle ? You are in the right place! Motorcycle filters, both air and oil or gasoline, are basic components on a motorcycle, since they are the kidneys of the engine, and health and life depend largely on their condition and proper functioning. vehicle. Filters are not an easy task, they must protect the motor from the impurities carried by the flows they filter. For this reason, we have prepared this guide on motorcycle filters , with the types, main breakdowns and tips for cleaning or replacing the filters on your motorcycle.

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Various studies show that most of the premature wear suffered by a motorcycle engine has been caused by different particles of a size between 10 and 40 microns that have reached it either by air intake or suspended in the oil or the fuel. To give you an idea, a human hair is around 60 microns in perimeter. Most of the filters currently on the market are capable of retaining this type of particle . The quality standards of vehicle manufacturers indicate that it must retain at least 95% of these particles.

But the filtering efficiency is only one of the values ​​that should indicate the quality of a filter. The other value is the flow rate –air, etc.- that it allows to pass through it. The higher the flow rate, the better, since it means that the filter must obstruct the passage of the flow that it filters as little as possible. Therefore, we must evaluate the combination of both values ​​together when choosing a filter element .

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Types of motorcycle filters

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A motorcycle requires several types of filters , with the function of preventing impurities and tiny particles from reaching sensitive areas of the engine. This variation is given by the type of material depending on the filter element, which can be air, oil or fuel . The filters act as a barrier so that the substances that reach the engine are kept clean and do not interrupt its proper functioning. That said, we have prepared a list with the types of filters for your motorcycle , which you can see below:

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#1 Oil Filter

Although it is redundant, the main function of the oil filter on a motorcycle is to retain impurities that may reach the lubricating oil before it begins its lubrication journey through the engine lubrication circuit. Otherwise, the metallic particles that come off from the friction of some elements and the combustion residues would pass into the oil and, by participating directly in the greasing process, would cause premature wear in the bearings, pistons and cylinder liners. the cylinders.

The obstructions of the moving parts of the engine, popularly known as seizing, are another of the consequences of a malfunction of the oil filter . These can occur both because too much residue has passed through and blocks the moving parts, or because dirt has clogged the filter and what does not pass is the lubricant. Therefore, the oil filter is in charge of protecting the engine and providing it with greater durability.

#2 Air filter

Air is one of the three essential elements to generate the explosion inside the cylinder which, in turn, generates the movement of the engine. In firefighters slang it is the oxidizer. The other two elements are the fuel and the spark, which is given, in this case, the spark plug.

The engine sucks all the air it can from the environment where it is working, so the air filter must allow as much air as possible to pass to the explosion chamber, but preventing impurities that travel suspended in it, especially dust, from passing. If on a road motorcycle, it is key to have a good filter. On a mountain bike it is vital, because it works immersed in dust and dirt.

#3 Fuel filter

The gasoline filter protects the fuel system, eliminating any impurities that may be in the fuel. This type of filter was very common when the fuel on the market was of very low quality and the gasoline tanks of motorcycles were made of metal. It was located between the tank and the carburettor . They are currently in disuse and are only mounted on historic motorcycles.

Defects and breakdowns of motorcycle filters

With the passage of time and use, the filters tend to degrade and begin to filter with less efficiency, that is, the amount of impurities that they stop in the passage of substances is less, so the operation of the filter can be affected. engine. Although sometimes they can be cleaned and reused, it is recommended that, when in doubt, you replace the filter directly . This will provide greater security for you and your engine, avoiding unnecessary breakages. Some of the most common defects and breakdowns related to your motorcycle’s filters are:

  • Hard to start : If your air filter or fuel filter is partially clogged, it can make it difficult to start your motorcycle. If they are completely clogged, it may never start, as fuel and/or oxygen flow will be cut off.
  • Decrease in engine power : If the fuel filter of your motorcycle is deteriorated, the power of your motorcycle will be affected, since the substance will not be arriving properly.
  • Increased fuel consumption : If the air or fuel filter does not work properly, and a loss of power is noticed, it is normal for fuel consumption to increase to require more acceleration from the engine.
  • Dark exhaust emissions : As dirt and impurities from the environment pass through, they will burn in the engine and the emissions will be dirtier and therefore darker.
  • Overheated engine : If the oil filter does not work, and the engine does not receive the necessary lubrication, the friction between the metal components will generate heat and overheat the engine.
  • Oil Leaks : In very extreme cases, a damaged oil filter can rupture, allowing oil to leak from the pan onto the surface, causing oil leaks.
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Tips for maintaining and replacing motorcycle filters

With the above, you have understood the importance of having the filters of your motorcycle in perfect working order , since, otherwise, they can affect the operation of the engine and be damaged, with which the repair will be much more expensive than changing the filters to weather. That is why we have prepared some tips for cleaning, maintaining and replacing motorcycle filters , depending on the type of filter:

#1 How to clean, maintain and replace oil filters

The oil has to be constantly filtered, to prevent small metal particles that come off with its passage, as well as combustion residues, from reaching the engine. Although it can be cleaned, it is advisable to directly replace the oil filter with a new one when changing the engine oil, respecting the estimated life time of your motorcycle’s oils.

#2 How to clean, maintain and replace air filters

Oxygen is essential for your motorcycle to function. However, since it is obtained from the environment, it normally brings impurities and dust with it. That is why air filters are so important, which can be made of different materials. This will determine how to proceed to clean or change them.

The sponge filters allow to be washed, dried and oiled before putting them back, so prompt replacement is not necessary. Paper filters can also be cleaned, in this case without using water as they cannot get wet. They can be cleaned with pressurized air and must be replaced more frequently than sponge ones. Finally, cotton filters also allow you to wash, grease and reuse them.

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Cotton filters are highly recommended as they have a greater filtering capacity and do not impair engine operation, in addition to being able to be cleaned and reused more frequently.

#3 How to clean, maintain and replace fuel filters

Fuel filters serve to prevent impurities in this substance from reaching the engine and damaging it. For this reason, it is very important that you keep them in perfect working order: allowing the fuel to pass through and retaining unwanted elements .

Although fuel filters belong to classic motorcycles, we wanted to leave you the recommendation, in case you have one or are thinking of obtaining one. The best thing is that, in this case, you replace the filter directly and do not clean it , as in the previous examples.

Conclusion: Change your motorcycle filters periodically

Motorcycle filters are extremely important for its operation, whether they are oil, air or fuel. A clogged or damaged filter can cause serious operating, consumption or even breakdown problems that will cost you more time and effort than directly replacing the filter when appropriate or when you notice signs of damage. Therefore, we recommend you to be vigilant and change the filters on time to avoid complications.

What did you think of this guide on motorcycle filters ? Have you had any of the aforementioned problems or breakdowns ? Did you know the types of motorcycle filters? Do you think we have left something important unsaid? Do you have any experience to tell? Then we ask you to leave your comment and we will be happy to answer you.

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