12 tips for driving your motorcycle in summer

Summer is the time of year that many take advantage of to get away on a motorcycle. Due to the specific characteristics of the summer season, it is important that before setting out on the road you follow a series of recommendations to contribute to road safety and to improve your motorcycle experience.

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#1 Wear the right equipment

Tips for driving a motorcycle in summer suitable equipment

Although the temperatures are high, that does not mean that you have to wear unprotected skin. On the contrary. Even if the heat is intense, you have to be covered with a jacket or overalls to travel more safely. The foot must also always be covered with some type of shoe or boot. Look here the different equipment options for summer .

# 2 Do not forget the gloves

tips driving motorcycle summer gloves

Also do not forget the importance of gloves. As in winter, you should wear them, although you can opt for summer leather ones with which your hands will not sweat and, at the same time, they will protect you.

#3 The helmet, better integral

Although many bikers prefer to wear open face helmets, experts still recommend full face helmets for safety. Modular or jet-type helmets, in addition to not protecting the face, in the event of a fall, would not slide on the asphalt as a full-face helmet does. Look at the different types of helmets and decide for yourself.

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#4 Check your motorcycle

One of the tips is to do a general inspection of your motorcycle before leaving on a trip. Above all, check the condition of the wheels and brakes so you can avoid last-minute scares.

#5 Monitor the temperature of the motorcycle

As it is possible that it can heat up, it is important that you remember to monitor the temperature of the motorcycle, since routes or long trips can overheat.

#6 Avoid traveling during the hottest hours

tips driving motorcycle summer avoid hot hours

Do not set out on the road at times when it is hottest (midday, especially). If you have to travel, it is better that you leave early or delay it for the moment when the sun is not so high. Remember that the heat lowers our level of attention.

#7 Protect yourself from the sun

The sun is increasingly damaging and, furthermore, even if you are moving, its rays fall on you all the time. So do not forget to use cream with a high protection factor. It also covers other parts of the body, such as the neck. A good option is to cover it with a handkerchief.

 #8 Hydration is very important

Hydrate before starting the trip and stop to drink water as many times as necessary. Remember that you cannot do it while driving. So drink liquid before starting the route. It is advisable to know the benefits of drinking water frequently .

#9 Mosquito Cleaning

Always keep a pack of wipes on hand to clean the helmet or mirrors of possible insect stains that can be uncomfortable while driving.

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# 10 Cream for bites

It does not hurt that you carry a small first-aid kit with products or creams against insect bites on the motorcycle. When going outdoors, you can always end up sneaking some into your jacket or helmet.

# 11 Balance the suitcases well

If you are going on a multi-day trip and need to carry luggage, a good option is to use the motorcycle’s suitcases or a trunk, which will help us increase the space on the motorcycle. Of course, remember to make an equitable and balanced distribution of weight over the width and length of the motorcycle.

#12 See and be seen

It is one of the most important driving tips . To see, remember to wear sunglasses to avoid possible glare. To be seen, use a reflective vest, it is very effective and highly recommended both during the day and at night.

AMV Seguros hopes that, with these tips, you can enjoy the experience of riding your motorcycle in summer even more and with greater safety. Remember that while vacations are for relaxing, don’t do it while driving. Happy journey!

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