5 places that a motorist should avoid when driving

There are certain places of greater risk for a motorist where it is more likely to have accidents or, at least, a scare. And since we don’t like these kinds of surprises on the road, today we bring you 5 of those places that it is better to avoid when riding the motorcycle.

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#1 Blind Spots

danger zones motorists blind spot

Even if it’s obvious, it’s easy to forget about them. The brain of car drivers regarding their blind spots works by thinking more in terms of “absence of cars” than in “motorbike presence”. Come on, we are practically invisible. That is why it is advisable to get away from those blind spots or stay as short as possible. So when changing lanes or making a move, let’s run away from those points and let’s make ourselves seen.

#2 The center of the lane when we are stopped

danger zones motorists center lane highway

If we stop in the middle of the lane behind a car and are rear-ended by another vehicle, chances are that we will be crushed between the two of us. For this reason, we recommend standing at the end of the lane pointing our motorcycle outwards. Thus, in the event of a rear-end collision, we will be thrown out of the lane, and the damage may be less than being crushed.

#3 The center of the lane when driving

danger zones motorists center lane highway

There are two reasons why the center of the lane is not the safest. The first, because the fluids that cars lose, such as oil or fuel, accumulate there, making that part of the lane more slippery and slippery. The second, because when overtaking a motorcycle, cars often forget about the lateral safety distance. Therefore, if we ride leaning, we will gain more distance and we will avoid the occasional scare.

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#4 Be the first to cross an intersection

danger zones motorists intersection

This may seem like a security mistake. However, surely we have all seen many times drivers speed up traffic lights that had just turned red, pressing the accelerator a little. For this reason, and although we like that feeling of being the first to leave quickly, it is advisable to wait a second and make sure that everyone is stopped. And if we go in the middle lane, waiting for the cars on the sides will offer us extra security.

#5 Impatience with continuous lines

continuous line motorist danger zones


We set out on the route, through beautiful mountains with incredible ports and roads full of impossible curves. It is very likely that, sooner or later, we will come across a driver who travels at less speed than recommended, and forms a queue, since a continuous line of several kilometers prevents him from overtaking.

We will be very tempted to ignore the signs and take our chances believing that no one will come around that blind curve. That is never worth it. We can also be part of that “procession” and gradually fill ourselves with anger. So we recommend that you make a stop, rest for a while, enjoy the surroundings and get back on the road after a while.

These are our recommendations. If you have more, feel free to comment. Because by paying attention and following a few safety tips, you will be able to enjoy your trips on two wheels much more.

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