10 of the most expensive and exclusive motorcycles in the world

As in cars, the world of two wheels also has a luxury market with the most exclusive models within the reach of only a few pockets . Futuristic or retro designs, large displacement engines, unique materials and the latest technology are some of the benefits of the list of the most expensive motorcycles in the world that we present below.

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Most expensive motorcycles in the world

#1 Ecosse Series FE TI XX, €230,000

most expensive motorcycles world Ecosse series DE TI XX

With this model we come to the most expensive motorcycle of the moment. It sells for the incredible amount of €230,000  ($300,000) and has a 250 horsepower engine . To this we must add its latest technology and its design made of carbon fiber . As exclusive details, the seat, made with Italian leather from the Berlutti firm and the exhaust pipes, which end with shot-blasted ceramic. Only 13 units of it have been manufactured , a figure that, in addition to defying bad luck, shows that it will be difficult for us to see one of these on the road.

#2 NCR M16, €152,000

most expensive motorcycles world NCT M16

NCR continues with its obsession with manufacturing motorcycles with the latest technology. It is made with the latest carbon and titanium technology, which means that its weight reaches 145 kilos . It has the latest generation suspension used in MotoGP.

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#3 NCR Macchia Nera Concept, €150,000

most expensive motorcycles world NCR macchia nera concept

This naked model has been designed by Aldo Drudi and has a Ducati engine , in this case one derived from the Ducati 998 R with 185 CV . The titanium and aluminum with which they are made means that they only weigh 135 kilos .

#4 Ronax 500, €119,000

most expensive motorcycles world Ronax 500

It is a registered GP motorcycle , so it will delight fans of motorcycle racing. It is a two-stroke and has 160 CV . The German manufacturer was inspired by the 2001 Honda NSR500 that Rossi rode when he won the World Championship that year. It is available on request if you have €100,000 + VAT that this whim costs with 11,500 rpm for 145 kg .

#5 Icon Sheene, €118,000

most expensive motorcycles world icon sheene

This elegant and modern motorcycle was born as a tribute to the British motorcycle champion Barry Sheene . A production of only 52 pieces has been made in collaboration with the team that worked with Barry in his sports career. It is one of the most powerful motorcycles in the world with a Suzuki 1400 cc four-cylinder engine delivering 250 horsepower . It is also licensed to race . Another exclusive detail is that whoever buys this model will be able to enjoy a personalized adjustment before starting its construction.

#6 MTT Y2k Turbine Streetfighter, €110,000

most expensive motorcycles world MTT Y2K turbine streetfighter

This model has almost everything: spectacular in its design and 320 CV on the test bench. No one wins to showy since it has a decoration in orange tones not suitable for all tastes. As standard are the rear LCD camera , the carbon fiber fairing or a wheel of no less than 240 mm . Optional is the turbine that makes the vehicle reach 420 CV .

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#7 NCR Leggera 1200 Titanium Special, €109,000

most expensive motorcycles world NCR leggera 1200 titanium special

It’s another 140 horsepower two-wheeled treat thanks to some engine modifications with titanium valves , a magnesium engine cover and larger cylinders. The fact that it has materials such as titanium and carbon fiber means that this model is even approved for racing on the circuit.

#8 MV Augusta F4CC, €100,000

most expensive motorcycles world mv augusta F4CC

So satisfied was Claudio Castiglioni , the director of MV, that he decided to baptize this Augusta with his initials, CC . In his head was to make not only a motorcycle that met the needs of the market, but also to make something special, something really ” magnificent “. With exclusive materials and the latest technology , the F4 CC was presented at the EICMA in Milan. 100 units of it have been made and its price will be around €100,000 . The bike will have standard accessories such as a Trussadi leather jacket and a Girad Perregaux watch for the 100 proud owners .of this powerful motorcycle that can reach 195 kilometers per hour.

#9 NCR MH TT, €96,000

most expensive motorcycles world NCR MH TT

If what you like are retro models, the NCR MH TT is one of the most sought-after models in the luxury sector . In fact, only 12 units have been made . Its creator decided to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mike Hailwood’s victory at the NCR Tourist Trophy with this very special design. It only weighs 136 kilos and its titanium chassis .

#10 Virus 987 C3 4V, €75,000

most expensive motorcycles world vyrus 987 C3 4v

We finish the list of the most expensive motorcycles in the world with the most affordable motorcycle in the luxury motorcycle market. It is one of the latest models from the Italian house Vyrus with an engine of no less than 1,200 cc signed by Ducati with a fairing made with Alutex . It is a very resistant and light material that allows this vehicle to only weigh 159 kilos . Due to its enormous power and lightness, this is undoubtedly one of the street bikes with the best performance .

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