10 Motorcycle VESTS and JACKETS with AIRBAG

Are you thinking of buying a motorcycle airbag vest or jacket ? Are you a regular motorcyclist and are you afraid of having an accident? Are you worried about your safety when riding a motorcycle? You are in the right place! Despite the fact that motorcycle accidents represent a very small percentage of all incidents that occur on the road, the truth is that the data reveals that they have a much higher mortality rate than the rest. An approved helmet , gloves that insulate you from the cold, technical pants and a jacket with an airbagThey are part of the basic equipment in which you must not skimp to protect you adequately in the event of an accident .

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Anti-lock brakes or traction control are here to stay, and it’s a matter of time before the same thing happens with motorcycle airbags. Either in the form of vests , or incorporated into a jacket or jumpsuit , they have been around for several years, but now they are beginning to be seen in stores and sold at prices that finally allow them to consider their acquisition. It can even be the perfect gift for a motorcycle lover. Fortunately, bikers are increasingly aware of their safety and are aware of the importance of using a  motorcycle airbag vest

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What is a motorcycle airbag, how does it work and what is it for?

The airbag system , integrated into the jacket , opens up a new dimension in the safety of motorcyclists . This system consists of an activation cord and a CO2 cylinder. When mounted on the bike, one end of the flexible cord is anchored to the frame of the bike. The other end of the cord is connected to the drive device of the cylinder filled with CO2 gas.

When falling or colliding, the motorcyclist’s body is thrown violently from his motorcycle, pulling the cord and activating the cylinder opening device. The airbag system takes 0.1-0.3 seconds to inflate automatically. This system is also called “man overboard”. The airbag jacket greatly attenuates blows directed at the upper part of the body, efficiently protecting the most vulnerable parts of the rider, the spine, neck, ribs and clavicle.

Advantages of the airbag for motorcyclists

The old dream of a device that protects the most sensitive areas of the motorcyclist in the event of a fall came true with the arrival of the motorcycle airbag. At the usual speeds in an urban environment, the number of accidents that have occurred is overwhelming, so a system that provides the necessary protection in the event of an accident is essential . Now, if the advantages of the motorcycle airbag are so obvious, why is it so little implemented in the motorcycle community and why doesn’t the DGT make them mandatory like helmets or gloves? The main reason is the price , since they are still expensive and somewhat cumbersome for day to day. The advantages of having an airbag system on your motorcycle are detailed below.

  • It works for impacts in any direction, falls and displacements.
  • The volume of the jacket does not increase until the collision occurs.
  • The jacket system charges in just 5 hours and lasts for 30.
  • The airbag also works in the passenger’s jacket.

A motorcycle airbag does not differ at all, in strictly technical terms, from that of a car. This intelligent passive safety system constantly assesses vehicle dynamics and is activated when the danger of an accident is imminent. The signal triggers the inflation of the jacket, which takes only 45 milliseconds to open. The safety system is also made up of an air bag, the inflation system and the bottle containing the propellant gas, specifically argon.


Types of airbag jackets for motorcyclists

This new invention, which began to be marketed in the 1990s, reduces the energy received in the event of an impact or fall by 90%, so it can be decisive in saving your life, or in leaving simple bruises that could have caused fractures. of consideration. There are some types of motorcycle airbag jackets on the market that we detail below.

On the one hand, there are vests or jackets with a connection to the motorcycle . This class of garments has a system based on a cable that joins the vest to the motorcycle. And how it works is very simple: if the cable key is suddenly separated from the vehicle, for example due to a motorcyclist falling, a gas canister is immediately activated that inflates the airbag in the blink of an eye. We are talking about tenths of a second. The other option is smart vests . These incorporate a control unit and sensors to detect risk situations and activate the airbag if necessary. These vests require that their battery be charged before being used.

