How to Choose a Motorcycle TRANSPORTATION Company

Are you looking for a motorcycle transport company ? Do you know all the details that you should take into account when hiring a transport company? You are in the right place! Within the logistics sector, the specialized transport of motorcycles, cars and machinery is one of the most demanded services today. Unlike the transport of products and merchandise, motorcycle transport requires specialized machinery and vehicles, as well as personnel with the necessary experience and experience. Therefore, below, we explain how you should choose the best motorcycle transport company .

Transporting a motorcycle both inside and outside the country is not an easy process, especially if it is required to arrive in the best possible conditions, so it is essential to find a professional company that provides a quality service and specializes in this type of service. shipping, including insurance . In this way, regardless of the type of motorcycle you have, the professionals will know the best conditions to proceed with the transport of your motorcycle without any problem occurring during the transaction. Therefore, we tell you everything you need to know before hiring a motorcycle transport company .

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What to take into account when hiring a motorcycle transport company

When hiring a motorcycle transport company, it is essential to know all the aspects that you must take into account so that the shipment of your motorcycle is as satisfactory as possible . A motorcycle is a rather delicate vehicle, so it is advisable to keep in mind everything you need before starting to hire one company or another, since not all of them are reliable and legal. For this reason, below, we are going to detail what you should take into account when hiring a motorcycle transport company :

#1 Experience and quality of service

One of the factors that best determines the moment of deciding on a motorcycle transport company or another, is experience , since clients always value positively that the staff they leave in charge of their vehicle, or their motorcycle in this case, is in good hands. And along with this significant value, the quality of the service also counts , which must be in accordance with the technical and technological capabilities offered by the company with top quality tools and material. Well, it is a great combination to have highly qualified personnel and specialized machinery so that the results are positive and the guarantees offered before contracting are fulfilled.

#2 Deadline required

A criterion that should never be missing when hiring a service such as motorcycle transport, is the period in which you want to receive the motorcycle. It must be taken into account that the shipment of a motorcycle can take several days, so it is important that an estimated date range that is realistic with the possibilities is stipulated in the contract. This service is usually requested, especially in cases of moving , where you have to make sure you calculate the time to be at the correct point in the place and time previously agreed.

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#3 Type of shipment

It is also of vital importance to analyze the type of shipment that is going to be made, since in the agencies to transport motorcycles two main transport options are considered. First, it is about transport inside the vehicle , this is usually the safest , since the motorcycle will be protected against certain external agents such as rain, and it is even less likely to suffer theft.

However, it is the most common type of transport when you have to travel long distances even internationally. On the other hand, there is also the well-known open transport , which is characterized by being much cheaper and the motorcycle could suffer more collateral damage along the way. Therefore, it is advisable to evaluate both options.

#4 Insurance coverage

The most common is that the transport companies provide the client with some type of insurance in case any damage to the vehicle occurs during the transfer. This insurance may or may not be included in the price , depending on the company, since in some cases they offer more basic insurance, although they must give the option of contracting a much more advanced insurance.

For this reason, before sending the motorcycle, it is essential to carry out a complete inspection in order to detect any damage, which will also be carried out by the company to avoid fraud. Normally, what is most often looked at are the brake fluids , the fuel tank and that the tires are swollen, and if it has any additional accessory, it must be held firmly or removed, as this is the responsibility of the customer.

#5 Documentation

Depending on the type of transport to be carried out, one documentation or another is required. In the case of transporting motorcycles at a national level , a photocopy of the collated ID or passport of the vehicle owner is needed , in addition to the proper documentation of the motorcycle that must be current, although some companies may require other documents.

On the other hand, for the transport of motorcycles at an international level , the same documentation is required as at a national level, in addition to obtaining those papers required by the country to which the motorcycle is going to be transferred, since in some cases a cost must be paid based on customs fees. It is also common to fill out a document known as a check bite in which the status of the motorcycle is indicated, such as damage, kilometers, fuel level and license plate, among others.

