7 of the rarest motorcycles in the world

The passion for having a powerful motorcycle with an original design is very popular with bikers. Some go further and do not stop until they achieve their dream motorcycle. We show you some of the rarest motorcycles in the world. On some occasion the police stopped the owner when they saw such a motorcycle go by.

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#1 Dodge Tomahawk

rare motorcycles dodge tomahawk

Anyone who likes motorcycles will not be able to stop hallucinating with this model. It has a 500 horsepower Viper V-10 engine, a beast that reaches 656 km/hour on the highway. Although I think that to get the best performance out of it, it will be on a circuit, it must be quite a spectacle to see the bike in motion.

#2 Dolmette

rare motorcycles dolmette

An original motorcycle, it has inside 24 chainsaws from the Dolmar company. Definitely a good way to advertise.

#3 Jaguar

rare jaguar motorcycles

The Jaguar motorcycle is an air-cooled motorcycle with 1200cc Buell S3 V-Twin engine, the body made of high-grade stainless steel. The price of these motorcycles is more or less around US $567,000.

#4 Monster

Powered by Detroit Diesel with a weight of 13 tons.

#5 Power of One

rare bikes xof1 power of one

A motorcycle with a futuristic design powered by solar energy created by Marcelo da Luz from Toronto in 1999. The Power of One has been his vehicle ever since, its creator seeking to achieve the world record in solar cars. The problem is that on some occasions he has been stopped in Alaska and Canada by the police who were stunned to see such a vehicle driving around.

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#6 Rapom V8

rare motorcycles rapom v8

The most powerful motorcycle in the United Kingdom, which also runs on pure alcohol. Its creator is Nick Argyle who claims it has an 8.2-liter engine as powerful as a Bugatti Veyron.

#7 Sunred

sunred rare bikes

An ecological motorcycle made by the Spanish company SunRed. A structure covered with solar panels has been used that extends when the motorcycle is stationary. In this way it stores solar energy to be able to take advantage of it when it is running. However, he can’t run much, he only reaches about 20 kilometers per hour.

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