Best motorcycle airbag vests

An airbag vest is a garment for motorcyclists that includes a security system integrated into the garment itself. Inside the vest is a bag that, like the airbag system in a car, inflates in the event of an accident thanks to a small CO₂ cylinder. This bottle is really small, in fact, the vest can be worn under the jacket without being bulky. Major brands now offer vests that automatically inflate before your body hits the ground in a fall. Systems that can prevent serious injury or even save your life. Let’s see the different possibilities that you can have at your fingertips.

Motorcycle vest with airbag, MotoAirbag

best motorcycle airbag vest motoairbag mabvzero

MAB vZero is the slim version of Motoairbag , it has the structure of a backpack and has a rear airbag system and protects the cervical area, back and tailbone. Made of Cordura 500, it is made with a gray metal coating and has reflective details on the chest for greater visibility during use. One of its main advantages that can make you opt for this model is that it can be worn comfortably in all kinds of jackets both in winter and summer. Therefore you will not have to make an extra outlay.

Activation time is inflation in 80 ms enough to guarantee immediate protection and so you can feel safe when you wear it. To use it, connect the cable to the motorcycle using the corresponding connector included. In case you get off the motorcycle forgetting to disconnect the cable, the Airbag system is not activated for greater safety. It is available in several sizes so that it adapts to the motorcyclist body. 

  • Price : From €334
  • Colour : Various colors

Motorcycle vest with airbag, Helite

best motorcycle airbag vest helite gpair2

This GP-Air 2 model from the well-known Helite house , may interest you if you are looking for a motorcycle airbag vest that gives you adequate protection in your practices or circuit competitions. It has been made with genuine leather fabric , with a thickness of 1.2 millimeters, for greater resistance to abrasion. In the area of ​​the sides, elastic textile is incorporated so that, when wearing the garment, it fits anatomically without causing discomfort.

It is important to note that the CO2 capsule, included in the vest, has an intuitive placement and will be activated 75 milliseconds after the respective blow or overturn has occurred. In this way, the equipment manages to protect the neck, back, spine, chest and some vital organs of the upper body area. In addition, a pair of protectors on the back and chest are attached, which complement the cushioning function provided by the 18-liter inflation system.

  • Price : From €710
  • Color : Black

Motorcycle vest with airbag, Ixon

best motorcycle airbag vest u03 ixon

With this model ix airbag U03 airbag vest for motorcycles from Ixon you can enjoy a product made with robust and high-quality fabrics. Likewise, the garment has reinforced seams and well-cared finishes in each of the cuts made. In the interior area, there is a convenient 3D-type mesh lining, specially designed to maintain proper perspiration on hot days.


For its part, the sides of the garment have stretch fabric, which, thanks to its high level of flexibility, provides a complete fit to any type of anatomy, without sacrificing comfort . In addition, this vest has a practical closure method , by means of a plastic zipper in the frontal region. It is convenient to comment that the product has been provided with a 12-liter gas generator and autonomous sensors, for a release of air in 55 milliseconds, after the impact occurs. Thus, the energy of the blow will be absorbed in your back, chest, cervical area and abdomen.

  • Price : From €375
  • Color : Black 

Best motorcycle airbag jackets

An airbag jacket is a garment for motorcyclists that includes a security system integrated into the garment itself. There are several systems integrated with the garment or with the possibility of acquiring them independently. In both cases, there is an airbag that will be inflated in the event of an accident by a small CO2 cylinder in a very short time and without harming the user. A physical or electronic mechanism can be used to activate the airbag .. The first, also called “man overboard”, uses a flexible cord that is attached to the handlebars of the motorcycle and when we separate from it in the event of a fall, the jacket or vest inflates. They are calibrated in such a way that a careless jerk, for example when getting off the motorcycle without removing the cord, does not activate it.

Motorcycle jacket with airbag, Dainese

best motorcycle airbag jacket daniese 3dair

The Dainese brand is known in the moped world for its excellent quality. In the case of airbag jackets, Dainese stands out for its elegant design and its reliability. In addition, they take into account their entire public, and also offer a women’s version of the same Racing 3 D-Air model , with the same features and the same elegance as the men’s biker jacket, whatever your gender, you will have a jacket for high quality motorcycle.

