8 advantages of electric motorcycle

Despite the apprehensions that may still exist, the truth is that electric vehicles are gradually becoming a valid alternative for a society that is increasingly concerned about environmental conservation . Contaminating as little as possible and the use of alternative fuels are requirements that sooner or later will end up being imposed in all areas of the market.

Logically, this need has been felt in the motor vehicle market. In this sense, the evolution has been slow but constant; companies have strived to develop models that meet the sustainability criteria that concern everyone, but also have the same advantages as conventional ones, especially in terms of speed and autonomy. In this race, the cars take the lead, although the motorcycles also have something to say.

There are already some models of electric motorcycles on the market . The KTM Freeride E, the Quantya Evo 1 Track, the BMW C evolution and the Govecs GO! C 1.4, are just some of those that can currently be found in dealers of motorcycle brands. However, they do have certain drawbacks that anyone thinking of buying one should be aware of. You want to know more? Read what follows.

The main  advantage of electric motorcycles  is that they do not pollute. By not emitting carbon dioxide gases into the atmosphere , we could say that they are the most ecological on the market. In addition, they do not emit any kind of noise and do not need fuel to work, so not only can we save money, but it is also possible to reduce the carbon footprint considerably. This happens a lot in big cities, where traffic jams and pollution are the daily bread. Let’s see all the advantages :

#1 Money saver on insurance

advantages electric motorcycle cheap motorcycle insurance

Since they have a speed limit, they are considered less dangerous, so the price of a policy can be much less than that paid for a conventional motorcycle.

#2 Saving money in consumption

advantages electric motorcycle saving consumption

If compared to what it costs to fill the tank of a motorcycle with an internal combustion engine, the owner of an electric motorcycle saves about 80%. It is estimated that to travel about 100 kilometers on an electric motorcycle we must spend less than 1 euro, for the more than 7 euros it costs on a motorcycle with a gasoline engine.

#3 Tax savings

advantages electric motorcycle tax savings

There are more and more aids from the administrations for the purchase of ecological vehicles. In fact, some electric motorcycles are exempt from registration tax and others have discounts.

#4 Cheaper maintenance

what you need to know before buying electric motorcycle price

Since they don’t use air filters, coolants or oil filters, keeping them in good condition is cheaper. In addition, they present less risk of breakdowns.

#5 They take care of the environment

advantages electric motorcycle care for the environment

They are a means of transport that take care of the environment, being 97% cleaner than combustion motorcycles.

#6 Zero noise pollution

advantages electric motorcycle avoid noise pollution

Electric motorcycles  are completely silent, so the noise pollution they produce is nil.

#7 Much more comfortable

What you need to know before buying electric motorcycle recharge

They are incredibly convenient, since only a plug is necessary to charge the battery. Some even have removable batteries that allow you to recharge them at home. In fact, the small size of the batteries allows some models to house a spare under the seat.

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#8 More space

advantages electric motorcycle more space

These types of vehicles have compartments in which larger objects can be transported than in other types of motorcycles.

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