6 Accessories to Be More VISIBLE When Riding a Motorcycle

When you are on the road with your motorcycle, it is very important to be seen. Sometimes the cars are not very aware of our presence or, if they are, sometimes we bikers do not manage to make ourselves seen enough…

That is why it is very important to increase the visibility of the motorcycle ; It is a way for other drivers to notice our presence and have more time to react, especially in the event of a risky situation.

We are going to present you some measures so that others see you better and thus, you can increase your security.

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How to increase motorcycle visibility

To be seen there are many techniques. Some are current and others a bit more modern. Prepared? Let’s meet them!

#1 Brake light on the helmet

This American system is synchronized with the brake light and lights up every time you step on the pedal, increasing the visibility of your motorcycle and your safety.

In this way, the driver behind sees another light and will be more forewarned every time we brake.

#2 LED Belt

accessories increase visibility biker glowbelt led belt

The second invention is somewhat more “modern” since it is a belt made of LEDs that you can wrap around your waist or as a shoulder strap and thus make blind people who drive cars at night see you more. And I’m still blind, because with a string of LEDs this size blinking the easiest thing is to get confused with the airport runway lights and land on top of an Airbus 380. Some people don’t like this system because it can make you look like a little a Christmas tree… but keep in mind that safety is the most important thing.

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#3 Reflective jackets

Macna brings to Spain the innovative ‘Night Eye’ technology that increases the visibility of the pilot when driving at night or in low light conditions. We tell you how it works. The origin of this ‘Night Eye’ technology comes from the Netherlands and the result is a product with an everyday look but highly reflective.

accessories increase visibility biker macna night eye

The Night Eye fabric is made up of small glass ‘beads’ that act as reflective antennae. These tiny mirrors reflect the light that falls on them and, although they are imperceptible in daylight, at night they allow the garment to be completely illuminated , even from a great distance. In this video you can see better how the ‘Night Eye’ technology works for motorcycle clothing:

This technology increases the rider’s passive safety and can already be found in the Geo2 and Concrete jackets , in touring and urban styles respectively, or in the Vision Vest , all from the Macna product range. The importer in Spain is  NexxPro Ltd.

# 4 Reflective vests

In some countries of the European Union it is already mandatory for motorcyclists to wear some kind of reflective element.

These elements are illuminated by the light of the vehicle that follows them, thus increasing your visibility.

#5 Additional light elements

Some brands incorporate additional lights into the very structure of the motorcycle that are activated by the brake pedal.

Unfortunately, there are few firms that bet on this excellent system to increase the visibility of the motorcycle and, generally, they are high-end motorcycles within the reach of a few.

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#6 Lights on the wheels

Another of the systems that is attracting a lot of attention is that of illuminating the wheels of the motorcycle. The advantages of this method are obvious, especially to increase the visibility of your motorcycle from the side.

Now you know what are the novelties to increase the visibility of the motorcycle . If you are interested in curiosities from the world of motorcycles and technical advances, we encourage you to follow this motorcycle blog .

And you, do you dare to put any of these measures into practice?

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