Although it is a little more expensive than others, the price is worth it. For those of us who love motorcycles, this airbag jacket has everything desirable. It offers very good protection, something that is sometimes difficult to combine with the great comfort it provides. Aesthetically it is a model that attracts attention, so if you want to go unnoticed or unnoticed, this may not be your best option.

  • Price : From €1,160
  • Colour : Black and white 

Biker jacket with airbag possibility, Alpinestars

best airbag motorcycle jacket alpinestars missile

Alpinestars , like the previous one, is a quality brand, but it is clear that this Missile model jacket is designed for a different user. We are talking about a sporty design and a light load , weighing only 3 kilograms that will make your motorcycle transfers easier. It is made of leather and with an elastic fabric for greater comfort. In addition, it offers you reinforced protections for the torso, elbows and shoulders, which will increase safety.

The main drawback of this jacket is that it does not have a built-in airbag , although it is designed to be compatible with Alpinestars Tech-Air system , one of the best airbags that can be found on the market. From its design, it is clear that this jacket is designed for MotoGP lovers. It offers an advantage that bikers appreciate: the passive safety of good fluorescent bands.

  • Price : From €460
  • Colour : Various colors

Motorcycle jacket with airbag, Helite

best helite vented motorcycle airbag jacket

The Helite Vented Jacket is the perfect companion for really hot days . Large mesh plates provide optimal ventilation . If it rains or the wind becomes too uncomfortable for you, the separate inner jacket with Humax climate membrane ensures wind and waterproofing . The upper material is made of highly abrasion-resistant Cordura, and on the shoulders and elbows on Superfabric. Elastic plates on the hips ensure a perfect fit, while 3M Scotchlite inserts ensure optimal visibility.


The built-in airbag system has a protective volume of 17 to 24 liters. These are evenly distributed around the entire upper part of the body and thus protect the neck, spine, chest, pelvis, tailbone, head, clavicle and internal organs. In addition to the immense impact protection, the airbag stabilizes the entire upper body against torsion. The external SAS-TEC back protector of Turtle technology also ensures that point loads cannot penetrate the body.

  • Price : From €680
  • Color : Black Gray

Biker jacket with airbag possibility, Clover

best airbag motorcycle jacket clover crossover3

We end this list with a lesser known but no less good brand. The Clover Crossover 3 jacket offers a very high degree of professionalism with a more than affordable price for a jacket. If we have to classify it, it is among the sportiest motorcycle jackets, although you can use it for whatever suits you best because it is a true all- rounder . It is made of Duratek fabric and offers protection for the torso, shoulders and elbows.

Its level of visibility is higher than that of other motorcycle jackets, and it is especially useful for changes of seasons and difficult terrain , since it is a highly resistant jacket. Of course, it has the same drawback as other jackets, since it does not have a built-in airbag , although having a lower price, the total will be cheaper.

  • Price : From €370
  • Colour : Various colors

Conclusion: Bet on a jacket with an airbag for your safety

Every day more people are taking advantage of buying motorcycle jackets or vests with airbags to protect themselves while riding their motorcycle through the city or on the highway. Because you too can take advantage of the comfort of transporting yourself by motorcycle to your daily activities or be passionate about riding a motorcycle to go for a walk or play sports, reducing the chances of injury with these jackets . But also giving you a fashionable detail that, in this case, not only provides you with security and comfort but also a lot of style .

Airbag accessories for motorcycles became popular in the 20th century and although their prices have varied, they may seem a bit expensive to you. It must be put in context that the reduction in energy you receive in the event of an accident is above 90%. Absorption that can save your life. The airbag is not just for racing drivers, nor is it just necessary on the track. A crash where you can fracture several bones, with the airbag can be left in a few simple bruises. The motorcycle airbag has arrived to revolutionize our safety .

What did you think of this guide on vests and jackets for when you go on a motorcycle ? Did you know any of the models of motorcycle jackets that we have shown you? Do you think we have missed any? Do you have any experience to tell? Then we ask you to leave your comment and we will be happy to answer you.

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