5 Impossible CHALLENGES of Motorcycling Stars

Who would not like to check the power of their mount in the face of any eventuality on occasion? Who has not ever thought about ‘what would happen if…’ in the face of some circumstance that deviates from everyday life? If you are a follower of motorcycling stars and you like to see unusual challenges, keep scrolling down and you will be able to see your favorite stars fighting for victory.

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The human being, who has always had an idyll with the game and a special tendency to measure himself against others through any type of improvised bets , could not be oblivious to all this in what surrounds the world of motorcycles. The fact of embarking on challenges and bets, which in many cases are absurd in terms of the conclusions that can be drawn, seems to be part of our DNA. Here we will see some good examples of the above.

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This “drag racing” from Turkey is one of the most viral challenges of recent times. The five-time Supersport world champion, Kenan Sofuoğlu , on the back of a Kawasaki Ninja H2R , faces six fearsome rivals: a Red Bull Formula 1 car , a Tesla P100DL , a Lotus Evora GT430 , an Aston Martin New Vantage , a Challenger 605 aircraft and an F-16 fighter jet, all of them managed by professional pilots. The challenge will find out who is faster in this acceleration test, since the distance to cover is only a quarter of a mile (about 402 meters). On his machine, which well deserves to appear among the fastest motorcycles in the world , he starts with the advantage of having a lighter weight that makes it intractable in the first meters, although it is true that in a greater distance he would not have much to do against some of his rivals.

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Subaru Challenge Marc Márquez Vs Laia Sanz

Shortly after breaking into Moto GP, a very young Marc Márquez faces another two-wheeled champion, Laia Sanz, on his Honda motocross motorcycle, but this time he is driving a Subaru Impreza WRX STi . The test consists of doing three laps in individual batches on a dirt circuit in which jumps have been completely dispensed with to counteract the advantage of the motorcycle in this terrain. Finally, Marc reveals that he could have given more gas.

Dougie Lampkin in an old amusement park

The British rider, seven times world champion in Outdoor Trial and five times in Indoor, sets himself the challenge of overcoming the facilities of Greenland, an amusement park abandoned for years in Milan that rises towards the sky with its dangerous structures in wood like a ghost Lampkin, led by Red Bull , offers us a tour that is as spectacular as it is dangerous, showing his expertise on two wheels. His jaunt on the rusty roller coaster is really hair-raising.

Marc Marquez Vs Marc Marquez

The extraordinary driver from Cervera faces himself on this occasion. Just a few weeks before the challenge and together with Dani Pedrosa, he had tested a Formula 1 car for the first time, taking the controls of a Red Bull and surprising former illustrious drivers of the ‘Great Circus’ such as Mark Webber or Helmut Marko with his good to do To compare his driving at the wheel of the Red Bull for two laps with the usual one on his motorcycle, he decides to go out on the track with the Honda RC213 with which he competes in the Moto GP World Championship.

As it could not be otherwise, the superiority of the Formula 1 single-seater is evident on a circuit in which the braking, and especially the Red Bull’s cornering, are well above the Honda of the eight-time champion. motorcycling world.

Fernando Alonso Vs Valentino Rossi The duel that never happened on a motorcycle

The two champions of speed flirted for a long time with dueling. After testing Valentino’s Ferrari F2004 F1 with satisfactory results, the Spanish driver declared that he could do a good job in the ‘Great Circus’, but that winning races and world championships were already big words for him. The Italian responded by launching a challenge to the Asturian through a triangular duel: Moto GP, Formula 1 and Rally , something that Alonso never considered, alleging that F1 drivers do not have time for such nonsense. For years, Rossi tried to tease him by reminding him of the challenge that never came to pass. Of course, during the ‘Wroom 2011’ the faces were seen on the track competing on snow in pathsKars and Fiat 500 racing . The Spanish prevailed in both and Rossi never brought up the subject again.

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