10 tips for riding a motorcycle in the rain

If we have to take the motorcycle when it is raining, we must be even more cautious than usual when driving this two-wheeled vehicle, since the grip will decrease while the possibility of falling increases. There are several things that we must take into account, therefore, at OneHowTo we explain how to drive a motorcycle in the rain.

Rain is an adverse weather condition for driving and an enemy to take into account, especially if you are driving in vehicles such as a motorcycle, where extreme precautions must be taken. In this post we are going to present a series of easy tips for driving a motorcycle in the rain.

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#1 Experience is a degree

tips driving motorcycle driver experience

If you still have little experience driving motorcycles, you just bought the motorcycle and you don’t know it or you don’t feel safe on wet roads, it is best to opt for another means of transport that day. Before going out on a motorcycle, even if it is to do 10 kilometers to work, always find out what the weather will be that day and look out your window. Remember that riding a motorcycle in bad weather is very dangerous and requires concentration, and leave the bravado bikers for another day, no matter how good the exhaust sounds or the bike rides.

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#2 Beware of recent rain

recent rain motorcycle driving tips

If you choose to drive in the rain, keep in mind that if it has started to rain recently, it will be more dangerous than if it has been raining for a long time. This is due to the danger of dirt on the road.

#3 Adhesion test

tips driving motorcycle rain test grip

Asphalt adhesion always decreases due to rain, however, the situation is not the same on all roads. To test the level of grip to find out how cautious we should be when riding the motorcycle, we can use the rear brake and check how long it takes for the rear wheel to skid. The best thing is that you know types of tires  and how to read them correctly.

#4 Step on only asphalt

tips driving motorcycle rain stepping on asphalt

More than ever, we must try not to step on elements that we usually find on our route, such as sewers or cracks patched with tar, since with the rain they become real skating rinks. The same goes for the paint stripes on the track.

#5 Smooth driving

tips driving motorcycle rain smooth driving

We must not drive insecurely, but with much more respect than usual. Our driving must be very smooth, without sudden responses to traffic events and for this we must be very attentive to everything that surrounds us.

#6 The braking distance increases

motorcycle brake maintenance tips

With less grip, the braking distance will be greater, so the safety distance that we must always keep with the vehicle that precedes us must be even greater. It will always be important to know how to take care of the motorcycle brakes so that they always brake correctly .

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#7 Beware of aquaplaning

tips driving motorcycle rain aquaplaning

If, despite everything, we suffer from the dreaded aquaplaning, the least bad option in these situations is not to brake and only try to control the motorcycle through the handlebars. Keep in mind that aquaplaning usually occurs right after it has finished raining, when the asphalt is wet.

#8 Importance of the helmet

beginner biker mistakes incorrect helmet use

As for our equipment, the helmet screen is very important, since our visibility will be greatly reduced in the rain. If we have it, we will use a helmet with an anti-fog system. The best thing is that you know the types of helmets , how to choose them and how to clean them .

#9 Custom equipment

beginner biker mistakes not buying proper equipment

The rain gear will be completed with a jacket, pants, gloves and waterproof boots, which will ensure that our body is protected and our attention does not divert from what is important: the road.

# 10 Know the tricks to stay cold

advice not to be cold motorbike protect neck

If the journey is long and you feel very cold or muscle stiffness, stop at a service area. There, put a newspaper under the shirt (cycling style) and, on the neck, if you see it necessary, a thermal panties or toilet paper, which, even rudimentary, is effective. You can see more  tricks to avoid getting cold on a motorcycle  to increase your comfort.

Also remember that especially in adverse conditions you should always be completely focused on the road and in full condition to do so. Do not forget to grease the motorcycle chain as soon as it is dry, and in any case, before using the motorcycle again, hopefully in dry weather.

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