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#6 Prices and quotes

In addition to all of the above, it is vital to take into account the prices and quotes of the company to hire. Many companies have a website with interactive quotes where you can easily make a quote, because you simply have to fill in the data for the appropriate variables. In this way, customers know how much it can cost to send a motorcycle or car from a certain point to another, and even how much the collection and door-to-door delivery cost , what is the amount equivalent to insurance and the rest of the points key to making the right decision. It is best to stay away from those companies whose prices vary and do not convey enough confidence with their rates.

#7 Trust

The last determining factor to hire motorcycle transport services and companies is trust . After all, they are transporting a precious asset of their client, in addition to a product of great value in many cases, so there must be a level of full trust and it is not advisable to close the negotiation by a simple impulse to finish how much before with the process. In any case, it is essential to take into account the experience, the machinery, the trajectory of the company and even the satisfaction of its customers , as this will give you all the necessary information to make one decision or another and ensure that your motorcycle arrives in perfect condition. conditions .

How to prepare your motorcycle for a motorcycle transport company

Once you have made the decision about which motorcycle transport company you are going to hire, it is important that you are aware of how you should prepare your motorcycle for the transfer. Not only because it may suffer some type of damage during the process, but because you must carry out a complete analysis of all the details, as well as evaluate the operation of the motorcycle, among other things. Therefore, below, we offer you a series of tips on how to prepare your motorcycle for a motorcycle transport company :

  • Clean your motorcycle : Before carrying out the rest of the points, you must properly clean your motorcycle to deliver it completely decent and neat to the transport company, because this way you will also notice more easily if your motorcycle has any type of scratch or blow , or if it is has done along the way.
  • Carry out a careful inspection : Examine your motorcycle from top to bottom carefully , as this is essential to claim the company in the event of having suffered any damage and ensure that you can receive compensation from the insurance contracted with said company.
  • Take photographs of the state of your motorcycle : A fundamental advice is that you take photographs of your motorcycle before, during the cargo and when it is delivered to you from different angles, in order to remember how you delivered it and review it when the time comes to receive it.
  • Remove your belongings : It is important that you check if you have any type of belongings or accessories on your motorcycle, since many contracted insurances do not usually cover personal belongings, so it is better to remove everything of value before delivery , always and when you have saved something.
  • Evaluate the operation : In some cases, it is advisable to give the motorcycle good maintenance to deliver it in perfect condition. Write down everything that you detect that is not working well and make sure that the transport company also does so so that they are aware of any problems that the motorcycle may have, such as leaks or drips. Also, if the motorcycle has a mechanical failure , notify the company, taking into account that they may ask you for an extra cost.
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For this same reason, check every detail before handing it over so that the service personnel can do their job properly. Make sure the battery is charged, check the tires, brake fluid, oil, and antifreeze (if any), and even keep the tank stocked with some fuel in case you need to start the bike. And in the case of additionally added or security accessories , it is important that you also notify the company, or that you remove them to avoid their loss during the transfer.

Conclusion: Choose the most suitable motorcycle transport company

Choosing a motorcycle transport company is not a very complicated task, as long as you are clear about all the necessary aspects when hiring the best professionals, in addition to advising you on the necessary documentation and insurance for your motorcycle to be able to carry out the transfer legally and safely. Remember that you must carefully follow the process so that it turns out as well as possible, avoiding fraud , damage and setbacks that may hinder delivery. In addition, you must carry out an analysis of your motorcycle, from the tires to its operation, as well as determine if it has additional accessories or not .before handing it over to the relevant company for the transfer.

What did you think of this  guide on how to choose a motorcycle transport company ? Are you a demanding motorcyclist looking for the best transfer for your motorcycle? Did you know any of the points we mentioned? Do you think we have missed any? Do you have any experience to tell? Then we ask you to  leave your comment  and we will be happy to answer you.

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